Rainbow Collection achievement in Minecraft

Rainbow Collection

Gather all 16 colours of wool.

Rainbow Collection-0.4
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How to unlock the Rainbow Collection achievement

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    For this achievement you need 16 different colors of wool. Some of these wools are easy to get while others are a little tricky. The majority of this will require white wool and bone meal so shear a bunch of sheep and kill skeletons so you have plenty of items when doing this.

    1. White Wool

    Shear a white sheep
    Have 4 pieces of string

    2. Red Wool

    Get a red flower to create red dye. Combine with white wool to create red wool.
    *Have a few extra red dyes for the other wools

    3. Yellow Wool

    Get a yellow flower to create yellow dye. Combine with white wool to create yellow wool.
    *Have a few extra yellow dyes for the other wools

    4. Orange Wool

    Combine red dye with yellow dye for orange dye. Combine orange dye with white wool for orange wool.

    5. Blue Wool

    You will need 1 Lapis Lazuli which is underground. combine it with white wool for blue wool.
    *Have a few extra Lapis Lazuli for the other wools

    6. Black Wool

    Shear a black sheep
    Get an Ink Sac from a squid. Combine it with white wool for black wool.

    7. Brown Wool

    Shear a brown sheep
    Find a cocoa bean. They are normally found in jungle biomes. Combine it with a white wool to make a brown wool.

    8. Green Wool

    Destroy a cactus that resides in the desert. Heat it in a furnace for Cactus green. Combine it with white wool for Green Wool.
    *Save a couple extra cactus green for other wools

    9. Lime Wool

    Use some of the cactus green from the last one and combine it with bone meal to create lime dye. Combine the lime dye with white wool to create lime wool.

    10. Cyan Wool

    Combine Lapis Lazuli with cactus green to make cyan dye. Combine cyan dye with white wool to make cyan wool.

    11. Gray Wool

    Shear a gray sheep
    Combine an Ink Sac with bone meal to make gray dye. Use that and combine it with white wool to create gray wool.

    12. Light gray Wool

    Shear a light gray sheep
    Combine the gray dye you just made on the previous one (you get 2 dyes) with bone meal to get light gray dye. Use that and combine it with white wool to create Light gray wool.

    13. Light blue Wool

    Combine a lapis Lazuli with bone meal to make light blue dye. Combine it with white wool to create light blue wool.

    14. Pink Wool

    Combine red dye with bone meal to make pink dye. Combine it with white wool to create pink wool.

    15. Purple Wool

    Combine a red dye with lapis lazuli to make purple dye. Combine it with white wool to make purple wool.

    16. Magenta Wool

    *There are a few different ways to make magenta dye. Either option will still get you the dye but will yield different quantity.

    Combine 1 purple dye with 1 pink dye = 2 magenta dye

    Combine 1 pink dye with 1 red dye with 1 lapis lazuli = 3 magenta dye

    Combine 1 bone meal with 1 lapis lazuli with 2 red dye = 4 magenta dye

    Once you have your dye, like the others combine it with white wool to make magenta wool.

    When you have created all 16 different colors your achievement will unlock. Unfortunately loading a previous save with all of the 16 wools premade didn't unlock for me, even having all of them in my inventory. You have to create them all over again. If there is anything I missed please let me know so I can change it.
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    Cr4ck Sh0t23All of my achievement that have been earned from this game has been an import from an Xbox one version. Same as SimonWyeJR they have been a little glitchy.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 23 Sep 17 at 21:58
    nicklesminerI had this unlock from the win 10 achievement world. If I took the whole stack of each from the chest it didn't unlock, but when I only put one of each in my inventory it unlocked without issue
    Posted by nicklesminer on 07 Oct 17 at 16:04
    PerverseCross40I got this this morning. I started a new tutorial world on XBox one and then immediately saved and loaded the XBox live version and imported the XBox One save. In the tutorial world in a chest in the back of the area I found all 16 colors. I put them all in my inventory and then put them back. Achievement unlocked.
    Posted by PerverseCross40 on 19 Oct 17 at 17:26
    k0pp0I downloaded my save from the Xbox live version. I had all wool created, but it wouldn't unlock.
    I dropped everything into my inventory, placed one of the wool blocks on the floor, broke it and picked it up again - achievement unlocked.
    Posted by k0pp0 on 15 Nov 17 at 21:53
    MoustachioI think either this counts over multiple saves or else it's glitchy. I had started a new world on this version and had acquired all but green, lime green and teal as I couldn't find cactus. I loaded up an old world where I was in the desert and gathered up every wool but brown and it unlocked without ever finding it.

    Also for new worlds, some of these colors are a bit easier. There are new flowers that will make orange, light blue, pink, magenta and light gray (as well as more red and yellow). This can let you spend more time on peaceful, although you'll still need a bone meal to make lime green.
    Posted by Moustachio on 01 Jan 18 at 07:04
    WithTheDawnI already had all the colours from the Xbox One version, but could never get any progress to work in this adding them all to my inventory at once. What worked for me was to grab them one at a time and run around my house placing and destroying the wool a few times. I would then check the achievement progress page once or twice and it would always add progress what after checking the tracker. It seemed pretty consistent once I got the hang of it, and managed to pop the achievement.
    Posted by WithTheDawn on 31 Mar 18 at 04:30
    FalloutImminentOne addition, red can also come from beetroot, can be a bit easier if you're not around any red flowers.
    Posted by FalloutImminent on 10 May 18 at 14:22
    AmorachiusBlue dye can also be made from cornflowers, which I found much easier to get than lapis
    Posted by Amorachius on 13 Feb 19 at 23:54
    Darkwings17I went onto the older version (Minecraft: Xbox One Edition), started the tutorial world up then transferred that over onto this version. There is a double chest in front of where the bed is (just before the wings in the sky) which has all the colours. I just placed one of each colour next to it and it popped. It also has all of the dyes, but these weren't needed.
    Posted by Darkwings17 on 23 Mar 19 at 18:12
    RAINES69Fire up the Tutorial on Xbox One, accept that you're "ready to play", then save and exit. Startup Minecraft Live (or whatever it's called), run straight towards the Elytra spot and there contains a chest with every wool color possible. Achievement popped for me today in two seconds (April, 29th, 2018). Good work @Darkwings17
    Posted by RAINES69 on 29 Apr 19 at 17:15
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