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The big league

Win promotion to Division 1 of FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons

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    04 Oct 2017 01 Oct 2017 03 Oct 2017
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    *edit* anyone asking for more information.

    Unfortunately for Div 5 and higher - I didn't record the difficult but from what I remember are about professional at the highest and really easy to beat

    Div 4 - the easiest season has professional and world class difficulty with a star rating ranging from 1 star too 2 and a half stars and requires 21 points

    Div 3 - the easiest season has professional and world class with one legendary all teams are 3 star and requires 23 points for promotion

    Div 2 - You have 2 choices...
    Option 1 build a team from one club to meet the entry requirements which has professional- world class 3 star - 4 star teams and requires 26 points for promotion.


    Option 2 with 90 chem requirement world class - legendary, 2 and a half - 4 star teams with a 23 points for promotion

    I got through all of the seasons until div 2 where i picked option one with an 80 rated team but it did include pace I played 442 with batshuayi (chelsea) and musa (Leicester) up top mirallas (everton) fabregas (chelsea) wilshere (arsenal) benardo silva (man city) in midfeild and rose (spurs) keane(everton) cahill (chelsea) clyne (liverpool) and I didn't have any losses.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m228,555
    20 Oct 2017 20 Oct 2017
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    so guys you can do this offline and i made a video guide on how you can do this the easiest way and what cheap teams i used to get this achievement :) enjoy the guide

  • Callum 4KCallum 4K43,043
    18 Nov 2017 19 Nov 2017
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    After the delivery of my new shiny One X this week, I thought it was time to eventually unlock the most laborious achievement of the game to get my first completion on the console, finally finishing FIFA 18.

    As the two other solution have stated, the easiest method is to complete this offline via single player. To start, it is advisable to build a solid silver rated team. I opted for an MLS build revolved around Gyasi Zardes from LA Galaxy, found within the later stages of The Journey. From this I opted for a pacey team, which is a vital key in the higher divisions. You should aim to build a full squad for around 5-7k or more, depending on your current bank of UT coins.

    Utilise coin boosts and focus on building a bank of around 20k to splurge out on a semi-decent gold squad. The silver team that you have built will more than suffice up until around division 5, where the difficulty and entry requirements become slightly more challenging. From division 5 > 10 the highest difficulty that you will face is professional, providing that you opt for easiest fixture list, which is always the first one you select.

    If you're not an avid FIFA fan or a little experienced, professional difficulty may seem daunting at first but you will get used to the playing styles of the CPU and develop your own method of playing the ball and scoring. At the beginning I was winning a mere 1-0 for the majority of games but towards division 3>, I was scoring 4 + a game.

    My gold team comprised of the full Leicester City squad (very controversial to some), but can be built under 15k and to be honest is a solid all round team, with pace up front and robust defence. 4-3-3 (3) was the formation I played with from the start to the very end, working very well with my playing style, passing comfortably around the defence and taking advantage of Vardy's pace and shooting ability.

    When playing on world class I found it important to switch to ultra-defensive to ensure most of my players stayed back, as the CPU on higher difficulties can cause chaos thanks to poor defending system on the game.. Also, I repeatedly bought training cards (+10 attributes) to OP players such as Vardy and Mahrez.

    This achievement is all about taking your time when playing and ensure your team is well maintained, fitness cards.etc. You will easily play over 70 min to unlock this, expect to lose on the odd occasion; as others have said, you can dashboard or leave the game if losing and you will not lose a match.

    My overall record was 69-9-3 when finished, however around 10 of them were from other games within UT. Hope this helps for some, just be prepared to invest a great deal of time and enjoy the scripted game that FIFA is.
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