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On the shoulders of giants

Have 75% of the vehicle upgrades applied

On the shoulders of giants+18.2
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Achievement Guide for On the shoulders of giants

  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,089,672
    11 Nov 2017 14 Oct 2017 30 Dec 2018
    18 2 0
    I found this be the most efficient way of getting resource points (easiest difficulty):

    1. Go to Practice 1 - Do 1 lap of Track Acclimatization, then Qualifying Pace.
    If you perfect them you will get 50 RP each, plus some points for Misc objectives.

    2. Now tab right and skip to Qualifying. (You could get 10 RP each for starting P2 & P3 but with loading times its not worth it)

    3. Completing one-shot qualifying should give you 85 RP.
    (Note, this will decrease slightly as your car gets better)

    *Edit - 4. I suggest getting a Grid Drop Penalty by going to Laptop and tab right to Vehicle Management. Select the '+' sign by any of the power units (or Gearbox). You will now start the race in 6th place. Overtaking the other cars will give you an extra 50RP at the end of the race. (I wish I figured this out sooner. 50 extra RP per race is huge).

    5. Now start the Race... Do 1 good lap, then pause & Simulate Session.
    You will get 1st place giving 55 RP + 1st driver bonus of 25-40 RP.
    (If you do all 5 laps you will get 100 RP but again, its not worth it).

    Now for spending points (and not wasting them on failed upgrades). - each time you have 1000+ RP to spend, wait until after the race when you can press cn_X to start the Next Weekend.

    Instead - Quit to Main Menu, press cn_Y and turn Auto-save OFF.

    Go back into Career & purchase any upgrade you like and proceed to next weekend.

    If the engineer tells you the upgrade failed just dashboard & quit the game. (If its good then don't forget to save your game soon after).

    Now restart the game and make sure to turn Auto-save OFF again (it resets to ON). Repeat the above steps until the upgrade doesn't fail. I chose a different upgrade each time if it failed but I don't know if its necessary.

    *Edit - for Major & Ultimate upgrades you can try this method at the very end of a Season, Advancing to next weekend will take 2-3 weeks.

    I hope this helps getting faster RP and not wasting it on stupid RNG.
  • Jack DC 93Jack DC 93657,697
    09 Sep 2017 09 Sep 2017 20 Sep 2017
    12 4 15
    UPDATE: So there doesn't seem to be an exact point at which people are getting this achievement. Some people are getting it at fewer/greater upgrades applied than others. I'll keep my original solution down below, but don't take it as gospel. I've commented on the solution with some calculations on when you SHOULD get the achievement.

    Jay ITFC's solution of investing in the efficiency upgrades will help, but I'll also add here that the Durability and Competencies upgrades do not count towards this achievement, so you'll have to invest into the Chassis, Aerodynamics, and Powertrain upgrades. There are 62 upgrades in total for these three sections, so to get 75%, you'll need to purchase 47 upgrades.

    Minor upgrades cost 1000 resource points, Major upgrades cost 1500 resource points, and Ultimate upgrades cost 2000 resource points, but with the aforementioned efficiency upgrades, you can reduce these costs by up to 50%.

    There's no fast way to earn resource points, so your best bet is to complete as many Practice Programmes as you can. Occasionally, you may earn Sponsor bonuses of 750 resource points, and after the end of every season, you'll earn a set amount of resource points, depending on how well you did in the season.

    It took me 4 and a half seasons to get this achievement, so just stick with it, and you'll be fine.
  • Minardi 05Minardi 05597,878
    11 Feb 2018 09 Feb 2018 09 Feb 2018
    3 0 4
    While the other guides are great and all the info is there, I just thought I would add that after the updates there is an achievement tracker for this now.

    Durability upgrades do increase the percentage, now i dont know whether they counted before or not but they do now. The competencies don't count.

    My personal path towards gaining so for this achievement is to perfect the practice programs except race strategy, pole position in one shot qualifying and then change an engine component to get a grid drop penalty. Do 1 lap of the race to get into a decent lead and then simulate session.

    All in all that's 6 laps per track And around 400 xp, skip the invitationals once you have done 20.
  • XthunderspeederXthunderspeeder191,872
    08 Jan 2018 10 Jan 2018
    3 3 2
    Here is my theory based on my own experience unlocking this achievement. I noticed that the 3 progress bars on vehicle performance status only include CHASSIS, AERODYNAMICS and POWERTRAIN upgrades. Now as you see in the screenshot below, I should have unlocked the achievement way before but it didn't unlock. It only unlocked when the 3 stats above averaged at 77%. Before I purchased the final component that granted the achievement, the percentage average was almost 75%.

    In the below screenshot, CHASSIS, AERODYNAMICS and POWERTRAIN averages to 77,41%

    External image

    So my theory is that this achievement only counts progress towards CHASSIS, AERODYNAMICS and POWERTRAIN. I would advice to start unlocking upgrades from this section first. Again, this is not a definite solution, but just an advice from my own experience.
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