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Die hard

Die 666 times

Die hard+7.2
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  • B0SsM0NsTeRB0SsM0NsTeR275,731
    05 Nov 2017 12 Nov 2017
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    If like me this will be last achievement, spend points into supply drop and spam yourself, quickly hitting respawn makes this go fast.
    16 Mar 2019 16 Mar 2019 17 Mar 2019
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    The solution above is great and it is actually the fastest way to grind this one and that's how I did it. Its description is a little misleading though. You'd think you can get this one dying over the course of multiple playthroughs but it doesn't work like that.

    You can complete the game and get the remaining deaths by selecting a chapter and get killed over and over or get the remaining deaths on New Game+ since your stats are carried from your previous playthrough to NG+ but the deaths DO NOT COUNT through multiple playthroughs.

    For instance, if you get 100 deaths playing on normal and start a new game on any of the three difficulties - easy, normal or hard - and get killed 50 times you won't get credit for these new 50 deaths. The tracker will only start progressing when you surpass the 100 deaths you first got on normal.

    This was the last achievement I worked on and my tracker was at 36% when I started grinding it, percentage acquired playing on normal and NG+. So I started a new game on hard and got killed around 50+ times and the tracker didn't move not one bit. I then figured I needed to net all the deaths in one single playthrough so I started a new game AGAIN on normal and progressed to the point where I get the supply drop and its 1st improvement that makes the cargo drops faster. I got squashed 80 times before the tracker starts moving and I could finally continue grinding where it stopped.

    Once it did start progressing I kept repeating the process until the achievement pop. smile
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