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Treasure Hunter achievement in Minecraft

Treasure Hunter

Acquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structure

Treasure Hunter0
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How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement

  • Aco2148117Aco2148117
    24 Sep 2017 24 Sep 2017 18 Oct 2017
    For whatever reason I could not find a world where a cartographer gave me a map to a structure nearby- nonetheless, I got the achievement after about an hour of walking.

    I looked up seeds for villages in v. 1.2.0. and found 2129169517. There are three villages just next to the spawn, the first of which has 6 diamonds. The desert village has a cartographer. What I did was I ran around the world and found a bunch of sugar cane to turn into paper. I traded the paper with him once, then waited for him to level up once. I repeated this process twice more to get him to tier four. This is when he sells the woodland treasure map. For me I needed 16 emeralds and a compass. I had a diamond pickaxe from the first village, so the mining materials was quick. There being 3 villages, I was able to trade various items with a lot of villagers to get 16 emeralds, such as coal, wheat, leather, and raw porkchop. Then I bought the map.

    I needed to go southwest to get there. However, It was only one map west, so I basically only had to go south. Like I said, this took me an hour of running/boating. When I finally got to the mansion, it crashed. I had to re-walk another 15 minutes before getting there again. This time, I ran around the mansion with my map in hand for about a full minute before the achievement finally unlocked.

    If anyone finds a seed where you can do this achievement in less time, comment the seed number and the time it took you and I will update the guide!

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    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan 23 at 15:58
    NIGHT OWL 4Achievement world plz
    Posted by NIGHT OWL 4 on 25 Apr 23 at 05:21
    The GmrScrThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by The GmrScr on 18 Dec 23 at 22:51
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  • DixxxxxonDixxxxxon
    19 Feb 2018 19 Feb 2018 14 Apr 2020
    UPDATE: After the latest update, this solution will no longer work due to the changes in how villagers trade. Thanks, Mojang! If anyone has any ideas, please leave them in the comments and I will update the solution accordingly.

    Aco2148117's solution is great, but I just wanted to share another good seed I found for those who don't want to walk the 20k+ blocks required for his forest mansion :)

    The seed number I found is 667503609. Very close to the starting point, there is a village with 3 cartographers (!) and 2 librarians (which I believe have a chance of spawning as cartographers?). The village is located at 191, 64, 304 (there's a temple nearby with some goodies at the bottom as well). Of the three cartographers, I decided to trade with the one whose first trade was for 25 pieces of papers. (The other two were 26 pieces of paper and 30. I'm cheap, so the choice was obvious.)

    His full trade path goes:
    25 paper for 1 emerald
    1 compass for 1 emerald
    9 emeralds for 1 empty map
    13 emeralds + 1 compass for 1 ocean monument map
    (He also offers a forest mansion map for around 26 emeralds, but I was impatient)

    I traded him up a few times with paper, then traded him 5 or 6 compasses to level him up enough that I could bypass the 9 emeralds for 1 map and go straight to the ocean map. If you're looking for a good cave for the iron and redstone needed for compasses (not to mention a good amount of coal), I dug a hole literally straight down at 92, X, 154. (Craft a bunch of ladders first so you can climb back out!) Once you're deep enough (I stopped at 92, 12, 154), make your way toward a couple blocks of diamonds located at 102, 11, 167 (watch out for the lava!) and you'll find plenty of redstone and iron along your path.

    The ocean monument isn't too far away, but you'll probably want a boat to shave a few minutes off your time. It's located at 2632, 62, 1735. Pack a good stack of food, some ladders, and some cobblestones (the latter two for building a tower on top of the ocean monument to dig straight down into the Elder Guardian's room) and start heading southeast until you get there. Once you're there, dig down into the monument as I mentioned and the achievement should pop after a minute or so of swimming around and coming back up for air. (I was holding the map in my right hand, not in my shield hand. Not sure if it matters.)

    Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me here or on XBL and I'm happy to assist :)
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    KL3NDATHUWorked the correct villager was literally in front of me at spawned. Walled him up. Leveled him up with paper and glass panel I made from nearby sand. Pretty decent cave system under village got my red stone from down there for the compass. Villager gave the ocean monument map. Went to monument stood on top cheevo pooped earlier then expected. THX Dixxxxxen. Took 35-45 minutes.
    Posted by KL3NDATHU on 14 Apr 20 at 03:37
    DixxxxxonAwesome, that’s great news! I assumed the method no longer worked due to that update a while back, so I will have to update the solution yet again :)
    Posted by Dixxxxxon on 14 Apr 20 at 04:31
    Angels Kill Tooat 38,68,16 near/in the village there's a mine; so make some tools and start heading down; you'll start seeing water and coal and as you head down you'll find iron ores which require a stone pickaxe to get the iron ore so you can melt it down to get iron ingots,

    I dug down at 17, 54,11 and I found a ton of iron and soon I just kept exploring and crafting torches/ladders and other things; SO BRING A LOT OF WOOD; eventually I found lava which meant redstone (for the compass) you need the iron pickaxe to get those.

    To make glass you need a furnace and sand and a fuel source.

    Nice guide :)
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 09 Apr 21 at 09:07
  • Senseless OgreSenseless Ogre
    09 Oct 2017 09 Oct 2017 09 Oct 2017
    Found an easy way to get this is less than 30 minutes. The key here is the elytra wings. The tutorial world has them and plenty of fireworks. Stock up on diamond armor, emeralds, iron, paper, wheat, redstone, and anything else you think will come in handy for trading. Also bring an ANVIL, LEATHER, and XP POTIONS. You will need this to repair your elytra wings. Also make sure you are on PEACEFUL mode so you don't die easily.

    I used a tutorial world ported over from Xbox One. Once you port it over, it creates infinite world generate. Fly just to the west in the new generation area and you will find two villages (I went directly west from the giant red flag pole you cant miss at spawn). The first has a cartographer. He needed paper, compasses and emeralds before he gave me a map. (Note this was done on version, so if hes not there the concept remains the same. Use the elytra wings and fly around until you find a village with a cartographer). As long as you bring the right supplies you should be able to get the map in less than 15 mins.

    Now for the journey, I had to go north to get to the mansion. Simple fly with the elytra wings and constantly use fire works. It took me two stacks of fireworks to get there in less than 15 mins. I had to make several stops to repair my wings, so make sure you keep checking your inventory to make sure they arent going to break. If they get close, simply use the anvil and combine the wings with leather and spend xp to repair them.
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    randomhero1519My village coordinates were -864,67,85.
    Posted by randomhero1519 on 06 Sep 18 at 02:53
    King Vicks IINote that you can't repair elytras with leather anymore, you need phantom membrane :)
    Posted by King Vicks II on 01 Nov 18 at 18:25
    Fear The PeopleFor anyone interested, i bought the woodland explorer map and the coordinates of the mansion are -982, 71, -13825
    Posted by Fear The People on 28 Jan 19 at 05:21
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