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Beat the game on Hard Difficulty

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  • X3nomorph83X3nomorph83925,430
    20 Apr 2018 27 Apr 2018
    6 1 3
    Hej. after the title update there is the new game + mode available.
    So i started a new game on normal, unlocked new game + mode. Then i started the new game + mode. Also finished it. Got the the new game + cheevo. The next day i started the game again and wanted to start hard mode... so i checked my cheevos and found out that i already got the cheevo for beating the game on hard. But i never did!! Its maybe glitched or the game is on hard difficulty when playing new game + ?!
  • FreebirdX3FreebirdX3663,959
    01 Dec 2017 03 Dec 2017 04 Apr 2018
    3 0 3
    According to comment field solution has been patched.
    Dont know what works and what doesn't atm. Will remove solution if there is no useful info here anymore

    Just a few tips from what I discovered/learnt from playing the game.

    First off,hard isnt really that hard. Some of the boss fights took some practice,but I made a discovery at the end making this a cake walk.

    Without spoiling I had some trouble with 2nd last boss fight.
    Luckily you can respec and try other abilities whenever you want in this game.

    You will want to use Kinetic Barrier on Boss fights.
    Just run around backwards in a circle while shooting boss and using the ability.
    Half way upgraded I think you can put out 3 barriers.
    When boss move through he will get slowed down,and for some reason looks like he stops using his abilities.
    He will just try to catch up with you instead.
    Almost too easy,worked on the last 2 bosses and assume you can use this earlier aswell.

    Second tip :

    Start of the map where you are going to fight your first boss,Nerve,will give you 1 upgrade point.
    I was running through,cleaning up some misc achievs and noticed I got 1 more the second time I arrived here.
    Reloaded the map and got a new one,tried this x3 times and worked every time.
    So you can actually exploit this area for endless upgraded points making the game even easier.

    Should not need any more tips than that tbh.
    I used reflex booster and healing when playing through,but also changed abilities based on Boss fights.

    With the endless upgrade points solution,you can upgrade everything at the start.
    Almost a shame as this is a really enjoyable game.
    But,we are here to exploit/get it done asap.

    So hopefully this might help some
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