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Tomb of Annihilation

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. II achievement in Neverwinter

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. II

Complete all the 2 Star hunts in Soshenstar River

Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. II0
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How to unlock the Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. II achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox659,363
    04 Oct 2017 15 Sep 2017 24 Jan 2019
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    UPDATE 1/23/2019
    This achievement is now MASSIVELY easier!! All the rare mobs drop trophies more frequently, and ALL the hunts drop the hunt trophy as well!

    NOTE: You do not have to put down the lure yourself, nor do you need the level 2 hunt lures crafting unlocked in the campaign window! It's enough to be in a group with others who put down the lures. There are possibly a few glitchy things, but this unlocks better than the T1 hunt achievement.

    There are several ways you can go about doing this; by far the easiest would be to tag along on someone else's 2-Star lures!
    The harder way to do this is kill rare mobs for all your own trophies, then make your own 1-Star lures, then do the 1-Star hunts, then take the 2-Star trophies, make your own 2-Star lures, then do the 2-Star hunts...

    All three 2-Star hunts are:

    This map shows where to find the hunts(where to put the lures to start the hunts):
    External image

    To craft the 2-Star hunt lures yourself, you need to do several things:

    You will first have to make 1-Star hunt lures, kill those bosses until you get the trophies for the 2-Star hunt lures!

    How to make the Lures for the different Hunts:
    There are 7 different enemy types in Chult that can drop the trophies needed for the 1-Star lures.

    The rare enemies that can drop the Level 1 lure trophies are these:
    (you have to kill the common mobs to get a chance for the rare mob to spawn)
    Smilodon: Smilodon's Tooth (common mobs are Chultan Tigers)
    Rotting Ogre: Rotting Ogre’s Femur (common mobs are undead)
    Batiri Brave: Batiri Brave’s Trinket (common mobs are Batiri)
    Eotyrannus: Eotyrannus Talon (common mobs are Deinonychus)
    Bigclaw: Bigclaw’s Pincer (common mobs are Crabs)
    Venomtail: Venomtail Poison (common mobs are Scorpions)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex: Tyrannosaurus Fang (common mob is the regular Tyrannosaur)

    These enemies are not involved with the lures at all:
    Allosaurs, Bears, Compys, Lions, Tarantulas, Thayans, and Velociraptors.

    Here are the mob spawn locations:
    External image

    To make the 1-Star lures:
    All the vendors to get the lures from are just to the right of the entrance into Port Vyanzaru.

    Arachne Hunt: Smilodon Tooth and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Desha who will give you the Embroidered Cloak lure.
    Clawgraze Hunt: Batiri's Brave Trinket and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Ragash who will give you the Batiri War Mask lure.
    Fang of Dendar Hunt: Eotyrannus Talon and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Ragash who will give you the Bottled Terror lure.
    Hedetet Hunt: Flask of Venomtail and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Doriak who will give you the Flask of Sulfur lure.
    Karkinos Hunt: Big Claw Pincer and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Doriak who will give you the Sailors Shroud lure.
    Spili-Ti Hunt: Rotting Ogre Femur and T-Rex Fang. Talk to Aryn who will give you the Preserved Heart lure.

    Once you have the 1-Star lures, you can now work on getting the 2-Star trophies.
    Once you have the 2-Star trophies, you can get the 2-Star lures.

    Baccho Hunt: Arachne's Spinneret and Hedetet's Searing Core. Talk to Desha who will give you the Jewel Studded Collar lure.
    Sirrush Hunt: Clawgraze's Saddle and Karkinos Carapace Fragment. Talk to Agnar who will give you the Eotyrannus Horn lure.
    Thazar-De/Zulkir Hunt: Fang of Dendar's Staff and Spili-Ti's Rotten Rib. Talk to Aryn who will give you the Ensorcelled Lure lure.

    Complete your 2-Star hunts! They will be quite difficult to anyone who is not near max. Make sure to bring a group along on the hunt!

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    FxH FinalIt is "SirrUsh", not "SirrIsh"
    Posted by FxH Final on 22 Sep 17 at 13:13
    Shadow 00 Foxlol, I was saying the names to myself while writing the solution and ended up with Sirrish. Thanks!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 22 Sep 17 at 19:59
    Just got this one by being in a group with my guild member summoning them I did none myself, got the lore for all 3 no quest completion but I also hadn't unlocked the T2 in campaign yet so only lore is required I guess and you don't even need the lures yourself lol
    Posted on 25 Oct 17 at 04:32
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  • FNHUSA57FNHUSA57261,507 261,507 GamerScore
    24 Sep 2017 25 Sep 2017
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    You can get this Achievement more then one way: #1, tag along with a group for each of the 3 two star hunts (this will not work for all players). #2, craft/buy/trade for the 3 two star lure items. Then go to each boss site, summon and kill each boss to unlock this achievement.

    All three 2-Star hunts are:

    This video will show you everything you need to know about how to craft, find, summon & kill all the 2 star hunts.

    Remember if you are not near max item level then you will want to have a friend or two with you, as if you die without killing the boss he will disappear and the lure will be lost!!!!!
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