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Tomb of Annihilation

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Tomb of Annihilation

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. I achievement in Neverwinter

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. I

Complete all the 1 Star hunts in Soshenstar River

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. I0
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How to unlock the Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. I achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox
    21 Sep 2017 15 Sep 2017 20 Nov 2017
    UPDATE! Make sure to try the Saddle method first, but If you did the below and did not get the achievement yet, there's another possibility, thanks to Infected Cookie for discovering it--You apparently need to get the LORE for each T1 Hunt. Infected Cookie was missing the Spli-Ti Lore, and as soon as he rekilled Split-Ti solo and got the Lore, the achievement triggered.

    SOLVED! If you did all the hunts and did not get the achievement, all you need is for someone to trade you Clawgrave's Saddle or obtain Clawgrave's Saddle!
    Thanks Onsidic for the update!

    There are several ways you can go about doing this; the easiest would be tagging along on someone else's lure!
    The harder way to do this is kill rare mobs for all your own trophies, then make your own lures, then do the hunts yourself.
    Mix and match those two methods to get this done the fastest.

    All six 1-Star hunts are these:
    Fang of Dendar

    This map shows where to find the hunts(where to put the lures to start the hunts):
    External image

    To craft the 1-Star hunt lures yourself, you need to do several things:

    How to make the Lures for the different Hunts:
    There are 7 different enemy types in Chult that can drop the trophies needed for the 1-Star lures.

    The rare enemies that can drop the Level 1 lure trophies are these:
    (you have to kill the common mobs to get a chance for the rare mob to spawn)
    Smilodon: Smilodon's Tooth (common mobs are Chultan Tigers)
    Rotting Ogre: Rotting Ogre’s Femur (common mobs are undead)
    Batiri Brave: Batiri Brave’s Trinket (common mobs are Batiri)
    Eotyrannus: Eotyrannus Talon (common mobs are Deinonychus)
    Bigclaw: Bigclaw’s Pincer (common mobs are Crabs)
    Venomtail: Venomtail Poison (common mobs are Scorpions)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex: Tyrannosaurus Fang (common mob is the regular Tyrannosaur)

    These enemies are not involved with the lures at all:
    Allosaurs, Bears, Compys, Lions, Tarantulas, Thayans, and Velociraptors.

    Here are the mob spawn locations:
    External image

    To make the lures:
    All the vendors to get the lures from are just to the right of the entrance into Port Vyanzaru.

    Arachne Hunt: Smilodon Tooth and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Desha who will give you the Embroidered Cloak lure.
    Clawgraze Hunt: Batiri's Brave Trinket and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Ragash who will give you the Batiri War Mask lure.
    Fang of Dendar Hunt: Eotyrannus Talon and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Ragash who will give you the Bottled Terror lure.
    Hedetet Hunt: Flask of Venomtail and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Doriak who will give you the Flask of Sulfur lure.
    Karkinos Hunt: Big Claw Pincer and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Doriak who will give you the Sailors Shroud lure.
    Spili-Ti Hunt: Rotting Ogre Femur and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Aryn who will give you the Preserved Heart lure.
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    NUROK HOWLERIt was traded to me and I got the achievement. Never had one personally drop for me.
    Posted by NUROK HOWLER On 20 Nov 17 at 00:38
    The GlobalizerI never traded, only got a drop. So either/or.
    Posted by The Globalizer On 20 Nov 17 at 01:23
    MathNotEvenOnceSo I have the lore for all but Arachne and Spli-Ti. I have the saddle. I've hunted Arachne once (my lure) and Spli-Ti (my lure x7). Any tips on getting the achievement to pop? Should I just keep hunting them? Kind of obnoxious.
    Posted by MathNotEvenOnce On 22 Jan 18 at 22:03
    Shadow 00 FoxHow did you get the saddle?
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox On 23 Jan 18 at 06:01
    MathNotEvenOnceVia trade
    Posted by MathNotEvenOnce On 26 Jan 18 at 06:39
    MathNotEvenOnceAhh I see I may have to get it via drop. Jesus these are horrendous. Just farmed smilodons for an hour and didn't get a single tooth to try and get Arachnes lore since that glitched one me.
    Posted by MathNotEvenOnce On 26 Jan 18 at 06:41
    The High PythonSo I've done all the hunts numerous times, I have the saddle and the rotten rib yet the T1 and T2 achievements still haven't popped for me. Any advice?
    Posted by The High Python On 29 Jan 18 at 11:44
    Shadow 00 FoxMy recommendation--if you have ALL the lures from those hunts, have you gotten them to drop from the hunts also? If they haven't dropped, then do the hunts until it actually drops while you're doing the hunt. If you've already done them all and gotten the trophy to drop, then... I really don't know right now.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox On 29 Jan 18 at 20:03
    SinisterPhoenixI was having problems with this achievement also. I read through the solution and comments and checked in my journal. I had the lore for all six hunts and I had the completed quests listed also. I also had the saddle in my inventory, still no achievement. I finally got it to pop after I traded away the saddle and had it traded back to me. So apparently, you have to gain the saddle AFTER all six quests were completed, because I believe I already had it before completing the last hunt I needed.
    Posted by SinisterPhoenix On 04 Nov 18 at 17:14
    XI AlphaMale IXGood guide. I grinding scorpions for a couple hours last night and got zero trophies. Pretty annoying.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX On 27 Jun 21 at 13:03
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