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Complete 20 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

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17 November 2019 - 3 guides

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    I found that the easiest way to get this achievement is to do the 'Upgrades' squad building challenges. In these you have to put a full 11 player squad in with at least 40 chemistry, and once you submit it will count for 1 challenge done. The best thing about these challenges is that they are repeatable, and also with them only requiring 40 chemistry it makes it possible to complete the challenge with players out of position, making it easier. The only downside is that they seem to be around for a limited time only, as on 01/10/17 they show 18 days remaining, so get them done whilst you can!

    There is one challenge for bronze, one for silver and one for gold players, all of which are repeatable. If like me you have kept all your unwanted players in your club, you can put them to use here, if not, keep them from now onwards! To help you along if you don't have many players, there are currently (on 01/10/17) bronze and silver player packs in the store which each contain 12 players. I bought the entire allocation of 5 bronze player packs which helped me to get about 5 challenges done. The bronze player packs cost 1,250 coins whilst the silver ones cost 5,000 coins, making it cheaper to use the bronze packs. Once I used my player packs I used the normal 400 coin bronze packs as you can normally get 3-5 players in them.

    To help you make the most of the players you've got, I have a couple of tips. I used the squad builder to make the squad (rather than starting from scratch which takes longer), and once it has built a squad for you I recommend filling in any blank spaces with any players either in the work area at the bottom of the screen or finding them in your club. Then see what your chemistry level is and if it is high, try and replace some players with others that play in a position you have an abundance of. For example, I found I had a lot of bronze goalkeepers (as you only need 1 per time), so after I had built the squad I would replace the some outfield players (such as CAM or CDM, which I didn't have many of) with goalkeepers until I was on or just above 40 chemistry. This means you have these players for the next challenge, knowing you will be able to fill the position and not use an out of position player (which doesn't give you a lot of chemistry). Also, if you find you are just short on chemistry after it has built the squad, try swapping some players positions in the squad to gain the extra couple of chemistry points you need. Sometimes you can find moving a player out of position will actually increase chemistry because it creates an orange or green link, which gives you more chemistry.

    If I have missed any information, or anything needs elaborating, please feel free to comment! smile

    *EDIT* Thanks to WoodyMcWoodface who has brought it to my attention that using the FUT web app may not get you the achievement, as he has done 20+ challenges and not unlocked it. To be safe, I recommend using the console to make sure any you complete will contribute towards the achievement.
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    so lads i made a video combining this achievement with 2 others that you can all get at the same time
    they are all squad builder challenge related so might as well do them at the same time
    enjoy my video guide :D

    02 Oct 2017 02 Oct 2017
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