A Fantasy, Finalized achievement in Battle Chasers: Nightwar

A Fantasy, Finalized

Finish the game on NG+

A Fantasy, Finalized-5.5
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How to unlock the A Fantasy, Finalized achievement

  • xMANNY FRE5HxxMANNY FRE5Hx712,279
    28 Aug 2018 29 Aug 2018 17 Jun 2020
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    Hello this is just a quick mini-guide stating how I went about completing this run. If you're already at this point in the game you've noticed the combat while superb isn't exactly easy. In NG+ the difficulty is increased and all your gear is gone (I know.. sucks) Also, your level is reset to 1 and you have no gold. The good news is you get to keep all your perks, bestiary and abilities. Thank the lord!

    During your first playthrough be sure to obtain has many perk points as possible. The collector can give you a bunch by trading in shadow coins. So be sure to sell him everything.

    My NG+ squad was as follows:

    Calibrettio: Increase his attack power and his heals are great. Put 100 points into his Nature tree for heals and 80 into his artillery tree to get the most out of his heals.

    Gully: The best tank in the game and can also drop shields for the whole party. I put 132 into her guardian tree for defense and 50 into avenger for haste. You want her to taunt the enemies as soon as possible.

    Garrison: The death dealer. His DPS is easily the best in the game. I went with 130 points into swordsman for the crazy damage output and I did 54 into wanderer for haste mainly. Get him perks anything that has to do with crit/ap up and stack swordsman overchage/wanderer overcharge.

    I did not use the other 3 characters AT ALL.

    The combat strategy is simple: Taunt with Gully and shield up, heal with bretto and rain death with garrison. Garrison's Relentless assault burst followed up with beserk is fantastic. Also, loading up overcharge with sting or swift strike then when maxed doing relentless assualt followed by Warblade II will end all life. So satisfying. Bretto can also drop some dps as well since you wanna max his attack output for heals.

    Clearly your going to need gear to put out the numbers so I went about my run as follows. I did all the dungeons on legendary AND mythic up to Strongmont. I did this for leveling, gold and gear drops. The remaining dungeons I did solely on Legendary.

    Since you will have so much gold continually go back to the blacksmith to see if he has some decent gear for sale. Obviously upgrade his shop. Sell some shadow coins for some gear from the collector as well. The mana rifts lootboxes can drop some great stuff I bought 4 of those before doing mana rifts.

    Visit the enchanter and enchant your gear. Buy books to learn the enchantments. I concentrated on giving my team the highest health pool as possible. Some enemies hit crazy hard. After strongmont talk to her and she will have an enchanting table available.

    After doing the above you should be powerful enough to take on C'drall. Unlike the first playthrough she is pretty tough in NG+. I succeeded in beating her by doing the following.. Taunt/shield with Gully, Heal and remove debuffs with Bretto, fill overchange via sting and hit her with warblade II. You do need to be tactical and sometimes she will wipe you. When she casts dark star make sure your squad is D'd up and have Bretto remove her bleeds asap. They hurt.

    My teams final stats were as follows:

    Health: 15,430
    Mana: 450
    Atk: 4,581

    Health: 21,815
    Mana: 180
    Atk: 4,604

    Health: 11,273
    Mana: 150
    Atk: 8,242

    ***Here is a weapon tip courtesy of BenightedLight: After you get to the junktown region, if you caught all of the fish in the first playthrough, you can pick up a sword for Garrison from the fishmonger for free. I'm currently running through Junktown one-shotting everything.

    Things I did not do were: Craft any gear, mess with any potions, kill any optional bosses, fight any pirates or enter the arena. I also, didn't obtain any legendary weapons.

    I understand there are many ways to accomplish this and my way probably isn't the most efficient but I just wanted to share what I did in case someone is looking for some guidance.

    I hope this proves useful, enjoy.

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    TakedahoZSo finally manage to beat the game today :)

    My team was:

    Health: 19,296
    Mana: 190
    Atk: 5548
    Weapon: Hurricane (Blue rarity)
    Armor: Star-Forged Plating (Purple rarity) with Stalwart enchantment
    Ring: Coldhear Ring ( Green rarity)
    Neck: Obsidian Choker (Purple rarity)
    Trinket: Rime Prism ( Blue rarity)
    Artillery 134 points
    I bought every perk beside: Wildfire II, Obliterate II, Rerouting Systems, Cannon Shot II
    Nature: 62 points
    I bought only following skills: Healing Power - Rank 1 and 2, Haste Up - Rank 1,2 and 3, Preemptive Healing, Patient Mending

    Health: 17,685
    Mana: 180
    Atk: 6044
    Weapon: Lichbone Talons ( Blue rarity)
    Armor: Guardian's Embrace ( Blue rarity) with Stalwart enchantment
    Ring: General Tzyn's Brotherhood Band (Green rarity)
    Neck: Cold Iron Chain (Blue rarity)
    Trinket: Scorched Bone Trinket (Blue rarity)

    Avenger: 138 points
    I bought every perk beside: Readiness, Scatter Shot II, Earthquake II, Avenger

    Guardian: 52 points
    I bought only following skills: Armor Up - Rank 1 and 2, Stamina - Up Rank 1 and 2, Resilient, Quick Healer

    Health: 10746
    Mana: 150
    Atk: 8,887
    Weapon: Sharkbait (Purple rarity)
    Armor: Star-Forged Mail ( Green rarity) with Stalwart enchantment
    Ring: Coldheart Ring (Green rarity)
    Neck: Darkroot Necklace (Purple rarity)
    Trinket: Deep Iron Shield Emblem (Purple rarity)


    Swordsman: 134 Points
    I bought everything beside: Berserk II, Rage Wave II, Enrage Ii

    Wanderer: 58 points
    I bought only: Sturdy, Haster-Up Rank 1,2 and 3, Deep Wounds and Sting II

    Few notes:

    - I farmed Knowledge Tomes from the Collector a bit on Normal playthrough via fishing in Fishmongers Warf
    - Sharkbait tip was super useful, I've used from Junktown till end of game
    - My RNG was bad with buying Mysterious Lockbox, i bought around 10-12 and I have only got 2-3 items for my current party and most of time i was getting items for Knolan, Red Monica, but i agree its great way to get good gear and ingredients as soon you have access to Fishmonger Warf so you can farm shadow coins from finishing
    - I followed Manny Fre5h advice and Gully was all the time tanking, shielding (i used Heroism skill when i could), Calibretto healing and using Cannon Blast from time to time, and Garrison using Relentless Attack/Berserk/Warblade and on monsters/bosses with high HP i was using Sting as in Mana Rifts one Bleed Status caused 500-700dmg and i usually managed to get 3-4 so on enemy turn i was getting 1500-2100 bleeding damage which was not bad, additionally every few bleeds i managed to get Critical which was speeding process
    - On Normal difficulty its possible to overlevel enemies as if i remember correctly Mana Rifts are 24-26 level area on NG+ they are 31-34 on Heroic
    - I did all dungeons till Deatwatch on Mytic difficulty, Strongmont on Legendary and rest on Heroic just to get through :)
    - I have avoided pirates because on NG+ they have absurd amount of health :) and they hit really hard
    - I did first 2 hunts and havent done Arena or any Legendary weapons
    - Taunt last only 3 rounds so make sure you keep an eye on it, as Garrison is super squishy and can be 1-2 hit by most of monsters

    Hope it helps :)

    Enjoy this great game
    Posted by TakedahoZ on 11 May at 10:07
    xMANNY FRE5HxExcellent. Thank you for taking the time to add this.
    Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 11 May at 15:21
    SMOLDERPICKEM44Awesome guide and set up!
    Posted by SMOLDERPICKEM44 on 11 Jul at 23:24
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  • GuilhermeMTrGuilhermeMTr470,276
    03 Feb 2018 30 May 2018
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    Hello Everyone!

    As usual i will write the solution for the achievement first in english, then in portuguese.

    So after you finish the final battle you will see credits roll, and the main menu will come with the option "new game plus"

    When selecting new game plus it will OVERWRITE your current saved game if you start it and it states this clearly so back up your save before you start if you want to go back to that save.

    On new game plus, although you restart at level 1, you with keep all the abilities you gained from leveling, all perks obtained as well as perk points. You also keep all your beast perks, enemy info, time played, lore discovered, achievements, bestiary and fishiary. You can also use all the characters you have since the beginning (you only need to arrive at the city to trade them).

    Be aware you DON'T keep your gold, equipment, key items, crafting materials, Hunts completed, blacksmith recipes, potion recipes, enchanting recipes, and you also have to pay all of them once again to upgrade their respective shops.

    New game plus also increase the difficulty, offering a new mode in dungeons after legendary, called "Mythic". You can also choose any difficulty from the start of the dungeons, not being more necessary to finish the dungeon first to be able to change the difficulty.

    Hope i can be of any help,



    Olá a todos!

    Como de costume, vou escrever a solução para esta conquista primeiro em inglês, e depois em português.

    Então, depois que você termina a batalha final, você verá os créditos, e o menu principal passará a constar com a opção "new game +"

    Quando selecionar "new game +" o arquivo de salvamento irá subscrever seu arquivo de salvamento atual. O Jogo irá te informar isto de forma expressa antes de você iniciar este novo save.

    No "New game +", em que pese você reiniciar no level 1, você manterá todas habilidades que você ganhou por ter ganho level anteriormente, todos os pontos de perk adquiridos. Você também manterá as informações coletadas, tempo de jogo, lore (história) discoberta, conquistas, bestiário e fishiary (peixes). Você também poderá usar todos personagens recrutados desde o início (você só precisará chegar na cidade para troca-los).

    Tome cuidado que você não manterá seu ouro, equipamento, itens chave, material de forja e criação, caçadas, receitas de ferreiro, receitas de poção e encantamentos, e também perderá as melhorias que tiver realizado nas lojas da cidade.

    "New game +" também aumenta a dificuldade, oferecendo um novo modo nas dungeons depois do lendário, chamado de mítico. Você também poderá escolher qualquer dificuldade no início das dungeons, não sendo mais necessário termina-las primeiro.

    Espero ter ajudado!
  • REYDOG23REYDOG23141,246
    15 Oct 2019 09 Oct 2019
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    Word of advice!!!!! Get Garission to the Fisminger Warf ASAP!!! Get that lvl 27 sword ! At lvl 12 by the time I reached junktown area it’s a must. Felt like I was cheating.
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    ALollzKnolan an is an absolute beast late game in NG+. Easily gets over 16k attack stat. Plus you can no longer get garrisons weapon early
    Posted by ALollz on 24 May at 05:51
    JonathandlmIt is still possible to obtain the lvl 26 sword 'Sharkbait' and it helps a lot from Junktown onward! It's the reward for completing the fishiary, so i you've completed it on the first playthrough, get that sword as soon as possible on NG+
    Posted by Jonathandlm on 15 Jun at 13:03
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