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The Beginning. achievement in Minecraft

The Beginning.

Kill the Wither

The Beginning.0
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How to unlock the The Beginning. achievement

  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man
    09 Aug 2018 14 Nov 2018
    This achievement is no joke. The Wither will break any block so you can't trap it (there are guides online saying you can trap the Wither, but when I tried they did not work).

    I tried to follow a specific guide about trapping the Wither in the ceiling of the Nether. It did not work for me, so I do not recommend it. What happened was the Wither was not trapped and destroyed the floor under me so it became impossible to fight.

    What I did to eventually kill the Wither was on the normal overworld dig all the way down to the bedrock. Once down there make sure you have an easy way to get back down because you will die. I also highly highly recommend that you do not do this by yourself. You need someone who can hide and keep track of the Witcher's health.

    Once you spawn the Wither he is in ranged mode. He will fly above you and shoot skulls at you. You can knock the blue skulls back but arrows are easier. He wants to kill you so he won't fly away, but he will stay out of sword range. You will need a bow with Power 5 and Infinity so you can shoot him down. You will also need potions of Night Vision so you can find him. Any torches you put down he will destroy so just use night vision. Once you get him to half HP the fight changes.

    He summons 3 wither skeletons and then goes into melee mode. In melee mode he shoots 3 skulls at you and then dashes towards you breaking all of the blocks he goes through. He will not heal past half HP so you don't have to worry when he kills you. At this point you need your strongest diamond sword with Smite 5 or Sharpness 5. The easiest way to deal damage is to get under him. He can't shoot skulls straight down so you will be able to get a lot of good hits on him.

    I don't recommend wasting time building armor. It will let you stay alive longer, but with the Wither effect he puts on you and the damage he does he is going to kill you.

    The reason you need a second person to watch his health is because if you go out of range on the encounter he will heal. If you have someone in the area and can see the HP bar he will not heal. You have to be careful because if the person is too close the Wither will find and kill them. I had a friend burrow into the ground near the Wither and watch his health as I died and came back. It was the only way I won.

    To set up I would recommend having a box full of bows, swords and night vision potions near where you will fight. Do not have it too close because if the Wither fight goes to the box he will destroy the box and you will lose all the contents. When I did the fight I had a very long tunnel between my base and the Wither (I am talking like 300 blocks) I had the box at the beginning of the tunnel so I would grab what I needed before I ran back to the fight.

    This is not an easy fight and it's hard to prepare for. Good luck.
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    Kazusothat fight was easy af i only died twice when he exploded at the beginning and when he exploded at the end
    Posted by Kazuso On 04 Jan 19 at 05:41
    Legendary J ManThat is impressive. I don't actually believe you. Killing a zombie is "easy af". Killing the wither is not, but if you got a stragety that avoids the skulls, avoids him hitting you, avoids the wither effect, avoids the 3 skeletons that pop out and let's you kill him without his health regenerating all the way up I would love to hear it because I still gotta get this achievement on the PC version.
    Posted by Legendary J Man On 04 Jan 19 at 13:13
    El BurgerboyAnyone else having problems with this unlocking? I've killed the wither twice and still no achievement.
    Posted by El Burgerboy On 31 Mar 19 at 14:10
    Legendary J ManI did run into the issue of the wither achievement not unlocking.

    In my example when we were fighting the wither in the nether the friend who i had hide to watch the wither's health never got the achievement even though he had damaged the wither before, but he died, zone back to the over world, then back to the nether where he hid. So I think because he died and changed zones it didn't give him the credit for killing it.

    But when me and the other friends did kill it I actually got the achievement while dead, I just hadn't zoned yet.

    Alternately I have had other Minecraft achievements not unlock on my main achievement world so I had to create a new world to unlock them on.
    Posted by Legendary J Man On 31 Mar 19 at 19:49
    King KRoolWasn’t difficult on easy with diamond everything and underground by bedrock didn’t even need to have health potions or food, but night vision potion is useful
    Posted by King KRool On 09 Jan 20 at 02:48
    P00R GRENDELI used golems to aggro him and used a bow even when he went melee.
    Posted by P00R GRENDEL On 21 Feb 20 at 01:14
    The S bot 9000One thing my team discovered last night is that you can put a totem of undying in your offhand so you should definitely bring 1-3 if you can as insurance in case you get stomped out (A buddy of mine died twice during the fight)! Also bring a few buckets of milk so you can instantly remove the wither effect when you get cursed.
    Posted by The S bot 9000 On 18 Apr 20 at 19:50
    Leo Deo NeoIf anyone is needing help with any achievements for minecraft, I’ve created a world specifically for achievements, feel free to message me what one you need help with and I’ll gladly help when I can.

    GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 04 Aug 20 at 19:12
    JosHH v2If anyone has a world where they can easily help me get this and a couple other achievements that’d be a huge help!
    Posted by JosHH v2 On 08 Feb 21 at 18:25
    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 02 Jan at 15:46
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