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Zombie Doctor achievement in Minecraft

Zombie Doctor

Cure a zombie villager.

Zombie Doctor0
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How to unlock the Zombie Doctor achievement

  • Aco2148117Aco2148117
    21 Sep 2017 23 Sep 2017
    Zombie villagers look like villagers but have shredded clothes and greener skin. You can find them anywhere you can find zombies, although they are much rarer. To cure one, you need two items:

    1. A splash potion of weakness
    2. A golden apple

    The items must be used in this order. The achievement will unlock as soon as you use these items on a zombie villager. You do not need to wait the 5 or so minutes for it to transform.

    A splash potion of weakness is created by brewing a fermented spider eye (spider eye, sugar, brown mushroom) in a water bottle. You do not need a nether wart for this potion. Then you need to add gunpowder for it to become throwable.

    A golden apple is crafted from an apple surrounded by 8 gold ingots.

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    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan 23 at 15:35
    The GmrScrThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by The GmrScr on 18 Dec 23 at 22:45
    Le AngrychickenWonderful thank you, I always forget how to do this! :)
    Posted by Le Angrychicken on 25 Jan at 00:35
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  • OlivierL57OlivierL57
    21 May 2019 22 May 2019 25 May 2019
    If you are looking for a world for this specific achievement, and since it's a bit tricky to import worlds on this version of the game, you can use the solution suggested by u/WaveSmashReddit on Reddit (all credit goes to him/her):

    I copy/paste the instructions just in case the Reddit thread happens to be removed:

    "Make a new world using the seed "SNEEZE" of course without the "". Turn right and head straight into the snow. You'll find an igloo with a hidden bunker under the carpet, coordinates 820, 71, 29. There will be a Villager and a Zombie Villager in separate cages. You can take the golden apple from the loot chest and the splash potion of weakness from the brewing stand. Just throw the potion onto the Zombie Villager and use the Golden Apple on him afterwards. (You can't throw the potion at him through the iron bars. Break one of them)."

    This is the seed I used to unlock the achievement, on the 1.11.1 version (05/22/2019). Please let me know if it no longer works with future updates.
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    BAE 104/6/21 on Xbox 360 version everything is there (except coordinates are wrong). The igloo, potion, gold apple, and a villager but no zombie/zombie villager :/
    Posted by BAE 10 on 06 Apr 21 at 23:00
    Biggo86Still working 9/24/21 on xbox one
    Posted by Biggo86 on 23 Sep 21 at 22:39
    HockeySteve94This doesn’t appear to be working August 27th 2022
    Posted by HockeySteve94 on 27 Aug 22 at 21:43
  • xDarthWolfxDarthWolf
    21 May 2019 04 Jun 2019
    Start a world on easy with the seed 1410403532 with coordinates activated and go to 64 64 172 where is the location of an igloo. Inside the igloo you will have to destroy the carpet to access the underground laboratory. Inside the lab you have everything you need to do this achievement. Take the potion of weakness inside the brewing stand and the golden apple inside the chest, then break the bars that hold the zombie villager and throw the potion of weakness on the zombie and then use the golden apple on him. After a few seconds he will be healed.
    Note: this achievement took a week to pop up for me.
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    Moe GZStill works on September 5th 2022, I greatly helped to finish the alphabet challenge, thanks!

    Do you know how this code was found? Having all the items and the relevant enemy in one place is a blessing.
    Posted by Moe GZ on 04 Sep 22 at 22:29
    Gremlin NinjaStill works September 12, 2023 - great tip!
    Posted by Gremlin Ninja on 12 Sep 23 at 21:43
    datboiquadzillaStill works May 12th, 2024. Thank you!
    Posted by datboiquadzilla on 12 May at 18:28
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