Awakening the Nightmare

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Awakening the Nightmare

Pristine achievement in Halo Wars 2


Prevent the Terminus from taking any damage for 15 waves (Terminus Firefight)

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How to unlock the Pristine achievement

  • KEVIN 737KEVIN 737554,038
    28 Sep 2017 29 Sep 2017 18 Aug 2018
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    This will be a tricky achievement since its partially dependent on luck (the waves are quite random). To make this as easy as possible, start a private Firefight game. You can change the difficulty to easy and still get all the achievements. There are a lot of other setting you can mess around with but I don't know if they will disable the achievements or not (they will disable leaderboard scores). Changing these settings will disable achievements, so don't bother with them.

    In Firefight your objective is to keep the Terminus (the big building in the middle) alive as long as possible. For this achievement, the Terminus cant be damaged for 15 waves straight. The Terminus is surrounded by 3 spires (no clue what they do). These spires can be attacked without breaking your streak. The streak will only reset if a message shows up about the Terminus taking damage.

    This solution is if you want to try this achievement solo (coop is probably a little easier).
    The leader I chose was Jerome. In your base you want to build 2 supply pads, 2 generators and a field armory. Get some marines out and build Jerome as soon as possible. Your best bet is to make Hornets since they are fast and do quite a lot of damage. Get the 2 minibases up fast so you can build some extra sets of turrets. The Terminus itself is surrounded by 6 turret build sites. These should be build after you have a stable economy.

    When you have a decent amount of Hornets, try to expand to the next 2 sets of minibases. This will increase your unit population and allows you to build even more Hornets to help you defend the Terminus.

    Make sure to pay close attention to where the enemies will come from (the blue line on your minimap) and what type of enemies is showing up (you can find this in the top right of the screen). If the enemy group is a bandit raid or direct air, get your army back to the Terminus because the direct air will go straight towards the Terminus. The bandit raid will try to steal resources from your bases, however, when they fly away from your base, they might get close to the Terminus and attack it.

    On easy nothing is really that hard to kill. The only things that can screw you up are the air waves. Also, it appears that sometimes a stray rocket can fly past your units and defenses and damage the Terminus. There isn't much you can do about this. I would highly recommend to get this achievement in the first 15 to 20 waves because afterwards, the waves will be to big and strong to quickly destroy once a direct air wave appears.

    As some people have mentioned, this has to be done in the first 15 waves. It will not unlock past wave 15. This might be a bug, but who knows.

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    GhostWrexCan you please change the guide to note that it HAS to be the first 15 waves, not just any 15 waves? Granted, I should have read the comments, but I wasted a bunch of time trying to get this after wave 15
    Posted by GhostWrex on 18 Aug 18 at 17:54
    KEVIN 737I actually thought that i editted this a long time ago. I've edited the guide. Thanks for letting me know.
    Posted by KEVIN 737 on 18 Aug 18 at 19:20
    CHEAP SUSHIDoes anyone want to help me do this one? I can't seem to manage this one by myself. I always get either air units or ODSTs dropping on the terminus on wave 4 ruining it. Maybe the RNG gods hate me but I don't think it would hurt to have some help. Msg me on xbox if you can help out
    Posted by CHEAP SUSHI on 30 Jun at 21:06
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  • Hexa FoxHexa Fox979,736
    09 Oct 2017 09 Oct 2017
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    1.) This achievement is misleading. You are actually required to complete the first fifteen waves (1-15) without Terminus taking damage.

    2.) Your worst enemy is air. Make certain you are looking out for Direct Air as this will send air units directly towards Terminus.

    3.) There are spires attached to Terminus, they can be damaged and you can still unlock this. When Terminus is damaged you will receive a notification, voiding this achievement.

    4.) I did this in a private match on easy difficulty with just one other person. Which I believe makes this easier.

    5.) We had one person build entirely air units, while the other built units that were effective counter units. Specifically, the Mantis, Wolverines, Reavers, and the like. Remember your worst enemy is air.

    6.) I was Sargent Johnson and my friend was Captain Cutter. You can utilize the ODST's from Captain Cutter early on and Sargent Johnson has a lot of support abilities.

    7.) It is better to attempt to expand beyond the first couple of gates nearest your bases so if something does begin to penetrate you can whip out Johnson's Johnson and thwart that shit.
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