The Prestige achievement in Destiny 2

The Prestige

Complete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty.

The Prestige-1.0
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How to unlock the The Prestige achievement

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    Update: During Season of the Lost, the Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty will be available until February 22 when the season ends.

    During a season of Destiny 2, there will be 6 total Grandmaster Strikes available. Normally these strikes will cycle each week; but towards the end of the season all 6 will be available giving you the option of which strike you wish to attempt.

    Before attempting a Grandmaster Nightfall it's important to note that you will be severely handicapped. Enemies are going to be 25 power levels above you meaning they will always hit harder. To add to that, you will need to be within 25 levels of the Grandmaster before even attempting it; this includes bonus power gained from the seasonal artifact. Bonus power is acquired through normal exp gains from anything in the game.

    To demonstrate: The current pinnacle power (as of season 15) is 1330. Grandmasters are 1370, meaning you have to be at 1345 to even attempt a GM. You do not have to have be at the power level cap to attempt a GM you just need to be at 1345. That being said, if you are over 1345 you will still be treated as if you were 1345.

    Grandmasters, in addition to Legend & Master difficulty, do not have matchmakinng enabled so you will be required to find a fireteam of three. Unlike the other Nightfall difficulties, Grandmaster gives your fireteam a pool of lives that is shared. If your fireteam loses all lives or all three of you are dead then you will be sent back to orbit, requiring you to start the nightfall from the beginning. However, your team can earn additional lives by killing what is called a Champion.

    Champions are present in the Nightfall Ordeal difficulties of Hero all the way to Grandmaster. They are a type of enemy that requires a specific mod to combat them.

    The mods are as followed
    Barrier: A mod that pierces barrier of a champion which will stun it. After receiving a certain amount of damage, Barrier Champions will erect a barrier that will make them immune to damage unless you use a barrier mod to destroy their barrier.

    Stagger: This mod will produce a stagger-like mechanic after you ADS for a few seconds. This is used on Unstoppable Champions that have an aggressive behavior when compared to other enemies. Once staggered, the champion will be unable to move for a few seconds and will more vulnerable to damage.

    Disruption: This mod is used on champions that have an erratic behavior known as Overload Champions. These champions are similar in behavior to the Unstoppable in that they will be very aggressive. Some will move faster while others will attack faster. These are by far the more aggravating of the champion types.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the mods needed to combat champions can be acquired from the seasonal artifact. In addition, there are some exotics that will have an anti-champion mod intrinsically.

    One final tip: if you ever decide to do The Glassway strike - don't. You'll thank me.

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    TransmutateIs it required to buy the expansions to get this achievement? Cause I'm only seeing a grandmaster strike available that needs me to buy one of the expansions.
    Posted by Transmutate on 10 Jun at 05:50
    AP 8T8No you don’t need dlc.
    Posted by AP 8T8 on 10 Jun at 13:25
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    Update The Prestige Raid is the only way to unlock this due to the new update. I have not spent much time with the Season 2 weapons so this is not updated with any information on those.

    Prestige is accessed at 300. The BIGGEST change in my opinion is revive tokens. In Prestige when you die in a challenge or on Calus you lose your revive token. For the purpose of my guide I prefer one syllable words to refer to the symbols. I will be using the words DOG, CUP, AXE, and SUN. A common theme is the Merciless fusion rifle or a powerful Rocket Launcher and very helpful throughout the raid. Other weapon recommendations include the Exotic scout rifle Skyburner's Oath (increased damage to Cabal), the Exotic trace rifle Coldheart for the Calus damage phase, or the Exotic sidearm Rat King (only if others in your fireteam use it). I will do my best to highlight what I believe to be the best load outs for each raid encounter. If I don't list anything for a specific class it's because I don't have a preference at that particular spot.

    Personally my go to load out for almost everything in Destiny 2 is the Nightshade kinetic pulse rifle (or now the Time Warped Spire from Iron Banner) or Mida Multi-tool exotic scout rifle (yes I know everyone uses it and it gets incredibly annoying going against a team of Mida users in Trials), the Last Hope energy sidearm (Last Dance is an acceptable substitute) or Hardlight exotic energy auto rifle, and the Curtain Call rocket, the Sins of the Past raid rocket or Wardclif Coil exotic rocket.

    Equipment: Whatever is comfortable

    Nothing major changes here. My personal preference has been to run Castellum with a team of 4 defending the flags and a team of 2 capturing the flags. The defending team need to be aware of where the Counselors (One eyed floating Psions) spawn in on because they will shield the Standard Liberators and make it harder to defend the flag. When there are counselors active you will not be able to break the shields over the Liberators. To prevent this our fireteam would always have one defender designated to focus on meleeing the Counselor whenever the game notifies you that one has spawned. Each trip to the Castellum (4 in total) your teams will have to defend one spot and capture the flags from the other three areas.

    Bath Houses:
    Weapons: Merciless or a Rocket Launcher (the raid one Sins of the Past is ideal due to the cluster effect)
    Class Specific Equipment:
    -Hunter: Nightstalker/Orpheus Rig
    -Titan: the Rally Barricade ability
    -Warlock: Stormcaller/Crown of Tempests (Optional but useful) - the Empowering Rift ability

    The name of the game here as in the Normal mode is soloing your bather. To start this step all five platforms must be stepped on simultaneously. The map is split into two fireteams of three each. These teams will then rotate in a triangle. The first bather always spawns in by the top chain. Both middle players will go take the top spot. This is followed by the top player rotating through the middle to the bottom. Followed by the bottom player rotating through the middle to the top. The major changes in this step of the challenge is the Bathers are now "oiled" which means when you kill them they will drop oil which will eat into your Psionic Protection buff. Each time players pass through the middle it is important to throw grenades or pop supers (don't waste your tether here Nightstalker) to prevent unnecessary deaths from being swarmed by adds. During this step of the raid players need to stay on the platforms while rotating in the two triangles until the chains lock.

    When the chains lock the crystals in the middle of the map will open and be able to be damaged. Two players will clear adds in the middle while four will stay in the middle and damage the crystals. Warlocks should drop empowering rifts here and if there is a Nightstalker on your team they should focus on adds and tether the middle to keep adds off the crystal team. During this part the Bathers spawn quicker than in normal mode. If the fire team is unable to clear the crystals in one damage phase one member of the fireteam will gain the "Burden of Worthiness" debut where they are required to run to the platform with the associated symbol (Dog, Cup, Axe, or Sun) to remove the debuff. After the initial damage phase (around when the players will lose their Psionic Protection buff) a psionic will spawn over the middle platform. This Psionic must be killed or it will wipe your team. After this four players will gain the "Burden of Worthiness" debuff. For simplicity sake I recommend the two players that don't have the debuff go to one of the top platforms right away and the players with the debuff will start the next cycle at the platform the game forces you towards. Before the next cycle starts there will be a Psion Projection that spawns in the middle area by one set of crystals make sure to kill it.

    After this rinse and repeat until the crystals are all destroyed. If it takes to long to lock the chains during a cycle the game will poison the pools which will wipe the team.

    Pleasure Gardens:
    Weapons: Merciless, Rockets, Pulse Grenades (One Titan class has double grenades which is OP)
    Class Specific Equipment:
    -Hunter: Gunslinger/Celestial Nighthawk - not that it makes a huge difference here but the three shot skill tree works better with the Nighthawk since the six shot has a lower duration for the super
    -Titan: Sunbreaker or Striker - either super works on the dogs - personally though I would use the Striker and the Code of the Earthshaker path since the double pulse grenades do crazy damage
    -Warlock: Voidwalker - use the Devour path since the damage over time Nova Bomb will be more effective than the scatter Nova Bomb

    Similar to the Bath House you need to be able to easily solo your designated dog. In Prestige there are eight dogs instead of six. This changes things in two ways. It means it is harder for you to get a teammates help in killing your dog and the dogs take different paths when you are collecting the buff from the flowers. The new dogs go to the left middle flower and the flower at the rocks during the damage step. Before attempting this designate one player to lead the flower run and designate one of the six outside dogs to a specific player. Ideally the two players up top will take the top left and right dogs, the four others will take middle/bottom left and right dogs, and then everyone on the right will converge on the dog by the rocks and everyone on the left will converge on the dog in the trees.

    As soon as I can figure out how to add a picture to the guide I will try and do that but until then here is a link to a map that details the dogs' path. (

    At the beginning of this challenge adds need to be cleared out to spawn two laser seeds. Two players must then grab those for the dogs to spawn in. The other four players (bees) will be tasked with grabbing pollen orbs and running around the map in order to collect the "Power of Will" buff (pollen) . The two players up top will call out which flowers are lit up on their sides and guide the bees to collect the pollen. The buff is added when the top player (standing in a light spot similar to the boundless light from the subclass quests) shoots the glowing flower. After both sets of flowers are shot a new set will light up and two Cabal snipers will spawn up top and two Cabal Beast Tamers will drop down. DO NOT SHOOT THE BEAST TAMERS WHEN THEY ARE BY A DOG OR IT WILL ALERT THE DOG. If all four bees are present each flower will yield a x12 buff. The goal in this step is to get a x48 or x60 buff (more is possible but unnecessary). If the dogs spot the bees they will cause them to drop the orbs and that damage phase has the current buff applied to it. There are two ways to alert the dogs, being spotted or taking too much time. You will know you are running out of time when you get the "Psionic Howl" message. Sometimes the game likes to be broken and have the dogs spot the players up top, who should be outside their field of view or spawn in the Orb room and instantly screw things up. If either of these things happen I'd recommend wiping the team by jumping in the pit in front of the Orb room and taking a fresh run.

    After getting a high enough buff alert the dogs and kill your designated dog. After those six are killed quickly team up on the remaining two.

    A few important notes to this challenge. If you are unable to kill all eight dogs in one go, leave your dog with a miniscule amount of health or you will have drastically less time to build the buff in preceding rounds. Also you have a limited time to put damage on the dogs. If you are unable to get back to the Orb room in the allotted time (no timer will show up on the screen) then the dogs howl will kill you.

    The Gauntlet:
    Equipment: Whatever is comfortable

    Communication is king. Two teams of three will pair up. One will start on the dog and the other will start on the cup. The major change in this is the "Proven Worthy" debuff. This means that every player must run the Gauntlet in order to progress to the fourth run. In normal mode most teams stuck with one runner, whereas in prestige everyone must take a turn. Cross talk can be killer in this. My clan and I would designate a fireteam leader for both groups. The fireteam leader would then mute then mute the other fireteam but leave the other fireteam leader unmuted. The non fireteam leaders will then mute everyone on the other fireteam. This was helpful for us as we had two people who sounded very similar and it caused mistakes.

    To start the challenge all four platforms must be stepped on. Team dog will focus on adds from the dog platform and sun platform, while team axe will focus on adds from the axe platform and cup platform. After three rounds an Imperial Centurion will spawn in from each platform. Kill them then send one set of runners in. The runners must then call out whichever holes are not lit up. Top, middle or bottom. In order to make a hole in the gate to light up at least one shooter needs to be standing on that gates platform. Whichever row the runner calls the shooters must then shoot arrows. So if the runner says top/middle one shooter from his fireteam must shoot the top gate arrow and the other will shoot the middle gate arrow. This should cause the gate to flash green, an Orb to spawn for the runner to collect and a Psion to spawn that must be killed. One shooter should be designated to standing on each platform and the other should be designated to kill the Psion. If the runner misses an Orb two Psions will spawn in. After completing a lap the runners will be taken out of the outer ring and must place their Orb in the middle. They then will gain the aforementioned buff and be unable to run again.

    There will be three laps in the ring before a final lap where everyone is thrust into the ring. During the second and third laps pieces of the floor will fall out of the ring. Also in the third lap the pillars will be moving up and down while you shoot the arrows. On the fourth lap everyone will be in the ring. There will now be 3 orbs that spawn in each gate. In normal mode there were four. During this run fireteams will alternate who gets the orbs. Dog fireteam takes orbs from gate 1 and 3. Axe fireteam then takes orbs from gate 2 and 4. Three players must make it out to pass the challenge.


    Weapons: Kinetic of choice, Coldheart, Rocket or Sniper
    Class Specific Gear:
    -Hunter: Gunslinger/Celestial Nighthawk or Nightstalker/Orpheus Rig
    -Titan: Striker/Rally Barricade and Double Pulse grenade setup
    -Warlock: Dawnblade/Starfire Protocol and Empowering Rift Ability or Stormcaller/Crown of Tempest or any subclass with the Lunafaction Boots and Empowering Rift (no matter what Warlocks need to run Empowering Rift for this encounter)

    Now we get to the fun part. The Calus fight adds the most notable and difficult change for those who had set roles when running the normal raid. This fight is broken into two location. The room you start the fight will be known as the Throne Room and the other realm will be referred to as the Shadow Realm. During the normal raid most fireteams had a set three man team for the Throne Room and the Shadow Realm. Well the Prestige Raid doesn't allow you to stick with that strategy. I will break that part down in a second. First I will break down the role of each class.

    Hunter: Gunslinger - just like in Destiny 1 the Nighthawk is an absolute monster boss killer. Same idea applies here. Meanwhile for Nightstalker - the Orpheus Rig when ran with the Way of the Trapper path can create a massive amount of orbs while also filling your super. If you tether 10 adds with Shadowshot you will instantly refill your super as well as creating orbs for your teammates.

    Titan: Honestly for Titans I feel the Striker class is overall the best subclass in Destiny 2 for Titans for two reasons. They massively overhauled the Fists of Havoc super making it a roaming super and they have double pulse grenades as mentioned earlier and as you've probably found out by now the pulse grenades are OP. If a Titan finds their way into the Shadow Realm during the buff phase the Rally Barricade can be extremely helpful at getting a high buff.

    Warlock: My recommendations for Warlock varies by team. If there is only one Warlock it is almost imperative that they run Dawnblade with the Starfire Protocol and Fusion grenades. The reason for this is that it allows that one player to be able to have an Empowering rift on all four platforms during each damage phase. This is because of the abilities of the exotic chest piece. The Starfire Protocol allows the Warlock to have two fusion grenades and on top of that grenade damage will recharge the Warlock's rift ability. So each kill on a dog will allow the Warlock to keep placing Empowering Rifts. If there are two Warlocks then it would still help to have one run this build while the other can use Stormcaller to help clear adds at other stages of this fight. With three or more Warlocks the Dawnblade setup is more or less a waste because everyone will have an Empowering rift. If you are running with Lunafaction Boots it will allow for players to step out of your rift and back in for an instant reload of their weapons (similar to how the Rally Barricade works)

    At the start of the encounter you will shoot the cup out of Calus's hand and start the encounter. Everyone works on clearing adds. Eventually a Psion will spawn over each platform. Do not kill the psionic even though they drop guaranteed power ammo. Killing these Psions will cause more adds to spawn in the Throne Room. After the Psions spawn everyone will be taken to the Shadow Realm.

    Throne Room: after being teleported to the Shadow Realm jump over the barrier and into an Orb to be taken back into the Throne Room. Here you will kill adds and kill the Psion not called out by the fireteam members in the Shadow Realm. However unlike in the normal raid, the player that kills the Psion will now replace a member in the Shadow Realm. After four Psions are killed Calus will put up a shield. Be careful moving in the Throne Room because Calus does a sunburst like attack on the platform in which the Psion was killed and will randomly set the floor between platforms on fire. Focus on killing adds and slowly taking down his shield to give tour team adequate time to build a high "Power of Will" buff. Shadowshot and Stormtrance and useful at taking out adds. When the buff gets high enough take down Calus's shield. If you are too late in taking down the shield Calus will wipe your team.

    Shadow Realm: the other three players will stay back and take position at left, middle, and right. If you are on the right be careful as there is a glitch spot on the barrier that will send you over for no reason. Here you will call out the symbol that appears on the Calus Projection's forehead in order from left to right. During the first call out two Psionic Projections appear that you will have to kill. During the second through fourth call outs there will be three Psions that spawn in as well as the projections. It is recommended that the left player shoot the right Psion and the right player shoots the left Psion, while the middle player kills the one in front of them and helps kill whatever is left. During parts of the Shadow Realm the left and right players will not be able to shoot the Psion directly in front of them. This will help avoid being launched by Psion grenades. After the fourth call out there will again be two projections and three Psions. After these are killed and the Calus Projection is no longer pulling you closer to him, the team should line up and the Titan should use his Rally Barricade. Lining up keeps the skulls that spew from Calus's mouth heading down the middle towards the fireteam instead of in a bevy of different directions. Try and aim for a 60 or better buff in order to be able to take Calus down in two damage phase or 80 or higher to down him in one phase. After the skulls are destroyed orbs will spawn to take you back to the Throne Room. If there is more than one damage phase required part of the floor will fall out in the Shadow Realm.

    Damage Phase: This part is just like the normal raid. Personally I went from the Dog platform that you spawn in by, then moved up to the Sun platform, then over left to the Cup Platform, and ended on the bottom left on the Axe platform. But whatever rotation works best for you use that. As soon as players get on the initial platform the Warlock should use an Empowering Rift. I would recommend using Coldheart on Calus as the weapon does more damage over time as long as it is continually hitting the boss. When Calus raises his right arm it is time to move between platforms. In between platforms the Dawnblade Warlock should drop down and kill a dog with a fusion grenade to rebuild the Rift ability. After the first bar of health is down Calus's weak point moves from his head to his chest. His attack between platforms will also change. When he goes to attack in this mode wait to move platforms because if you move too early he will shoot the platform you moved to. After he targets the platform you are on move to the next one and set an Empowering rift. If a Hunter is running Celestial Nighthawk they should use it on one of the closer two platforms. If there are two they may be able to get multiple supers off between the two close platforms. If you don't kill Calus in one damage phase go around killing the remaining adds with melee if possible, until the Legionaries and Centurion start spawning in, to get more ammo. And repeat the Shadow Realm portion. If Calus's health bar drops all the way down he will raise his arms and create a shield. Take down his shield and you killed Calus and beat the Prestige Raid. Congratulations on a very taxing challenge in the Destiny 2 meta game!
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    MrFunkoPop996Anyone willing to give me a hand with this. I have never done the Raid before since I joined the game late, but would be nice to complete the raid and get the achievements, Mr GT is MrFunkoPop996
    Posted by MrFunkoPop996 on 06 Feb 20 at 18:13
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