World Traveller achievement in Forza Motorsport 7

World Traveller

Complete a race on every track in Multiplayer

World Traveller+0.5
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How to unlock the World Traveller achievement

  • FranconianXFranconianX598,143
    06 Oct 2017 05 Oct 2017 05 Oct 2017
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    You have to race on every track variation of the game - and there are 122 in total. See the checklist below.

    But there are good news. You don't have to do a whole round/race. Grab a friend, start a private lobby game, go to race settings and select

    Game Type: Timed Race
    Race Lenth: 00:30

    You can select the track variation with the X button.

    After the start let the timer run out (cross the starting line to be safe), it will count towards the completion.

    Note: The achievement tracker on the Xbox One (and Mobile) is buggy and seems to be stuck most of the time for this achievement. But don't worry, your races count. If you have a Windows 10 PC you can check your progress there with the Xbox App.


    Bathurst (1)

    Mount Panorama Circuit (3.86 miles)

    Bernese Alps (6)

    Bernese Alps Festival Circuit (3.63 miles)
    Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Circuit (3.08 miles)
    Bernese Alps Club Circuit (2.52 miles)
    Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse (3.63 miles)
    Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Circuit Reverse (3.08 miles)
    Bernese Alps Club Circuit Reverse (2.52 miles)

    Brands Hatch (2)

    Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit (2.43 miles)
    Brands Hatch Indy Circuit (1.21 miles)

    Circuit de Catalunya (3)

    Circuit de Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit (2.89 miles)
    Circuit de Catalunya National Circuit (1.85 miles)
    Circuit de Catalunya School Circuit (1.06 miles)

    Circuit Of The Americas (3)

    COTA Grand Prix Circuit
    COTA West Route
    COTA East Route

    Daytona International Speedway (3)

    Daytona Sports Car Circuit (3.59 miles)
    Daytona Short Circuit (2.94 miles)
    Daytona Tri-Oval Circuit (2.50 miles)

    Dubai (8)

    Dubai Full Circuit (4.51 miles)
    Dubai City Circuit (2.39 miles)
    Dubai Mountain Circuit (2.57 miles)
    Dubai City Circuit Alt (2.38 miles)
    Dubai Full Circuit Reverse (4.51 miles)
    Dubai City Circuit Reverse (2.39 miles)
    Dubai Mountain Circuit Reverse (2.57 miles)
    Dubai City Circuit Alt Reverse (2.38 miles)

    Hockenheimring (3)

    Hockenheimring Full Circuit (2.84 miles)
    Hockenheimring National Circuit (2.29 miles)
    Hockenheimring Short Circuit (1.64 miles)

    Homestead Miami Speedway (6)

    Homestead Miami Speedway Circuit (1.50 miles)
    Homestead Miami Road Circuit (2.21 miles)
    Homestead Miami Mini Circuit (1.31 miles)
    Homestead Miami Super-Mini Circuit (0.96 miles)
    Homestead Miami Speedway Circuit Alt (1.42 miles)
    Homestead Miami Road Circuit Alt (2.28 miles)

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway (4)

    Indianapolis Grand Prix Speedway (2.44 miles)
    Indianapolis The Brickyard Speedway (2.50 miles)
    Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit – Classic (2.60 miles)
    Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit Alt (2.59 miles)

    Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe (3)

    Le Mans Full Circuit (8.48 miles)
    Le Mans Bugatti Circuit (2.60 miles)
    Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit (8.44 miles)

    Lime Rock (4)

    Lime Rock Full Circuit (1.50 miles)
    Lime Rock West Chicane (1.50 miles)
    Lime Rock South Chicane (1.47 miles)
    Lime Rock Full Circuit Alt (1.50 miles)

    Long Beach (3)

    Long Beach Full Circuit (1.97 miles)
    Long Beach East Route (1.34 miles)
    Long Beach West Route (0.45 miles)

    Maple Valley Raceway (4)

    Maple Valley Full Circuit (2.99 miles)
    Maple Valley Short Circuit (1.15 miles)
    Maple Valley Full Circuit Reverse (2.99 miles)
    Maple Valley Short Circuit Reverse (1.15 miles)

    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (1)

    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Full Circuit (2.24 miles)

    Autodromo Nazionale Monza (1)

    Monza Full Circuit (3.60 miles)
    Monza Short Circuit (1.51 miles)
    Monza Full Circuit Alt (3.59 miles)

    Mugello Autodromo Internazionale (2)

    Full Circuit (3.26 miles)
    Club Circuit (1.60 miles)

    Nürburgring (3)

    Nürburgring Full Circuit (16.15 miles)
    Nürburgring Nordschleife (12.93 miles)
    Nürburgring GP Circuit (3.20 miles)

    Prague (4)

    Prague Full Circuit (3.51 miles)
    Prague Short (1.82 miles)
    Prague Full Circuit Reverse (3.51 miles)
    Prague Short Reverse (1.82 miles)

    Rio de Janiero (10)

    Rio Full Circuit (3.83 miles)
    Rio National Circuit (2.84 miles)
    Rio Coast Loop (1.32 miles)
    Rio Mountain Circuit (1.01 miles)
    Rio Mini Circuit (0.68 miles)
    Rio Full Circuit Reverse (3.83 miles)
    Rio National Circuit Reverse (2.84 miles)
    Rio Coast Loop Reverse (1.32 miles)
    Rio Mountain Circuit Reverse (1.01 miles)
    Rio Mini Circuit Reverse (0.68 miles)

    Road America (5)

    Road America Full Circuit (4.05 miles)
    Road America East Route (2.19 miles)
    Road America West Route (2.17 miles)
    Road America Full Circuit Alt (4.12 miles)
    Road America West Route Alt (2.20 miles)

    Road Atlanta (2)

    Road Atlanta Full Circuit (2.54 miles)
    Road Atlanta Club Circuit (1.77 miles)

    Sebring International Raceway (3)

    Sebring Full Circuit (3.70 miles)
    Sebring Short Circuit (2.13 miles)
    Sebring Club Circuit (1.70 miles)

    Silverstone Racing Circuit (3)

    Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit (3.19 miles)
    Silverstone International Circuit (2.25 miles)
    Silverstone National Circuit (1.64 miles)

    Sonoma Raceway (3)

    Sonoma Full Circuit (2.52 miles)
    Sonoma Grand Prix Circuit (2.22 miles)
    Sonoma Short Circuit (1.99 miles)

    Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (1)

    Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Circuit (4.35 miles)

    Suzuka Circuit (5)

    Suzuka Full Circuit (3.61 miles)
    Suzuka East Circuit (1.40 miles)
    Suzuka West Circuit (2.16 miles)
    Suzuka Full Circuit Alt (3.63 miles)
    Suzuka West Circuit Alt (2.17 miles)

    Test Track Airfield (1)

    Test Track Full Circuit (1.74 miles)

    Top Gear (7)

    Top Gear Full Circuit (1.75 miles)
    Top Gear East Circuit (0.94 miles)
    Top Gear West Circuit (0.80 miles)
    Top Gear Outer Loop (1.42 miles)
    Top Gear East Circuit Reverse (0.94 miles)
    Top Gear West Circuit Reverse (0.80 miles)
    Top Gear Outer Loop Reverse (1.42 miles)

    Virginia International Raceway (7)

    Virginia International Raceway Full (3.27 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway North (2.25 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway South (1.65 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway Patriot (1.10 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway Patriot Alt (1.63 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway Grand West (4.10 miles)
    Virginia International Raceway Grand East (4.20 miles)

    Watkins Glen (4)

    Watkins Glen Full Circuit (3.37 miles)
    Watkins Glen Short Circuit (2.49 miles)
    Watkins Glen Full Circuit Alt (3.36 miles)
    Watkins Glen Short Circuit Alt (2.48 miles)

    Yes Marina Circuit (5)

    Yes Marina Full Circuit (3.45 miles)
    Yes Marina North Circuit (1.96 miles)
    Yes Marina South Circuit (1.47 miles)
    Yes Marina North Corkscrew (1.43 miles)
    Yes Marina Corkscrew (2.95 miles)

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    HawkeyeMWHallo Leute, suche noch jemanden der mir helfen kann den Erfolg "Weltenbummler bei Forza 7" zu holen. Gruss Mario
    Posted by HawkeyeMW on 09 Mar at 04:50
    CheshireMulisha@gloomis2 you are a lifesaver!
    No idea why those tracks didn't register the 1st time around as I 100% did them, but you saved me from having to replay every track again
    Posted by CheshireMulisha on 24 Jun at 14:12
    ShadyTombIf anyone needs help with this message me
    GT: ShadyTomb
    Posted by ShadyTomb on 22 Aug at 21:53
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    09 Oct 2017 09 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017
    56 4 11
    Set type of race to Drift.
    End of race condition everyone in bucket, race ends in a few seconds.
    Select next race, rinse and repeat. Takes about 2 hours 25 mins.

    Keep a note of the ones you’ve done. Best to do all of them in one session.

    Achievement does track, press A to view achievement and the percentage will be going up.
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    The SCHWARTZ 00Thank you for mentioning the game club page trick, Planting. My tracker was stuck at 2%, once I visited the club it shot up to 10% after a quick session.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 09 Jan 21 at 18:44
    lfcjohnThis should be the best solution with two console (or one console + one PC).

    I marked each track manually and the tracker increase after visit game club (you can just select the achievement and then jump to game club then back (press B) immediately) The tracker will reflect the latest progress.
    Posted by lfcjohn on 20 Feb 21 at 04:36
    TubbedIt takes 45 seconds per track (measured from 'Start Race to the next 'Start Race').
    This is with both people on XSX|S' and with optimal menu management, button presses and 'readying up'.
    You can do it in under 2 hours with this method. And checking the club for tracking progress works as others have mentioned above.
    Posted by Tubbed on 14 Oct 21 at 22:23
  • Nollie37Nollie3752,751
    21 Aug 2018 22 Aug 2018
    12 8 3
    Alright this is how I did it... ALONE! By myself!

    I got two accounts, this account and a dummy one. I got an Xbox One and a PC.

    I started the Xbox One and the Xbox app on the PC. Now I started to stream the Xbox One to my PC and chose the dummy account to play. And then (IMPORTANT!) logged out of my real account on the Xbox One. This will enable you to start Forza7 on your PC. So I started Forza7 on my PC.

    Now I went to multiplayer and invited my dummy account to play with me. I quickly switched from Forza7 to the Xbox app and accepted the invitation. I switched back to Forza7 and pressed the 'Y' button to start a closed match.

    Now you can pick any circuit and varation and type of race. I recommend timed race and set that to 30 seconds. You do have to switch back and forth to set your dummy account to 'ready' before every race.

    I already raced online a lot and skipped tracks I thought I raced already on, with the result of having the achievement on 99%.

    If you haven't I highly recommend just doing them all in order.

    So what to do if you're stuck?

    I copied the list of circuits by FranconianX and then I went to the stats with my dummy account and looked what circuit I already raced on with that account and deleted those circuits from the list.

    The Road America West Route was among the leftovers as a possible candidate. So i tried that circuit and the achievement popped.
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    DPC eNeRGyWorked like a charm! Used a multi-monitor setup, makes it even easier.
    Posted by DPC eNeRGy on 05 Aug 19 at 19:17
    Luke444kI just did it with a 2nd account on my Xbox. I put myself on the PC version, I created a multi party in private by inviting it, I set to do races in 30 seconds, and I went one by one the circuits.
    Take notes, because I didn't and I regretted it for the last 45 minutes. I skipped the circuits that I thought I had already done in multiplayer races (I was 41%), and those were a big mistake. I was wrong on some, and in the end when I was 99%, it was just awful to know which one I was missing ...

    So ! Take notes =) So it can be done in 2h30 / 2h45. Just do not forget the races in 30 seconds in the advanced options.
    Posted by Luke444k on 13 Jul 20 at 10:20
    Dr MartyIf you go to stats in the Progress menu you can see which tracks you have done.

    Unfortunately, every single tracks says 1 or 2 races completed. But I'm still stuck on 99%.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 13 Oct 20 at 02:53
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