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02 November 2019 - 5 guides

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  • X1 TwoX1 Two617,710
    03 Oct 2017 30 Sep 2017 30 Sep 2017
    58 11 24
    Unless you want to play the game for more than 500 hours at current payouts here is how to do it: First work your way through the game until you reach car collector tier 5. That sets you up for the best levelup rewards (50k CR). It also naturally gets you to close to 80 cars. And then the fun begins.

    Buy 620 1977 AMC Pacer X. To do so you have to amass 12.4 million CR in your bank account. Just get the CR at every level, redeem your weekly Forza rewards money, if you're up for it grind your way to it:

    Doing a two hour race at Indianapolis Oval in an Indycar (you have to buy one first for 425k CR) with three 100 % CR boost mods and against unbeatable Drivatars pays around 1.5 million CR including the level rewards. That's the fastest way to make money. So yeah, it is going to take a while to get there.

    Once you have the money go to the car collection screen, select the AMC Pacer X some way to the right and spam the A button. You don't have to choose colours, every second button press gives you a new car.

    When the achievements (for all the "Collect X cars" achievements) are unlocked go to your garage. Select AMC and sell every single Pacer X. This gives you back half your money. With those 6.2 million CR you are now free to buy the cheapest driver gear loot crate (70.000 a piece) to get the corresponding achievements and mods for even more achievements.

    This is by far the fastest way, it should take 30 to 35 hours to get there if you grind Indy. Note that this method only works if you are a VIP and get the five 100 % CR mods. And you have to make them count, since you only get five 300 % sessions and five 200 % sessions out of them. So don't waste them, do long races (4 hours would be the maximum) when you use them.
  • TickTockRobTickTockRob215,517
    27 Nov 2017 05 Dec 2017 20 Apr 2018
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    If you're going for all the other achievements in the game, then you can get this achievement, without extra grinding, with enough spare money to get extra suits and anything else you'll need for the other achievements.

    You do this by going for fully completing all the championships and by following some simple tips as you do so.

    Your basic aim is to get as much money as you can from every opportunity. You want to have 14 million credits by the end of the game so you can buy 700 copies of a car that costs 20k credits (there are two or three that do so - 20k is the cheapest). The 700 cars do not have to be all different.

    Although, in reality, you'll probably have about 100 cars from just playing the game at this point, so you won't need quite as much.

    To gain this amount of money without having to grind, do the following:

    1. Never ever buy a car unless you need to for a competition

    Any cars you buy are slowing you getting to the 14 million target. When you do need to buy a car, also make sure you buy the cheapest one possible.

    2. Be sure to make use of mods

    This is massively important. Buy the premier mod pack (35k each) to get the best mods, so that you can equip them, and gain more money per race. This should net you 20-30k a race (when I did all this, the mod pack cost 50k and I still was in profit, so you'll manage it even better; I bought 10 mod packs at a time so I could use them efficiently - three mods that are all the same so you don't have to do the same things multiple times etc).

    3. Only buy mod loot crates, and the premier ones at that

    Don't waste your money on any other type of loot crate.

    4. Try to race using as few aids as you can, and with a drivatar difficulty of Highly Skilled at least

    Sometimes it won't be possible, as the game just makes it overly hard on some events/circuits, but raise it back when you can, as racing with as few aids as possible and on as high a difficulty as possible nets you extra cash each race. It all adds up!

    5. Do the showcase events as soon as you can

    This is because they give you a free car when won, which means it's one less to buy for some of the tournaments you have to enter.

    6. Complete championships asap too

    For the same reason as above, complete entire championships as soon as you can too, as that gives you a free car.

    7. Complete the weekly Forzathon challenges

    These also grant you free cars, as well money bonuses and driver gear...all of which will help with this and/or the other achievements.

    8. Let the freebie cars you get (from points 5, 6 and 7) level up your car collector level

    Don't be tempted to buy any to increase your collector level; while you do lose out on end of level cash by being a lower level, you'll soon get to the levels that give you 50k at each level up from the cars you win from showcases/championships.

    It'll also be impossible to enter some events without having to buy a car, so leave buying to when you really have no choice.

    9. Always choose the money option when you level up

    You may think that it's better to get the free/discounted car, but it isn't, because each 20k you get is an extra car at the end of the'll get 20k for just levelling up, and once you're a few car collector levels in, you'll be gaining an extra 50k on top of this.

    Having said the above, if the car in question is one that you'd need for one of the tournaments, then do choose the free/discounted car option, as it'll save you money due to you needing it anyway (you can click B to make the decision later if you want to go and check car requirements for specific tournaments, before going to the Prizes section of the main menu to finally make the choice).

    However, it should be noted that there's a chance you'd get a car in the same class/bracket for the tournament from winning an entire tournament or showcase or from completing Forzathon challenges. I think I choose the free/discounted car option about 5 times max, and most, if not all, of them were towards the start of the game before I had formulated this it isn't something to worry too much over.

    matthias005 has also added that, if the car you get for a level up bonus is a popular car, such as a Nissan GT-R 2017, it will sell very well at auction - way more than 50K. So, while it may be hard to know what cars will sell and what cards won't, be on the lookout for anything obvious that may well sell for more than 50K at auction (matthaias005 said he got upwards of 250K for the GT-R!).

    10. Always get the weekly payout from the Forza HUB

    This nets you around 250k for no effort at all (usually refreshes on a Friday, but check often regardless). The Forza HUB can be accessed from the main menu (just go to the daily rewards section once in the hub, and you'll automatically be allocated the money, which you then have to download from the gifts section of your mailbox)


    Using these techniques, you'll find you'll get to 14 million credits before you finish all the championships, at which point you can start treating yourself to the odd car and other things, but you must be sure you have enough credits for when you're ready to buy the 700 cars at 20k each.

    The easiest way to buy the cars is from the car collection screen, where it shows all your cars and their levels on one scrollable screen from the main menu. You can basically one-click buy each car, so you just keep hammering the A button without having to pick a car colour or design etc.

    You can sell the cars after you've bought them to get half the money back; however, I would be wary of doing so, because if any DLC has an achievement for having 800 cars, this will be very hard to do so if you've sold them all.

    This is the technique I used, when the premier mod crates cost 50k each, and Forzathon only being introduced towards the last week of me playing. Despite all this, I still ended the game with around 3 million credits left after buying 600 20k cars, which I spent on getting the extra outfits from look crates to finish those achievements off.

    So it definitely works and eliminates any need for grinding (other than grinding through the game itself!)
  • badad117badad117148,029
    20 Jan 2018 13 Jan 2018
    13 1 0
    Hi All,

    just another suggestion to increase your car count. I've had very good luck in the auction house on low priced cars & trucks.

    Method: go to auction house, select "deals" browse through the list. I was bidding on cars from 1K to 15k. You don't have to bid on cars above 15K but you can.
    Go through the entire list skipping anything over your self imposed max bid. You also don't need to amass a lot of credits to place a lot of bids. The "deals" auction list only has cars with auctions ending in 1hr or less so you can crank through the list in 5min and place bids. You will get outbid a lot. But a good run will get you about 7 or 8 cars per hour. Be sure to check "my bids" to collect your cars won and credits from lost auctions. You can be working on other stuff in the game or another game and just check back every hour or so. Don't be tempted to outbid someone if the price has gone above your max bid.
    You will amass a fair amount of caddy limos, hoonigan cars, trucks, and other low priced vehicles. The beauty here is they are not all AMC pacers, you should be able to get all your credits back once reaching 700 cars and popping the achievement(s). And you'll be helping others by relisting all those cheap cars you don't want anymore. Hope that helps.
  • Textim75Textim75361,401
    04 Mar 2018 04 Mar 2018
    11 4 4
    i find a fast method for buy car,go to collection car level 1 car,find ford fiesta 81,the price is 20,000 credits,you buy this car and not waiting for design and saving as for Amc car
  • FriskiNiskiFriskiNiski171,884
    27 Jul 2019 27 Jul 2019
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    Another way to boost this is by going through all of your cars and selling all the ones that are worth a lot. I was able to get about 4 million just from this and I was able to unlock it no problem.
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