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In the Name of the Tsar

3.8925,6324,186 (16%)20-25 h
In the Name of the Tsar

Achievement Details

Filled the Stockpile

Perform a kill with all "In the Name of the Tsar" weapon variants

Filled the Stockpile0
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Achievement Guide for Filled the Stockpile

  • WayzoftheRavenWayzoftheRaven438,244
    06 Sep 2017 11 Sep 2017
    131 43 154
    If this is anything like the last DLC's achievement then you just have to get a kill with each classes new weapons.

    This can be done in a faster pace if you have friends that are doing this at the same time. Basically how that would work is you unlock say Assault and Medic and your friend does Support and Scout. Once unlocked you just die and have your friend pick up the weapon and get a kill with it.

    Other people have mentioned that you don't need the kills with the new melee weapons for it to unlock this.

    -General Tips
    In the Last DLC, you had to do the "In the Round" challenges last or they didn't stay unlocked.

    Below I will explain each classes requirements to unlock the weapon.

    "Model 1900 Factory"
    - Perform 40 kills with the M97 Trench Gun Backbored
    - In a round, perform 5 kills with the AT Rocket Gun

    "Model 1900 Slug"
    - Perform 50 kills with the 12G Automatic Extended
    - Perform 20 kills with the Gasser M1870 Pistol

    "SMG 08/18 Factory"
    - Perform 15 kills with the MP188 Trench
    - Perform 10 kills with the Anti-Tank Grenade

    "SMG 08/18 Optical"
    - Perform 50 Kills with the Automatico M1918 Trench
    - Destroy 5 tanks with the Anti-Tank Mine

    "Fedorov Avtomat Optical"
    - Perform 50 kills with the Selbastlader M1916 Optical
    - Perform 20 Kills with the C96 Pistol

    "Fedorov Avtomat Trench"
    - Perform 40 Kills with the Cei-Rigotti Trench
    - Perform 40 squad heals

    "General Liu Rifle Factory"
    - Perform 40 kills with the Mondragon Storm
    - Perform 30 squad revives

    "General Liu Rifle Storm"
    - Perform 50 kills with the Autoloading 8 .35 Marksman
    - Perform 30 kills with the Rifle Grenade FRG

    "Parabellum MG14/17 Low Weight"
    - Destroy 2 airplanes with LMGs
    - Perform 20 killes with the Mortar Airburst

    "Parabellum MG14/17 Suppresive"
    - Perform 40 kills with the Lewis Gun Low Weight
    - Perform 50 vehicle repairs

    "Perino Model 1908 Defensive"
    - Perform 50 kills with the Bar M1918 Storm
    - Perform 20 kills with the Repetierpistole M1912 Pistol

    "Perino Model 1908 Low Weight"
    - Perform 40 kills with the MG15 n.A. Low Weight
    - In a round, Perform 10 squad resupplies

    "Mosin-Nagant M91 Infintry"
    - In a round, perform 3 headshot kills with the SMLE MkIII Infantry
    - Perform 20 kills with the Mars Automatic Pistol

    "Mosin-Nagant M91 Marksman"
    - Perform 50 kills with the Gewehr 98 Marksman
    - Perform 15 kills with the Tripwire Bomb HE

    "Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Carbine"
    - Perform 50 kills with the SMLE MkIII Carbine
    - Destroy 1 vehice with K bullets

    "Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Infantry"
    - Perform 15 kills with the M1903 Experimental
    - Perform 20 periscope spot assists

    "Nagant Revolver"
    - Perform 20 kills with the Luger P08 pistol

    "Obrez Pistol"
    - In a round, perform 5 kills with the MLE 1903 Pistol

    "C93 Carbine"
    -Perform 40 kills with the FT Light Tank

    Please let me know if I can add anything to make this better.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m227,542
    18 Oct 2017 18 Oct 2017
    26 8 0
    so this achievement is a massive pain in the back side at certain points lol but it can still be done no matter what your skill level :) you need to unlock and get kills with a total of 19 new weapons and to unlock them you have to fulfill certain requirements ... so i made a pretty in depth video guide for anyone who is stuck on any of it :) hope you enjoy , good luck and just be patient :D

  • MuddyAmoebaMuddyAmoeba345,295
    26 Oct 2017 06 Nov 2017 06 Nov 2017
    15 1 4
    This is a solution tips for the kill 2 planes with LMG part of the assignment if you can’t boost it.
    I’ve read multiple comments watched lots of youtube videos and these are the best tips I can provide for this part of the assignment.
    Firstly you are going to need a lot of LUCK, as well as a very thick skin and possibly herbal tea (or something stronger) to quell the rage/frustration.
    To kill a plane with an LMG only one thing matters, that last 1%. It does not matter who or what does the other 99%.
    You are going to destroy a lot of planes and not with your LMG, You’re going to see a lot of smoking planes crash into ground before you can even get 1 bullet to it. Your team mates are going to abuse the crap out of you for camping/not playing the objective. Enemy players are going to spawn camp your AA gun, and constantly kill you the second you get near that gun.

    Conquest is probably the best mode, but Operations is also an option. Many people have suggested hardcore mode. While that does give 1.25-2x damage, I found that I was constantly team killing, because I couldn’t readily identify who was who. A better solution to that I have found is a custom server with 200% bullet damage, 50% vehicle spawn. Unfortunately unless you make your own server you have to put up with other mods. (Unlimited ammo is nice but it just become a grenade spam. Stay away from any server with gadgets off, or friendly fire on.)
    Choose a map with lots of plane spawns
    Sinai Desert
    Empires Edge
    Ballroom Blitz

    You are going to be shooting a lot of bullets so a weapon with a large magazine, a scope and bipod are the best for this. Fire in short controlled bursts so as to not overheat weapon.

    Parabellum MG14 Suppressive (100 round magazine)
    MG15 n.A. Suppressive (200 round magazine)

    Large Ammo Crate / Small Ammo pouch. Normally I prefer the small pack because it’s easier to resupply your squad. But we are playing entirely selfishly so we plan on camping our crate.
    Repair Tool. You’re going to soften planes with either AA guns or AA tank/trucks so being able to repair them is essential.

    Ok I’m setup now what?
    Now it gets frustrating. You are going to need to find a plane with 99% damage, and do that last 1% with your LMG.
    Two choices here
    One Track enemy planes that are being shot at by teammates and wait until it is smoking then let loose and steal that kill.
    Two Hop onto an AA gun (remember they don’t spawn until the point has been captured) or an AA truck. Start laying into enemy planes taking note of the damage, as soon as the message comes up “Vehicle Disabled”, or you notice the plane smoking quickly hop off and finish it off with your LMG.

    Good Luck.
  • OsakamitsuOsakamitsu350,388 350,388 GamerScore
    09 Feb 2018 05 Feb 2018 05 Feb 2018
    11 0 0
    This is a Guide to the Trip wire HE kills and the multi kills as a scout.

    This seems to be one of the harder challenges and I found a way to get 18 tripwire kills and 4-5 multi kills in 1 game. In fact, I DID finished both of those challenges in a SINGLE game and I had 14 trip wire HE kills before the second sector was even taken.

    I have seen other methods for this and NONE of them even come close to how good this method is. I had 14 tripwire kills before the 2nd sector was even passed!

    Normal game type. Operations - Attacking. St. Quentin Scar.

    The first 2 points at "A" in each of the first two sectors. Kamikaze rush the zones and start throwing your trip wire out in the open where they are running around. No one watches for them and there are so many new players run in and out during this time. In the first sector, the first section is a rectangular trench area that's dug out. I would seriously rush in there dodging gun fire while it was surrounded and try to throw my tripwire out as fast as I could. I would die almost immediately every time but after I died I would be getting kills and multi kills like no one business. Just rush, jump in the pit with 3-8 enemies. Yes, they will be shooting at you. Sometimes you will make it when no one knows you are coming. But You will take at least some of them by surprised every time. Before they know whats happened you have already thrown your tripwires out and died. And since there are so many dudes running around this area you often get multi kills!

    The second sector is another dug out area but inside the foundation of a house. I kind of just ran up the middle or off to the right.

    Sometimes you will get a guy that figures you out and keeps sniping you. Just take a breather and take him out and continue with what you were doing.

    This is all you need! Seriously. I completely two of the hardest challenges in 1 game with no thinking at all. Good luck, I hope this helps!

    I never used the tripwires in my life before this 1 game. These are my stats after 1 game of doing it.
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