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Smasher achievement in SoulCalibur IV


Destroy all of the opponent's equipment.

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How to unlock the Smasher achievement

  • Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 149,508
    12 Jan 2009 12 Jan 2009
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    Most credit goes to x360a for the main tip, and that is to play Floor 11 on Tower Of Lost Souls mode, because you have a high defense, and are up against 4 characters with high defense too.

    To add my own input to this solution, I used Voldo, but the following should work for any character:

    For the head armour, use X to hit high. Works best following a hold joystick in a certain direction + X attack.

    For the torso armour, use a running attack followed by the X button. A few of these should see the armour go.

    Finally, for the lower armour. Use an attack while holding down, either the X or Y button, and hope your opponent blocks low.
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  • ananasnaamaananasnaama79,165
    14 Aug 2010 14 Aug 2010 14 Aug 2010
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    As people have already mentioned, Tower level 11 is the place to be. For equipment, I used:

    Head: Vane Mask
    Face: Japanese Eye Patch
    Neck: Prayer Beads
    Shoulder: Warthog Pauldrons
    Underwear: Chain Mail
    Upper Body: Changpao
    Arm: Hero's Gauntlets
    Lower Body: Warthog Fauld
    Ankle: Bandages
    Leg: Warthog Boots

    I did it with Maxi, but if you want to use Mitsurugi (as per Gdinut's solution) I'd use Damascus Sword as a weapon.

    This set gives you 116 attack, 138 defense and 180 hp.

    And also, don't even bother to try it on the first lady. Just kill her and try it on the Cervantes or Taki style opponents.
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    HarrySon9The third isnt Taki its Tira
    Posted by HarrySon9 on 21 Oct 10 at 03:41
    AzeilaRoseThank you for the tips!! I didn't have the Vane Mask yet, so I used Ninja Hat instead. But for real, this was very helpful. I appreciate it. smile
    Posted by AzeilaRose on 13 Jun 14 at 09:40
  • brassiboybrassiboy415,509
    02 Apr 2011 02 Apr 2011 09 Apr 2011
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    another easy way to do this is to do a mutiplayer (i did this with a friend over xbox live rather than one console that may make a difference) match so you can control how the opponent is blocking set the match to max amount of rounds and most time just to play it safe i find the legs seems to take a while to break (i also found playing regular mode rather than special helps just to get rid of any abilities that may hinder progress) i find best attacking character to use is yun-seong and follow repetitive pattern
    high armor hold forward and press x
    med armor keep hitting y
    low armor crouch and use b (try and pin them to a corner here or you keep knocking them out of your attacks reach)
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    HellHoundRulercan you do it on practice or no if so let me know
    Posted by HellHoundRuler on 18 Apr 11 at 22:23
    KillipoJust to clarify to anyone, you can't unlock achievements in VS (Including single player Vs computer. The one that lets you choose your opponent.) or in Practice.

    Only online Multiplayer, Story, Arcade, and TOLS allow you to.
    Posted by Killipo on 29 May 11 at 21:34
    DEVILS UMBRAthis works just did it in a player match
    Posted by DEVILS UMBRA on 20 Jul 11 at 15:27
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