Awakening the Nightmare

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Awakening the Nightmare

Hidden Power achievement in Halo Wars 2

Hidden Power

Gain a gold medal and complete all objectives in ‘Light the Fuse’

Hidden Power0
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How to unlock the Hidden Power achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,827
    23 Oct 2017 08 Nov 2017 08 Nov 2017
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    In my experience, you do NOT want to have the nightmare skull on for this mission!
    There's nothing worse than playing for 25-30 minutes, then failing because you can't save and the Flood super-unit breaches the perimeter! I know, it happened to me...

    You also must get all the objectives and gold in the same run.

    Put the mission on Easy. I was able to easily get the Gold score and all objectives on Easy without any skulls on.

    Your goals:
    1. Buildings on main base: 4 Harvesters(upgrade), Apex, War Council, Mega-Turret, Shield Generator.
    1. Banshee production, with about 1 Engineer for every 5 Banshees, and Apex upgrades!
    2. War Council upgrades
    3. Turrets around the center of the map, a mega-turret on the main base, and Sensor turrets on all main and extra main base build locations.
    3. Send Banshee fleets of at least 10 around the map destroying everything in sight, but particularly the yellow crystals.
    4. Send a few Choppers with the Banshees to collect the yellow crystals. Use Choppers because the Hero is too slow to go with the Banshees.
    5. Get rid of starting troops that are taking up roster cap space. Have them harvest crystals initially until your Banshee fleet is up and running!
    6. Use your Banshee fleets to take out the two other main bases at the bottom left and top right of the map. Build 4 sensor towers on each of those bases to give yourself massive map Line of Sight, and also build some Harvesters, Apex/Barracks/Foundry in case you have extra energy, as it's useful to upgrade your infantry(your Hero) and your vehicles(Choppers).
    7. As the mission goes on, you should be able to either use super-powers(The Lich is fantastic for stopping the Flood waves), your Hero, and some Banshees against the periodic Flood waves.

    You do not have to activate the drills one at a time, you can wait until you have enough energy for them all.
    When the Flood waves start coming, try to upgrade the turrets for anti-infantry everywhere with an anti-air here and there.
    After activating all 3 drills, station groups of Banshees around the various entry points, and you should be golden.
    Watch for the Flood Superunits! If you see one approaching(your extra bases with the max range Sensor Tower line of sight will spot them very soon), save the game! There will always be two at the same time, and they come from the exact same places, one on the left and one on the right. The one on the right side isn't visible until close, so be very careful with that one.
    You should only have to take down 4 of the Flood Super-units on Easy. Be aggressive on them with your Banshees, charge in to attack them soon so they can't get close!

    Remember, if the Super-units aura touches the drill, the optional objective is failed!

    Before the end of the mission, make sure to fly your Banshees to all 3 Flood spawners, and destroy all 4 Flood bases to take care of two optional objectives.

    Optional and Bonus Objectives:
    1. Discover all 3 Flood Bursters
    2. Destroy all 4 Flood Bases(one in each corner quadrant, NE,SE,SW,NW)
    3. Prevent Flood Super units from reaching the drill(this includes their aura touching the drill!)
    4. Destroy 10 Flood tentacles(super easy, your Banshees will wreck them)
    5. Destroy 30 Flood with the Mega-Turret(if you have the extra energy, upgrade the Mega-Turret for extra potency, it's a lot of fun to watch after the nightmares in Halo Wars 1 Arcadia City and Arcadia Outskirts!!!)

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    z RagnaroK z@Shadowfox 00

    I wanted to suggest a few edits that you can make to your already stellar guide for this achievement.

    1. Par time for this level is 35 minutes. You must meet par time, as well as complete all the objectives, in order for the achievement to unlock. My first play through was around a 36 minute completion and the achievement did not unlock. I replayed and squeaked by with 34:40 and the achievement unlocked.
    2. There are a LOT of flood eggs south of your main base. If your mega turret needs kills, I suggest taking one or two banshees and popping eggs and if the unit that is produced is a ground unit then you simply let the mega turret do its thing.
    3. There is more than enough power to collect on the map to get the drills started and get all your upgrades. That being said, the SW and SE Flood Bursters have a considerable amount of Energy crystals around them. I would focus on collecting power there and don't worry about the northern Flood Burster.
    4. I failed my first play through because of time. I kept an eye on it the second time and realized that you need to start the drills with 6 minutes left at the minimum (29 minutes). Otherwise the drills take too long and you'll have to try again.
    5. The Ultra-mines are very useful against the super units. You can get ahead of them by laying down mines at the east and west entrance where they walk through. By the time they reached my base I had two sets of mines on both entrances to help kill them quickly.

    I hope this helps! Thanks for the great guide.
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 25 Mar at 22:45
    Mrs x TomahawkI did everything according trough the guide got the par time. Turns out i still had a skull active from getting the previous mission on legendary and now i have silver. I feel so stupid :(
    Posted by Mrs x Tomahawk on 30 Apr at 23:16
    S P 4 C E YYou don’t need to hit par time to complete. I did it in 41 minutes and blew apart the gold medal and achievement unlocked +1
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 02 May at 20:17
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  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx618,526
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    Hey Gamers! Welcome to Awakening the Nightmare DLC in Halo Wars 2!

    The below video will cover all the optional and bonus objectives for this mission as well as gold medal, pheonix logs, and legendary difficulty if you are looking to minimize playthroughs. This particular achievement doesn’t need to be done on legendary, but this guide is designed to get all achievements!

    I hope you find the video helpful!

    -Damron Out

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