Awakening the Nightmare

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Awakening the Nightmare

Cataclysmic achievement in Halo Wars 2


Kill 50 units with Cataclysm (Multiplayer, Skirmish, or Blitz)

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How to unlock the Cataclysmic achievement

  • KEVIN 737KEVIN 737554,038
    28 Sep 2017 29 Sep 2017
    13 1 6
    The way I did this was starting a 1v1 skirmish against an easy AI.
    Gamemode: Strongholds.
    Skulls: Pain train, Bountiful Harvest and Emperor.
    Options: Fog of war OFF, unit ability cooldown 200%.
    Leader: Voridus.
    AI Leader: Doesn't really matter, I chose Jerome.
    Map: Doesn't really matter.

    So lets start the game. Since fog of war is turned off, you can see the entire map. This allows you to instantly take over all the minibuses. Next you want to use your leader power Voridus drop near the enemy base (but still out of range of the turrets and units). This will drop a Blisterback, Wraith and an engineer together with infusion on the ground. The Blisterback will start shooting at everything and spread even more infusion. Using this power as soon as it is ready to give you a nice army. You can also build your hero and use his Y ability to get infusion where he stands. You can also walk towards the enemy base and leave a trail of infusion.

    Now to get the achievement, you will have to use the leader power cataclysm. This will have a long cooldown at the start. What cataclysm does is ignite all the infusion on the ground and deal huge amounts of damage. Once the cooldown of cataclysm is ready, use it when there are a lot of enemies on top of the infusion.

    This will probably take you around 5 times of using cataclysm since it expires pretty quickly. Thanks to the Emperor skull cataclysm will be ready in half the time it would normally take.

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    KEVIN 737Voridus actually has a leader upgrade called Infusion Tech which allows Blisterbacks and some other units to produce infusion. So it would make sense that they don't produce it in Blitz as there are no standard leader powers or upgrades.
    Posted by KEVIN 737 on 02 Oct 17 at 16:55
    TheKiltdHeathenBuildings count towards Cataclysm kills. I just kept killing enemy bases (with Fog of War off) and letting them rebuild.
    Posted by TheKiltdHeathen on 13 Mar 18 at 06:44
    ZachVZachVanyone wanna boost this achievement please add my friend ZachVZachV
    laughand we can do other time-consuming ones. if you do by yourself it may takes you several hours, but together we can do it faster.
    Posted by ZachVZachV on 29 Jul 18 at 01:21
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,827
    20 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017 21 Oct 2017
    4 0 0
    I recommend getting this achievement while you're getting this other one:
    Halo Wars 2Revel in DestructionThe Revel in Destruction achievement in Halo Wars 2 worth 40 pointsUse Invigorating Frenzy 50 times

    This achievement is also incredibly easy to boost if you have a boosting partner.
    If you are boosting, you can do it with a Deathmatch or a Strongholds match.

    For the Strongholds match boosting version, make sure to select Voridus and the Emperor Skull, select any settings that make it easier(No Fog of War, etc). Start the match, and both players capture an even number of Strongholds, then start spamming your cheapest population units while you wait for Cataclysm to charge(5 minutes). Once Cataclysm is charged, use the Infusion leader power to spread infusion, around the units but don't kill them with it, then activate Cataclysm. You should be able to get it in 1-2 tries.
    For the Deathmatch method, start a Deathmatch with max resources, then quickly spam build on equal numbers of bases around the map and spam upgrades. You'll get leader power points very quickly and just upgrade your way to Cataclysm. While your building, start spamming the cheapest units and then use Infusion and then Cataclysm for a very satisfying result!

    Otherwise, if you can't find a boosting partner, you can get it this way in a Strongholds matches.

    Start a Strongholds match with these settings:
    Game Type: Strongholds
    Time Limit: 30
    Starting Pop: 60
    Additional Pop/Stronghold: 10

    Unit Ability Cooldown: 200%
    Fog of War: OFF!!
    Leader Powers: On

    Required: EMPEROR!!(powers recharge 2x fast)

    Enemy AI: Easy, Cutter's a good choice.
    Start the strongholds on any map you choose, although Sentry will probably work well.

    Once the match starts...
    1. Go around and build all the Strongholds
    2. Set a global rally point nearish the enemy base, in the front of it to try to block the units they'll produce from going around the map
    3. Use these leader powers asap: Voridus Assault Pack and then you can start using Invigorating Frenzy because the Assault Pack starts spewing infusion EVERYWHERE....
    3. Queue up a bunch of grunt squads and engineers from nearby bases, and Voridus from your main base, make sure they all go to the global rally point
    4. Watch the fight and wait...
    5. For the leader power countdowns to trigger
    6. With Emperor Skull Invigorating Frenzy will take ~ 1:10, Cataclysm ~ 1:45, Infusion Wake ~ :55, and Voridus Assault Pack ~ 1:20
    7. Use Invigorating Frenzy asap each time if you need that achievement
    8. Cataclysm will take 5 minutes to trigger at the start of the match.. use Infusion Wake right before Cataclysm to cause the most damage, spread infusion EVERYWHERE, the Infused Blisterbacks are amazing for spreading infusion also
    9. You'll easily get the achievement for 50 Cataclysm kills done in one 30-minute match if you're smart with the infusion spreading...
    10. Repeat another match for the rest of the missing Invigorating Frenzy uses if you need that achievement still!
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