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"Unlock the Smite Award "Invigorate"!

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How to unlock the Invigorate! achievement

  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles927,696
    09 May 2018 16 May 2018
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    "As Artio reach full stacks on her Invigorate, the passive effect of her Shapeshift ability."

    Given how this is a tricky achievement even within a boosting session, I thought I would break down the requirements as detailed as possible.

    1) You must be level 20 before attempting this achievement. While you can hit eight stacks beforehand, it won't be considered maxed out and you won't get your achievement.

    2) Invigorate stacks per ability, not per hit. You will gain the same stack regardless if you hit the entire enemy team or a single minion.

    3) Invigorate stacks per enemy, not per god. Enemy players, minions, jungle monsters, map objectives, titans, everything is fair game.

    4) The best game mode to get this is Clash, though it's essentially available anywhere. Arena is on a timer in the form of the ticket system, and it's possible you'll be nearly out of time when you hit level 20. Joust can be done on the Bull Demon King, but matches often don't reach level 20. Conquest is viable against the Gold Fury, but matches need to last even longer to get a support character to level 20. Clash, on the other hand, has spooling XP to help reach level 20, but also has Apophis as a beefy target.

    5) Check your controls, specifically the Cancel Fire button. Artio's third ability in both forms will continue longer than you need them and provide extra hits which do not add to Invigorate. Your window of opportunity is drastically increased by cancelling the ability as soon as you get a hit off.

    6) Turn Auto-Build off, or prepare a build using the God Builder in advance. The standard build doesn't provide enough cooldown reduction, which will lock you out of the achievement. Cooldown reduction maxes out at 40% and can be found in the store under the Utility tab, so you will want:
    - Chronos Pendant: 20% cooldown, magical power, and takes an additional second off your cooldowns every ten seconds.
    - Breastplate of Valor: 20% cooldown reduction and physical protection.

    So after all that, we're in a game or boosting session, and you've got either a tanky player or a map objective to beat on.

    Start in Bear Form. Starting in druid form gives an incredibly tight window to hit eight stacks. The first two abilities in Bear form have short cooldowns and will be either ready or almost ready as soon as you complete your cycle. Use all three abilities in order, cancel the third early, then switch and repeat. For a visual guide, I'll use the default control icons.

    Bear: cn_X -> cn_A -> cn_B, then cn_RSc as it hits -> cn_Y
    Druid: cn_X -> cn_A -> cn_B, then cn_RSc as it hits -> cn_Y
    Bear: cn_X -> cn_A

    The timing for the seventh hit, starting the bear cycle over, is the critical one. Practice in Jungle Practice against one of the stationary Odins to get an idea of the timing.

    When possible, I'll try to update this achievement with a video explanation as well.

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    LegendExcellent solution. I did it on the arena in my first try.
    Great guide with control icons.

    VOTE +1
    Posted by Legend#5793 on 05 Jul 18 at 01:00
    DiegoOCH82I have two questions:
    1) the stack counter reset after every skill you hit? or you have 4s to do the full rotation?
    2) the abilities must hit the same enemy?
    by the way, great guide! +1 vote to you!
    Posted by DiegoOCH82 on 04 Apr 19 at 13:52
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  • ManicMetalheadManicMetalhead529,445
    25 Dec 2017 08 Sep 2017 03 Jan 2019
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    "As Artio reach full stacks on her Invigorate, the passive effect of her Shapeshift ability."

    Invigorate is the passive ability of Artio's Ultimate ability shapeshifte, and states that "Every time Artio hits at least 1 enemy with an ability she gains 1 stack of Invigoration. Stacks last 4s, and stack up to 8 times"

    You need to reach level 20 in-game before you can attempt this. Once you reach it, you need to hit enemies with all of Artio's abilities to get up to max stacks. For each ability that hits an enemy , you gain one stack (Note that this is one stack per ability, not one stack per hit, also this can be done on minions, jungle monsters and other enemies, not just enemy gods).
    Build tanky, so items with good protections, and some cooldown would help a little.

    At this point in the game, enemies will likely hit hard, and you'll have to tank a decent amount of damage. Approach a group of enemies using your dash and try to make sure you hit at least one with it. Stun as many as possible with your roar, then hit as many as possible with your claws. Quickly switch to human form and activate your slow, before attacking with your other human attacks. This should be enough to build the stacks needed, although if you're still short, you can always switch back to bear form for to see if your dash is back up for a final hit or two.
    Again, each stack lasts for 4 seconds before falling off.

    You can try this is any mode, Arena is good for enemies ganging up, but Conquest and Clash are good for out-levelling enemies, and for approaching a group of enemies by surprise to give you an extra advantage.

    whateverken has created a video of how he got this achievement, which can be found here;

    You can see the stacks build up just above there health bar. It's kind of just spamming all your abilities, in both your human and bear forms, the more enemies you affect with each, the more likely you are to reach full stacks.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    KriSpy CharMZBracers can help with this. This relic can reduce the cooldowns of your abilities by a few seconds. Don't remember if the relic has to be upgraded or not for that ability. But by time you even reach level 20 you should be able to upgrade it nonetheless.
    Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 26 Nov 17 at 15:06
    Tequila WoIfIt's important to know you can build stacks on all types of enemies, not just gods. I was able to get all the stacks while attacking the enemy Titan.
    Posted by Tequila WoIf on 06 Dec 17 at 19:18
    ManicMetalheadOh awesome, I didn’t know that! I’ll add that into the solution :) Thank you!
    Posted by ManicMetalhead on 06 Dec 17 at 22:51
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