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Title Update 5 - Patch 3.1

Dark Ritual achievement in Gems of War

Dark Ritual

Unlock the Troop "Xathenos"

Dark Ritual-0.4
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How to unlock the Dark Ritual achievement

  • MarekVitMarekVit492,905
    16 Oct 2017 30 Aug 2017 12 Oct 2018
    168 10 113
    WARNING: Earning this achievement will take a tremendous number of hours!

    GLITCH: This achievement may be glitched. TAMB0 says:

    This achievement needs to be marked as GLITCHED. I just crafted it and it remained stuck on 98% for several days. Then randomly, when I logged in, it unlocked. The Gems of War official forum states sometimes people will need to unlock a new troop (besides Xathenos) for it to pop.

    It's possible to get this achievement without paying any real money. However, getting a VIP level up helps.


    Xathenos is a MYTHIC TROOP available through crafting.

    Xathenos is a new Mythic that is only* available from the Soulforge, and is always craftable. (Other legendaries and mythics are craftable for a week and then are replaced by others.)

    (*The troop has been reported to be obtainable through packs that give you a random mythic troop, namely PATH TO GLORY II and GROWTH PACK II. This might have been a bug so I wouldn't recommend spending real money on the packs only for this reason)


    To forge mythics and legendaries, you have to unlock SOULFORGE (quest line in Blighted lands) and upgrade it to LEVEL 10.

    To upgrade soulforge, you need to get a given number of kills OR spend an amount of gems for each level. (Since you will be farming souls, you will probably level up the soul forge on kills alone, without the need to spend gems.)

    You have to upgrade the soulforge manually when you have made enough kills. You can't farm kills and then level up the forge several levels. It has to be done one level at a time.


    This is the recipe:

    - 50,000 Souls (can farm them in game or spend real money or gems, or you can craft them from diamonds in soulforge lvl 9)
    - 300 Gems (this is the easiest, can earn this in game, or spend real money)
    - 4,000 Diamonds (crafting material , craftable from shards or available through daily dungeons - a new minigame.)
    - Eye of Xathenos (legendary hero weapon, previously available in an event, can be crafted for 100,000 souls, 300 blue and purple jewels, 50 gems and 3 celestial traitstones)
    - Heart of Xathenos (hero weapon, can be crafted for 100,000 souls, 300 red andpurple jewels, 50 gems and 3 celestial traitstones)
    - Soul of Xathenos (hero weapon, can be crafted for 100,000 souls, 300 yellow and purple jewels, 50 gems and 3 celestial traitstones)


    As you see above, you will need a lot of souls. No worries, they can be farmed. You will need a troop that generates souls (like The Dragon Soul), and three troops with the necromancy trait unlocked.

    Normally, you can get 40 souls per battle. If this was it, we would have a long road ahead of us, farming the 350K souls.

    Now, if you have a troop with the necromancy trait in your team, it gives a 50% souls bonus (and increases the souls cap). One troop - extra 20 souls. If you have three in the team, the cap will be 100 souls.

    On the troops tab, set the filter to show you all the troops with the necromancy trait that you have. If you've played Gems of War for a while, you will probably have a bunch. Duplicates work too.

    If you have the mythic Pharos-Ra, he has the Master necromancer trait (the third trait), which gives an extra 150% souls, so that is even better. If you have three Pharos-Ras, this will be super easy.

    On top of this, you need an armor that gives a good soul bonus. I suggest the Celestial armor obtainable from the shop for 500 gems. It gives a 100% soul bonus.

    Now to farm most effectively, do challenges or explore battles wih the difficulty setting as high as you can easily manage. The higher the difficulty, the more souls you get. If you set it too high, though, each battle might take too long. It's best if you can beat the last enemy soon after having reached the soul cap.

    Oh, and in game settings increase the animation speed to 4x. It saves a LOT of time. A lot a lot.


    Diamonds can be earned by defeating dungeon bosses and purchasing daily bonuses for gems.

    Each day you can fight three dungeon bosses. Defeating the first one will gve you the option to purchase the daily bonus for 50 gems.

    This will take ages. Check Kugare's detailed solution on how to get diamonds.

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    REPOMAN NLSame as SERPENT, also stuck on 98%, maybe it will unlock once you buy one of the required items for it to go to 100%? going to try that tonight.. Think it's a longshot but need all the items anyway ;)
    Posted by REPOMAN NL on 13 Aug 20 at 10:07
    BloodGodAlucardIt's on 98% until you forge the troop. Now if you have Xanthenos already and it's stuck, then that's a glitch.
    Posted by BloodGodAlucard on 13 Aug 20 at 19:00
    REPOMAN NL@BloodGodAlucard thanks for the confirmation, it went to 98% when i unlocked the other troop for the achievement.
    Posted by REPOMAN NL on 02 Sep 20 at 13:30
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  • KugareKugare2,046,807
    08 Oct 2017 10 Sep 2017 29 Dec 2017
    61 3 13
    MarekVit posted an excellent solution and give you most of the information you need. My solution just should give you an idea how long it can take to unlock the achievement and add some other things. Let's start: The real problem are not the 350k souls you need, because they can be farmed. The 4000 diamonds need a long time to be collected.

    You have 5 options to collect these diamonds:

    1. Beat bosses in the Drifting Sands dungeon. You unlock the dungeon at the end of the quest line. You can beat 3 booses each day for 20 diamonds total. The troops/bosses have level 20, 30 and 40. That means you need a pretty strong team to be able to beat all 3.
    2. You can trade in 50 gems for 20 diamonds once per day in the dungeon.
    3. Soulforge level 8 give you the option to craft 10 diamonds for 1000 shards.
    4. Guild tasks can give you shards and diamonds. You need an active guild to fullfill the tasks.
    5. Buy the daily deal at the dungeon for real money to speed things up, but that's going to be expensive.

    At the moment all players receive a daily "welcome to the new update" reward message for six days with 200 diamonds per message. That's 1.200 gifted diamonds total, but i guess players in the future don't get these diamonds.

    Sunday is the "diamond day" of the week, because at this day you can earn 70 diamonds for the boss fights and you get 80 diamonds for 50 gems. The daily deal gives you 150 diamonds and 1000 shards for 4.99 $/€.

    Glitches: It seems the daily deal can be purchased more than a single time, until you leave the purchase screen. If you leave the screen and reenter a red message appear and says you already bought the daily deal. So until this is fixed you could buy all 4000 diamonds for 150$/€ with the daily deal at a sunday.

    Now let's start with the calculation. I hope i don't confuse you too much.

    1 day / daily:
    20 diamonds for boss fights + 20 more for 50 gems = 40 diamonds
    400 shards for boss fights + 400 more for 50 gems = 800 shards

    7 days / weekly:
    140 diamonds for boss fights + 140 more for 350 gems = 280 diamonds
    2800 shards for boss fights + 2800 more for 350 gems = 5600 shards = 50 diamonds
    extra diamonds on sunday: + 50 for boss fights + 60 for 50 gems= 110 diamonds
    = 440 diamonds in 7 days.

    30 days / monthly:
    600 boss diamonds + 600 more for gems = 1200 diamonds
    12000 shards for boss fights + 12000 more for 1500 gems = 24000 shards = 240 diamonds
    x 4 sunday reward: 200 extra diamonds + 240 diamonds = 440 diamonds
    = 1880 diamonds in 30 days.
    == around 62 diamonds per day (62,66)
    === 64 days without the help of your guild and without spending money

    Here you see all the new guild task rewards:
    The shard and diamond rewards can cut off some time.

    with 12.000 monthly shards (120 diamonds) from guild tasks:
    = 2000 diamonds in 30 days
    == around 66 diamonds per day (66,66)
    === 60 days (4000)

    For the people with a very active guild and the weekly 150 diamond task reward:
    = 2600 diamonds in 30 days
    == around 86 diamonds per day (86,66)
    === 47 days (4073)

    To come to a result: You need at least 2 months and the shards from the guild only saves you 4 days. The diamonds for the guild tasks could save you nearly 2 weeks, but i think most of us don't have the luck to earn the full guild diamond reward each week. However: You can try to work together to complete at least some of the diamond tasks.

    Some extra info about the cost for the guild tasks:
    Your guild needs 3.660.000 gold each week for all the shards. That's 122.000 for each member with a full 30 member guild or 244.000 gold for 15 members.

    For the 25 diamonds task your guild need 1.860.000 gold. All 6 for 150 diamonds requires 11.160.000 gold and that's 372.000 gold for 30 members or 744.000 for 15 members.

    The blue statue gives each member 140 gems on the way to the shards and that's helpful to pay the 50 gems each day. Of course you still have to earn 210 gems yourself for 350 each week. There are differents way to collect gems. Completing events, opening chests, collecting kingdom tributes, playing the chest mini game and so on.

    That's all i have to add for now. This is a "work in progress" solution. I'll add more/new information later. Especially if i found new ways to earn diamonds. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question and i do my best to help. toast
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    Davin0tha quicker way to get souls (for active guilds or REALLY rich people) is to buy the 18,000 soul bundle for 475 gems ... which i really don't recommend paying for, but with an active guild and saving up gems from the blue task, you should be able to afford one every week or 2 :)
    Posted by Davin0th on 24 Dec 17 at 23:21
    XtowersPharos Ra is craftable now for Christmas. Makes the Soul grind easier.
    Posted by Xtowers on 24 Dec 17 at 23:33
    TAMB0FYI, The above solutions are good but the actual unlocking of the achievement may have a glitch. I crafted Xathenos but the achievement didn't pop until several days later when I logged in. Some people on the official Gems of War forum have said that you may need to level up or unlock a new troop (not Xathenos) for the achievement to pop. GL
    Posted by TAMB0 on 12 Oct 18 at 13:40
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