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Diamonds Are Forever

Earn a diamond rating on a harvested animal

Diamonds Are Forever-5.2
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How to unlock the Diamonds Are Forever achievement

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    15 Nov 2017 06 Feb 2019
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    This is similar to my guide for "Goldmember", but I've updated it (10/01/2019) to include DLC (as much as I can)

    After scoring a kill and harvesting your trophy, you will be awarded with a score. The scoring thresholds are as such

    0 - 399 - No Rank
    400 - 599 - Bronze
    600 - 799 - Silver
    800 - 949 - Gold
    949 - 1000 - Diamond

    It should be noted that it is not possible to score a Diamond rating on females EXCEPT Gemsbok

    This is because females either do not have a trophy rating (antler animals) or their trophies will never be large enough to net the highest score (in the case of bears, foxes, coyotes etc)

    In order to score a diamond rating, you will need all three of your bonuses to be at 100%

    Quick Kill
    You earn 100% quick kill bonus by dropping the animal on the spot
    Update - 06/02/19
    As of the update on 5th Feb, this is now easiest earned with a double lung shot (on any animal) using the highest caliber allowed on the animal (eg: .270 for Wild Boar, .338 for Moose, etc).

    Integrity bonus is awarded at 100% by killing an animal with the "correct" caliber of weapon. The smaller the animal, the smaller the "permitted" caliber. For ease I have listed the maximum caliber allowance for rifles on below - All animals (including DLC), listed alphabetically

    Axis Deer - .243
    Black Bear - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Blackbuck - ,243
    Blacktail Deer - .243
    Blue Wildebeest - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Brown Bear - .338 Rangemaster
    Canada Goose - .223 Docent
    Cape Buffalo - .470 Nitro
    Cinnamon Teal - .223 Docent
    Coyote - .243
    European Bison - .470 Nitro
    Fallow Deer - .243
    Gemsbok - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Jackrabbit - .22LR
    Lesser Kudu - .270
    Lynx - .243
    Mallard - .223 Docent
    Moose - .338 Rangemaster
    Mule Deer - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Musk Deer - .223 Docent
    Puma - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Red Deer - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Red Fox - .223 Docent
    Reindeer - 7mm Regent Magnum
    Roe Deer - .243
    Roosevelt Elk - .338 Rangemaster
    Scrub Hare - .22LR
    Side Striped Jackal - .243
    Springbok - .243
    Warthog - .270
    Water Buffalo - .470 Nitro
    Whitetail Deer - .270
    Wild Boar - .270

    Anything larger than the caliber listed will result in integrity being less than 100%, and Diamond rating being un-attainable

    Consecutive Harvest
    Each time you start a new hunt you will start with this at 0, and it raises by 20% for each kill you harvest, after the first kill, so you will need to kill 5 animals before hunting for "trophy" scores

    1st Kill - 0%
    2nd Kill - 20% (this is your first "consecutive harvest")
    3rd Kill - 40%
    4th Kill - 60%
    5th Kill - 80%
    6th Kill onwards - 100% bonus


    With all of your bonuses at 100%, you now want to hunt high scoring males
    Without perks this can be difficult to establish, so as a rule of thumb you want to be trying to use the animals "difficulty" as a benchmark
    To score a Diamond rating you need to be hunting the highest difficulty levels for each animal, as "difficulty" is an indication of trophy size (and most of the time you can visibly see this)

    The difficulty levels go from 1 (Trivial) to 9 (Legendary) but not every creature can hit level 9.
    Listed here are the maximum difficulty levels for each animal, and (where known) the maximum "Trophy Rating" for each animal (These numbers are still a work in progress for the latest DLC reserve)
    There is a skill which you can unlock which will tell you the trophy rating "range" when spotting an animal. It is not necessary for the trophy score to be the absolute maximum, but if, when spotting an animal, it's "trophy score" range doesn't go up to the number listed below, your animal will almost certainly not score a diamond rating.

    3 - Very Easy
    Cinnamon Teal
    Jackrabbit - (6)
    Mallard - (2.1)
    Musk Deer - (276)
    Roe Deer - (277)
    Scrub Hare - (6)
    Whitetail Deer - (213)

    5 - Medium
    Axis Deer
    Blacktail Deer - (210)
    Blue Wildebeest - (162)
    Canada Goose - (9.2)
    European Bison - (300)
    Fallow Deer - (237)
    Lesser Kudu - (35)
    Moose - (245)
    Mule Deer
    Reindeer - (904)
    Roosevelt Elk - (404)
    Springbok - (116)
    Warthog - (63)
    Wild Boar - (159)

    9 - Legendary
    Black Bear - (24)
    Brown Bear - (29)
    Cape Buffalo
    Coyote - (59)
    Lynx - (28)
    Red Deer - (276)
    Red Fox - (15)
    Side Striped Jackal - (31)
    Water Buffalo

    The level of the creature is merely an indication, and on occasion you will find that even a max level won't be quite enough to net you Diamond, if their trophy rating is at the bottom of the scale (these will score somewhere between 920 and 949 in my experience)

    Good luck
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    PiCkLE SQU1D This is a pretty difficult achievement.
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 24 Jan 18 at 20:27
    Saikred No argument there, I still don’t have it lol
    Posted by Saikred on 24 Jan 18 at 21:09
    Lolo Keegan I must have gotten lucky, my 3rd kill in this game was diamond rating.

    Hit a 92kg Blacktail Deer from 163 meters in the lumbar spine.
    I made one of those pop up stands East of the Balmont Rail Outpost, watched a deer in the distance, and dropped him with the Ranger .243

    Happy hunting gentlemen!
    Posted by Lolo Keegan on 04 Jan 19 at 14:49
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