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Unrivaled achievement in Forza Motorsport 7


Beat 10 Rivals while running with no Assists

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How to unlock the Unrivaled achievement

  • Eternal EpochEternal Epoch
    29 Sep 2017 29 Sep 2017 23 Nov 2019
    Update 5: People without a digital copy of the game can use the free trial of the PC version to try and unlock this (thanks @Dundum JR)

    Update 4: More reports of this not working on Xbox but working correctly on the PC (thanks @furkokiller jr)

    Update 3: To be on the safe side please check the comments as people are reporting various settings are working for them, including things such as turning off ghosts (thanks @the Quiltless)

    Update 2: The achievement is working again (2017-11-08) but possibly not with any assists on anymore. Will update if anyone is able to confirm.

    Update 1: There are some reports in the comments of this not working at all, even with all assists off, since the latest patch (released on 2017-11-04)

    Please leave a comment if this doesn't work for you. That way I can update this guide if they patch the achievement to track correctly, thanks!

    Seems like this achievement is currently buggy, it just popped for me while I was playing around in Rivals despite the fact I was running the following assists:

    Suggested Line : Braking Only
    Braking : ABS On
    Steering : Normal
    Traction Control : On
    Stability Control : On
    Shifting : Automatic
    Damage etc : Simulation
    Rewind : On
    Friction Assist : Off

    Edit: Some helpful tips from the comments by @Xonatron and @BigWiIIieStyle

    Turn on achievement tracking to see if your assist settings are working.

    Just barely beat your rival each lap and you can probably get all ten wins without having to load another rivals event.

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    IAN PEREZStill works with VanGeko assists and i would to add you need "clean laps". If the time of your lap have a triangle danger icon the lap will not count. I hope it helps. Good luck
    Posted by IAN PEREZ on 30 Apr 23 at 15:20
    I Dr Don IAchievement still works as per VanGeko’s assists above.
    Posted by I Dr Don I on 28 Aug 23 at 11:08
    CauseAchievement still works with VanGeko’s assists as of today.
    Posted by Cause on 22 Feb at 13:09
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  • whitet3260whitet3260
    10 Nov 2017 10 Nov 2017
    Set all your assists off - no rewind, nuttin'. In the rivals events, look for times to beat that are "dirty" (a triangle with an exclamation point inside it next to the time-to-beat). Drive around the track for a "clean lap:" that is, stay on the track and don't hit anything. Any clean lap beats any dirty lap, no matter what the time of the dirty lap may be.
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    Gary VargaIt was me. Dirty track tactic works and I used it to get the achievement. FYI I am pretty certain that my mistake was not setting clutch to MANUAL W/ CLUTCH instead of just MANUAL.
    Posted by Gary Varga on 24 Aug 20 at 23:12
    The SCHWARTZ 00This is the way. Plenty of rival tracks with piss poor dirty times, just go slow and this is a breeze. +1
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 08 Jan 21 at 04:32
    WestboundMetal9I’ve tried it with both clean and dirty laps and my achievement hasn’t moved once, not 1% or 10%
    Posted by WestboundMetal9 on 04 Feb 21 at 23:12
  • confusedgeekconfusedgeek
    05 Aug 2018 05 Aug 2018
    this took me about 45 minutes, but i suck at driving and didnt want to take any chances.

    I also did it on a win10 pc, which helps in finding a rival.

    setting (basically all off):
    Suggested line = OFF
    Braking = ABS Off
    Steering = Normal
    Traction Control and Stability = OFF
    Shifting = Manual w/clutch
    Damage & Fuel = Fuel and Tires
    Rewind = OFF
    Friction Assist = OFF

    Track: Indianapolis Brickyard USA under Featured Events. The way i did it, didnt take any chances, it took 3 minutes to finish the lap.

    Hit Y to select your rival.
    the scroll button is small, but you can drag it down. the first tim i did it, i went all the way down. there are a couple of users who had really long times. i selected the last one. the second and after times i did it, i just scrolled past my name and selected users with dirty times.

    the"race" never shifted past gear one and easily (non dirty) the lap.
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