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Balls of Glory Pinball

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Spend 100,000 bucks from the Operations Fund in the Archer Pinball table. (Single player only)

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Achievement Guide for Embezzlement

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    It probably goes without saying, but this is really hard to accomplish.
    What you have to do is hit the credit card spinner and spin it enough times to get $100,000 and then hit the Armory to collect prizes. Sounds not too bad. The Armory needs to be opened by hitting the 3 targets that spell SPY. The S is to the right of the left orbit, the P and Y are on either side of the car.
    Well you can only increase the amount when there's no mission going on. So first I'd recommend trying not to start any missions and if/when you do ( and you will, many times) just hold the ball on the flipper til the mission ends although this is not always possible. Most missions are timed, the ones that aren't you must try to complete them. I'll note them and how they start in a moment.
    You can hit the credit card spinner from any of the 3 flippers. My most consistent shot was a very early shot from the left flipper. Sometimes I could get on a roll with a late shot from the top flipper, and when I could, this is the best shot because the ball will go around and land right back on the upper flipper.

    This is very important,

    if you make a solid shot on the credit card don't try getting another immediately. This is because most of the time the ball will go right under and miss the card completely. This happened to me so many times. It's possible to hit it again and continue to spin the card, but it can also stop the card too. My advice is if you hit the card, wait til it's just barely rocking before you shoot for it again.

    This is how I did this. I got the number to 5,000, then I spelled out SPY, hit the Armory and got the ball save. Then I got it to 2500 again and got the kickbacks. Both stay lit until the you use them. The kickbacks stay through when you lose the ball.
    Once I got both of those, I just kept hitting the card to raise the value. Hopefully you can get the value to 10,000 before you lose the ball. If you do, make sure to also light SPY again because many times when shooting these targets the ball likes to drain on you. You always want to try to light SPY while ball save is lit if possible, but you also want to try to get to the next ball save value before.
    Every time you lose the ball and have to relight ball save it will cost more. The ball starts out at 5,000. The second time you relight ball save it costs 10,000, then 15,000, then 20,000 and so forth. Kickbacks cost 2500, then 5,000. I assume it keeps going up by 2500, but I never got past 5,000. After you lose the ball, the ball save only costs 5,000 again and kickback costs 2500 again.
    On my winning run I got ball save at 5,000, 10,000. 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000 on my first ball. That's 75,000 right there. Screwed up the second ball badly and only got the 5K ball save and managed to get 5k, 10k, and 15k on the final ball. I actually got all the money on the second ball, but lost the second ball trying to light SPY. On my winning shot, I had SPY lit, still had the ball save, I drained the ball on purpose to get the final shot for the achievement.

    Now there are a few modes that you can't wait out. First is a multiball called CB multiball. Above the upper flipper there are 2 targets C and B. If you hit those a yellow light will light up and a girl will say something about " your weak womany hands" where the credit card is. Instead of hitting the credit card spinner, an arm will come down and take the ball. If you do this again you'll start the CB multiball. You'll hate this. This will take away your ball save after 30 seconds. I always try to catch a ball on 2 different flippers and wait til ball save ends and then let 1 ball drain.

    Another mode that can't be waited out is an Archer mode. you start it by hitting the car 5 times. The car will turn so you can hit it into the trunk. If you do this, you may start a mode where you have to hit the ball into the hole behind the car ( which leaves when you hit it into the trunk ) once you hit the hole, a bomb will come out and you have to hit it back into the hole while not losing the other ball. What I do is hit the hole, then try to hold each ball for 10 seconds til the bomb goes off. I think it's at least 3 times you have to do this, but it may be more. If you drain the bomb, you'll lose your ball save if it's lit.
    The rest of the modes you can simply wait out.
    Good luck, this is pretty hard.
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