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Never Ending Advance

Descend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

Never Ending Advance0
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How to unlock the Never Ending Advance achievement

  • v CoMpLiCaTiOnZv CoMpLiCaTiOnZ187,040
    11 Apr 2010 11 Apr 2010
    29 5 14
    I had some trouble with this due to losing my characters to ring outs, so I made the following and got to 20 first time:

    Asteroth lvl 9

    Attack: 141%
    Defense: 103 %
    HP: 150%

    Skills: HP Drain A, Nullify Ring Out A
    Weapon: Nanbanfu


    Asura Helm
    Round Glasses
    Guardian's Neck Cloth
    Guardian's Pauldrons
    Ryukyu Guantlets
    Guiman Yecha
    Shinobi Tabi
    Shinobi Greaves

    I finished with both characters at almost full health. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem - some of those characters love to do sudden combos against the edge of the ring that send you out!

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    yu SUZUKI donoright amazing guide astaroth perfect killer
    Posted by yu SUZUKI dono on 19 Dec 13 at 11:16
    created by JPNThank You! With your metod, i have 29 stage completed ^_^
    Posted by created by JPN on 25 Feb 14 at 12:05
    XF34Rx KiNGzzI can't put all the skills on him why?
    Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 02 Apr 19 at 21:21
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  • MvMiDNiGHTMvMiDNiGHT65,445 65,445 GamerScore
    20 Dec 2010 20 Dec 2010
    20 4 2
    I followed v CoMpLiCaTiOnZ's guide but with a few changes here and there,

    I made the same astaroth he has ( but copied it twice ), then I added shave damage C ( always usefull when they're protecting )

    Enter the tower of lost souls and click descend, then keep spamming this move with Astaroth ( yes this is a cheap way to get it, but atleast it'll get you the trophy ;) )

    Diagonal ( back down ) + X and while he is turning to slam the oponent hold forward + Y ;)

    (Thank you V0CALICMAX ) for the combo ;)

    Remember to switch in time if you're almost K.O. and keep using that move, with the abilities like v CoMpLiCaTiOnZ's you'll get your lives back in no time, in first try I got to level 25 ( where 2kittens kicked my ass xD )

    Well I hope this helps ;)
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    V0CALICMAXYou're welcome but complication's solution is already enough i think...
    Posted by V0CALICMAX on 27 Dec 10 at 23:59
    MvMiDNiGHTWell , it still helped 14people , so I guess it was still usefull :)
    Posted by MvMiDNiGHT on 25 Aug 12 at 16:59
  • SyrynnSyrynn13,731
    26 Mar 2012 26 Mar 2012
    4 0 0
    This setup got me to Floor 28 with near full health, though I made a lot of mistakes and ended up losing here. Though, I'm sure with enough fortune and skill, this is a viable 40 floor duo.

    --First Character (Main, your tank, and a power demon. Similar to Fatboyy's Astaroth, but the Round Glasses enables Auto Impact B, and you'll likely need every Impact you can get here)--

    Male Astaroth Style
    Weapon: Great Maul
    Style Level: 8+

    Nightmare Helmet
    Oval Glasses
    Dark Knight's Cloak
    Usurper's Spaulders
    Usurper's Suit
    Caretaker's Breastplate
    Guardian's Gauntlets
    Warrior Trousers
    Shinobi Tabi
    Death's Boots

    HP Drain A
    Auto Impact B
    Start Dash B
    Auto Counter C

    Attack: 153%
    Defense: 114%
    HP: 100%

    --Second Character (Alternate, used when first gets tired/low HP, also helps keep AI on toes and avoid stale, predictable moves)--

    Male Yun-seong Style
    Weapon: Qing Long
    Style Level: 8+

    Hero's Band
    Dark Knight's Cloak
    Demonic Pauldrong
    Protective Tattoo
    Worker's Shirt
    Caretaker's Gauntlets
    Guardian's Boots

    Will Power
    HP Drain A
    Start Dash A
    Auto Impact A

    Attack: 129%
    Defense: 100%
    HP: 104%

    Good luck! Hopefully you get some use out of these guys. Remember, use Discus Breaker with Astaroth (down+back X, hold Y). Use Avenging Claws with Yun-seong. (forward Y, hold Y) And, never forget to add some kicks and other little combos every so often to keep the AI off guard. They may not seem like good chars for descent due to the lack of HP Burst, but they're very workable due to HP Drain A, and that also allows a semi-soloable run if you get a ring out or have a bad floor. Your solo guy has a shot!
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