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Feeling Ill achievement in Minecraft

Feeling Ill

Defeat an Evoker

Feeling Ill-0.3
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How to unlock the Feeling Ill achievement

  • Aco2148117Aco2148117
    22 Sep 2017 22 Sep 2017 23 Sep 2017
    Evokers are enemies that only spawn in woodland mansions, which are found in the roofed forest biome. They look like villagers but use magic to attack you (not to be confused with vindicators, which hold an iron axe). They drop the Totem of Undying, which is used for the Cheating Death achievement.

    If you want to do this on a fresh seed as opposed to uploading an Xbox One save, use the seed -518068014 (v. 1.2.0). Walk about 100 blocks west of the spawn to find a large woodland mansion. I found an evoker on the second floor.

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    JohnnyInterfnkStill working on Jan 20, 2021
    Posted by JohnnyInterfnk on 21 Jan 21 at 04:24
    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan at 15:57
    Gmer ScorThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by Gmer Scor on 18 Dec at 22:53
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    09 May 2019 09 May 2019 09 May 2019
    With the more recent updates, this is super simple to get.
    Start a new world. Put on peaceful difficulty.
    go down to your seed section and click on the arrow pointing to the right. This allows you to pick from 18 different seeds. The one we want is "spooky mansion". Select it, and start up your world.

    Looking around you should spot a mansion. Make yourself a sword and head on inside. On the second floor there should be some Evokers. They run away from you super fast, so try and catch them. Kill one and you they will drop the Totem of Undying, which allows you to get not just this achievement but also the Cheating Death achievement.

    I was able to get this on 5/9/2019 on peaceful difficulty.
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    The S bot 9000Method still works as of 2/8/2020!
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 08 Feb 20 at 17:44
    The AiKThis works as of Dec/25/2020
    Posted by The AiK on 25 Dec 20 at 12:51
    vI Demon IvJanuary 10, 2021: Thank you, you're a life saver. The achievement world on the download and server is missing the Evoker eggs from the dispenser and for some reason I can't join the Realms server from the game on Android.
    Posted by vI Demon Iv on 11 Jan 21 at 01:05
  • BigMacNlgBigMacNlg
    02 Oct 2017 02 Oct 2017
    On the xbox one version of minecraft (not the better together update one) and create a new world, enter these settings:
    seed: -4817872494774699668
    size: classic
    biome size: small

    After that go to X-162 Y97 Z-132 or if you dont want to use the map just get on a top of a tree and you can see them. There are two mansions there and if you kill an evoker which is a random spawn, they will drop a totem of undying (100% drop) which you can then use to do the other achievement which is Cheating Death. Happy hunting :)
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    Juicy PlumbsThanks bro the seed worked perfectly 👍 wasn’t having any luck with others! Just gained feeling I’ll and cheating death! Cheers bro!!
    Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 04 Feb 18 at 17:18
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