Awakening the Nightmare

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Awakening the Nightmare

Before This Gets Out of Hand achievement in Halo Wars 2

Before This Gets Out of Hand

Complete 'Manifestation' without the Proto-Gravemind exceeding 50% critical mass

Before This Gets Out of Hand0
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How to unlock the Before This Gets Out of Hand achievement

  • Robster80Robster80312,551
    18 Feb 2018 22 Feb 2018
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    You won't trigger the Proto-Gravemind until after you've at least built your first Mega-Turret and removed a giant tentacle from your path to the middle of the map. Before that, you'll need to defend your main base; once that's done, do NOT send your starting units out! Have them go around the base instead to collect resources, and build an Apex so you can churn out Banshees plus a few Engineers (plus upgrades). You'll be using these fliers for most of the fighting.

    Send the Banshees & Engineers out north of your base until a giant Tentacle appears to cut off your path left. Swing around right and take out more Flood and a Flood base to build your first mini-base and Mega Turret location while defending it from the Flood. Once that mini-base is built, add on another Apex to help replace any units you lose. Send your fliers back to the giant tentacle and the Mega Turret will attack it to make it pull back and allow your air units to proceed.

    Soon as you reach the center, the Proto-Gravemind reveals itself. Soon as it appears, you'll see green numbers appear in the top center of the screen as it slowly builds up to Critical Mass. You MUST keep it from exceeding 50% at all times, otherwise the achievement is void, and the only way to do that is to attack/damage it. As soon as it starts taking damage, the counter starts going backawards.

    The only way to kill it is to attack each of its four sides to reveal Flood Pods under its skin and destroy those; that will cause its maw to open up and allow your fliers to attack it and damage it. NOTE: it is somewhat hard to precisely target the opened maw, so adjust your camera as best you can to keep your fliers on target. Also, Rain of Fire on the maw helps.

    After losing 1/4 of its health, the Proto-Gravemind will close its maw and pull itself into the ground to protect itself. Move counter-clockwise around the map to find more Flood Bases to eliminate and build new mini-base/Mega Turret sites. Remember to upgrade your air units as well as population as you continue the fight. Build more Apex's or Extractors on your new mini-bases.

    After the fourth Mega Turret is built and you kill the Flood Pods on the fourth side of the Proto-Gravemind, it refuses to open its maw for you. Send your fliers to the left of the fourth Mega Turret site (Southeast corner of the map) to find a Forefunner site clogged with Flood filth. clearing that will bring in a mega sentinel to join your fight. Have the sentinel and the fliers head back to the Proto-Gravemind and attack the closed Maw with the sentinel to make it open up. Once it does, hit it HARD with everything you've got near it, and don't spare the Rain of Fire and the Lich Vanguard.

    Good hunting!

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    BrennenjaminDidn't pop for me :/
    Wonder if skulls/difficulty level have anything to do with it or if I simply took too long building up my initial army. So buggy.
    Posted by Brennenjamin on 09 Oct 18 at 18:42
    Robster80Try again without using skulls, and again do NOT let the counter reach 50%; I suggest you build up your army before you attack the first tentacle, since the counter will not start until the Proto-Gravemind pops up.
    Posted by Robster80 on 09 Oct 18 at 21:44
    D3LTAAchievement pops at end of level. Got it Legendary coop with many skulls on.
    Posted by D3LTA on 01 Jan 19 at 19:36
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    Hey Gamers! Welcome to Awakening the Nightmare DLC in Halo Wars 2!

    The below video will show you how to obtain this achievement as well as combining it with all other achievements in this campaign so you obtain everything in one playthrough including legendary difficulty while also obtaining the gold medal score, all bonus objectives, and all pheonix logs!

    I hope you enjoy the video!


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