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Scorpion's Sting achievement in SoulCalibur IV

Scorpion's Sting

Win a battle with Critical Finish.

Scorpion's Sting0
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How to unlock the Scorpion's Sting achievement

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    These can easily be boosted for in player matches, but here's how it works.

    In order to get a Critical Finish, you must perform a Soul Break. To get a Soul Break, you have to beat the hell out of your opponent. At the end of the Health Bar, you'll see a circle that is usually green at the beginning of the round (can be blue because of certain kills). That is the Soul Gauge. When you attack someone, their Soul Gauge will deplete. If they block a lot while being attacked, their Soul Gauge will deplete faster. (Depletion is shown by the orb turning to a red color).
    When the enemy's healt bar is flashing red, they are close to having their Soul Gauge broken. Keep on the offensive, but start paying attention. A glass shattering noise can be heard and their red Soul Gauge will turn black/gray. That is a Soul Break. The enemy will also have some small, purple lightning bolts flash around them to show what happened.
    During this moment, you have to press A+B+G+K (X+Y+A+B) together at the same time (or LB with the default controls). If timed correctly, you'll perform a critical finish.

    If you really just want the achievement and don't care about what character to use, I recommend Yun-Seong. He has a move that'll help you get this quickly. When fighting, press Y and then Forward+Y. He should do a vertical swing and then another vertical swing with lightning bolts (guard break). Keep doing this against computer characters (which will block a lot) and they should start flashing red in no time. Then, just hit Y once a second and a Soul Break should happen. Then press LB.

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    CuteAzzthis worked perfectly. I'm doing this in TOLS starting from first floor. I can get about 15 criticals every hour or so.
    Posted by CuteAzz on 29 Aug 12 at 12:35
    romisthebestwould this work in local versus mode?
    Posted by romisthebest on 31 Aug 15 at 07:30
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  • JayourJayour880,571
    28 Dec 2009 07 Nov 2010
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    For this achievement you need to finish off your opponent with a critical finisher, otherwise known as a soul break. You perform these by attacking your opponent, when you attack your opponent their soul gauge slowly depletes, don't worry if they block your attack because that will actually make their soul gauge deplete even faster!

    As their soul gauge depletes you'll notice the orb to the side of it changes colour, when it goes red start paying careful attention to it, a few more hits and it'll begin to flicker between red and black then it will crack, just as it smashes hit "LB" (default controls), this is the same as pressing A, B, X and Y at the same time, if done correctly it'll make your character perform the critical finish and the achievement will unlock!

    You can unlock this against the AI and over Xbox LIVE!

    I've linked in a video which shows you what to do, he also explains what he's doing too!

    * Credit to RoosterTeeth for the video
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    HellHoundRulercan you do it with 2 controllers or no cuz i have 2 controllers
    Posted by HellHoundRuler on 26 Jun 11 at 06:16
    CuteAzzyun-seong is better option for this, Ivy's attack is strong and the opponent is dead before soul break.
    Posted by CuteAzz on 29 Aug 12 at 12:37
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