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Zavala's Lieutenant

Acquire each Titan subclass.

Zavala's Lieutenant0
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Achievement Guide for Zavala's Lieutenant

  • ErunionErunion150,291
    09 Sep 2017 11 Sep 2017
    63 17 12
    If the achievement doesn't pop when you unlock the final subclass, as happened to me, you may need to use a trick that was prominent in Destiny 1 achievements to make it happen. Go to the far-right tab in your menu, and select log out. Once you confirm, it should kick you to the title screen and ask you to select your profile. Just pick the one you're already on and the achievement should unlock.
  • sirthomas420sirthomas420374,523
    07 Sep 2017 06 Sep 2017 07 Sep 2017
    40 1 11
    For Titan classes are

    Sentinal (start with)
    Striker (Level 7+)
    Sunbreaker (Level15+)

    Then open chests you find anywhere it seems, and you'll get a broken relic in with you must kill enemies until you hit 100%. This includes missions or cruicible.

    Then travel to Earth, start "Shard of the Traveler".
    Proceed to teleport to the Dark Forest.
    Kill some enemies.
    Teleport yet again.
    Kill enemies, then intertact with the shard.
    Use your new ability against enemies.

    This is the case for the 3rd and final subclass as well.

    *Heroic public events charge this faster. But killing anything charges this.
  • KonadorKonador330,164
    03 Oct 2019 03 Oct 2019
    13 0 2
    With the release of Shadowkeep and the game going Free to Play, all you need to do to unlock this now is create a new character of this class! Once the first mission begins, the achievement will unlock. If it doesn't, sign out from settings and sign back in again (switch profile, not change character).
  • firestormworldfirestormworld190,719
    12 Sep 2017 22 Oct 2018
    10 1 4
    If you are here then you are playing post forsaken and have boosted a character to lvl 30 skipping the missions to get your other sub classes.
    It may seem as if the achievement is locked but it is not.

    You will receive a mission from Ikora that will require you to get feathers of light from high leveled enemies. My suggestion is to do public events on the tangled shore because the enemies will drop then quite frequently.
    Once you get 200 feathers(do not worry its not as hard as it looks) a mission on IO will appear.
    Towards the end of the mission you will receive a seed of light to use on your character. It does not matter which sub class you choose just go to one of them and use the seed. Once you do that subclass will start to become unlocked. Once you kill all the enemies and finish the mission the achievement will unlock once you go back to orbit.

    I had this issue happen to my warlock and it unlocked once i finished the mission.
    Hope this helps and ends any panics you may of had. Happy Farming! toast
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