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Gotta collect'em all achievement in Pinball FX3

Gotta collect'em all

Gather all the Collectibles of a table!

Gotta collect'em all+0.2
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How to unlock the Gotta collect'em all achievement

  • Bender R BenderBender R Bender
    28 Sep 2017 28 Sep 2017
    In order to unlock this, you've got to get enough Mastery Points on a table to unlock all of the 'collectibles' for the table. There are a different number of collectibles for each table.

    The easiest one to get this on is the Jaws table. It only requires 140 Mastery Points to unlock the two collectibles. You can get Mastery Points by completing the challenges and leveling up your upgrades. Once you have earned 140 of the blue 'star shields', the achievement will unlock (probably right in the middle of the game, obscuring the flippers).

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    FullMoonBeaverSame here for Sorceres Lair.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 01 Oct 17 at 20:03
    Izzy of AlbionFYI, I complained to Zen about the notification position, and as of the most recent update, they pop at the top of the screen, not in front of the flippers! laugh
    Posted by Izzy of Albion On 03 Oct 17 at 13:18
    TheSWFCMuch better where the notification is now.clap
    Posted by TheSWFC On 05 Oct 17 at 21:54
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  • EverStoned77EverStoned77
    10 Oct 2017 08 Oct 2017 30 Nov 2017
    The 2 tables that requires the absolute least amount of Mastery Points (133) are Secrets of the Deep & El Dorado but since these might neither be the easiest to all or owned by all, you can find out which one is the lowest, of those you own, by selecting any table from the selection screen to go to the start menu of that table & in the middle of the screen there'll be a section called "Table Mastery" enter this & you'll see ALL Collectibles available for all the tables,some tables, as the 2 mentioned above, only have 2 Collectibles while 2 of the Star Wars Tables have a maximum of 7 Collectibles.
    However the Mastery points are very unique from table to table, so more collectibles doesn't necessarily mean more Mastery Points needed & the Maximum needed is the full 200 so at the end of the day I think it depends on which table you feel you do best on but still a lower Mastery Points needed the easier it should be.
    & with that I'll wish you all the best of luck wave

    EDIT: After trying different tables, I actually do think that the easiest table have to be The Sorcherer's Lair simply because it's easier to upgrade the different stuff like bumpers,combos & skillshots not to mention that some tables don't even have them all e.g Combos aren't possible to do on all tables & so can't be upgraded (oh & a tip for skillshot on Sorcherer's Lair is; pull back the launcher with the Right Stick until just before the 2nd pibe starts steaming & release, a few tries & you'll get it every time smile )
    Finally the achievement, which also rewards you some Mastery Points, 20 to be exact,aren't that hard either (to those who remember the Spiders achievement on FX2, they've made it MUCH easier, I weren't able to unlock it on FX2 but it popped on first try here on FX3)
    As for progress needed for the achievement, I had only leveled a few of the upgrades to max. (lvl.10) & most where at lvl.6-7 & only 1 of 3 wizard powers had been leveled up (to lvl.4) while the 2 others had just been unlocked when I popped this achievement.
    So while other tables might require less points they are easier to earn on the Sorcherer's Lair so again, best of luck my fellow cheevo hunters wave
  • BinaryHedgehog1BinaryHedgehog1
    30 Sep 2017 14 Oct 2017
    To understand this achievement you first need to understand how table mastery works. Your table mastery level is based on draw on three factors: The upgrades/wizard powers you've unlocked and their levels, the number of challenge stars you've earned, and whether or not you've unlocked the achievement. A "mastered" table has all 45 stars, all upgrades at level 10 (max), and the achievement unlocked. There are two ways to tell when table mastery awards will unlock. If you haven't unlocked the achievement, you can select "table mastery" on the table menu to see your mastery rewards. If you have unlocked the achievement, your current mastery level and when the next master reward unlocks will be shown on the pause menu. You do not need to master a table to unlock this achievement, you just need to unlock all of the mastery rewards for it. While some tables need fewer mastery points to unlock all the rewards, a good chunk of those points are gonna come from the achievement and challenge stars, so it's best to choose a table you're proficient in.
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