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The Lie achievement in Minecraft

The Lie

Bake a cake using: wheat, sugar, milk and eggs.

The Lie-0.1
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How to unlock the The Lie achievement

  • tonyxtonyx
    26 Aug 2017 26 Aug 2017
    You need an egg, the easiest is to trap a chicken somewhere and check periodically if it dropped an egg.

    Cook 2 sugar cane which can be found near rivers usually in a desert biome for the sugar.

    Make a garden by destroying short grass for seeds, then using a hoe on the ground to prep the dirt then LT to plant the seeds (must be beside water). You can kill skeletons for bone, then turn it into bone marrow to insta-grow plants.

    Lastly you need 9 iron ore which can be found mining, then cooked to make buckets which you use to milk a cow.

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    oO Twanger OoAll that is needed for this tasty treat is three pieces of wheat, three buckets of milk, two heaps of sugar and one egg.
    Posted by oO Twanger Oo On 09 Aug 19 at 15:57
    zeno2kdone... but not unlocking. Any Suggestion?
    Posted by zeno2k On 18 Feb 21 at 10:28
    Cosmic KatamariYou need:
    2 sugars, so 2 pieces of sugar cane or 1 bottle of honey
    3 pieces of wheat
    3 separate buckets of milk
    1 egg from a chicken

    Cooking the sugar cane to sugar is actually done on the crafting table. You can't put it in the furnace.
    Posted by Cosmic Katamari On 06 Sep 21 at 21:30
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    In order to make (or bake) a Cake, you will need:
    1. 9 iron ingots: can be found in caves as ore and obtained by a stone pickaxe. You will also need a furnace, made of cobblestone, and fuel (coal, wood, etc.) to smelt the ore into ingots.
    2. 2 sugar: you will need 2 sugarcane, which are found usually near lakes and oceans. Once obtained, you can craft it into sugar using your inventory crafting slots.
    3. 1 egg: dropped by chickens every 5-10 minutes. You can lure a chicken into a pen or compartment using seeds, and wait until it drops it. Coincidentally, is it a chicken or a duck?
    4. 3 wheat: can be farmed using seeds, and can also be found in village farms, and woodland mansion farm rooms.
    Once all of the above items have been obtained, you can craft a cake using a crafting table. Once crafted, this achievement should pop. If not, place it on the ground.
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