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Occupational Hazard

Make an enemy explode into pieces using Displace

Occupational Hazard0
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Achievement Guide for Occupational Hazard

    14 Sep 2017 14 Sep 2017
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    To obtain this achievement, you will be using your Displace power.

    Displace allows you to deploy a marker by holding cn_LT, and then swap positions with it by pressing cn_LT again.

    You will want to have Displace active then place your landing point under the feet of a NPC or enemy character and then teleport to that spot before that person moves. You will warp to your landing spot and kill them instantly, while you take some damage yourself.

    I did it on a NPC that was idle in one spot.
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    16 Sep 2017 16 Sep 2017
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    Find an enemy who is standing idly in one place. Place the Displacement marker on their feet/in the same position that they are. Now teleport in. The enemy will die and the achievement will pop. You will take damage and nearby enemies may be alerted by the noise.

    Note: You can combine this with Clever Planning if you haven't already unlocked it. To do so, do the same as above, except use Foresight to place the Displacement marker. Once you teleport, the enemy will die and both achievements will pop.
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