Lost in the Moment achievement in SoulCalibur IV

Lost in the Moment

Perform 20 Just Impacts.

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How to unlock the Lost in the Moment achievement

  • True XenoBladeTrue XenoBlade452,757
    07 Nov 2010 08 Nov 2010 28 Feb 2012
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    Ok so after scouting countless threads, posts and forums and youtube i was still a little confused on how to get just impacts.

    To perform a Just impact you must press guard AND forward / back at the same time! If done correctly a red wave of sorts will be given off and the word *Just impact* will appear on the top of the screen just under your character.

    NOTE: People have said while pushing back you can't do Just Impacts, though i seemed to. Forward seems the easier way

    Now theres many ways to do this, after over 35 hours of gameplay i had only pulled it off 4 times out of 20 by accident. So i created a character (doesnt matter what style, i used yun-seong) and gave him enough skill points to equip the master impact ability and possibly impact heal as well. The reason is Master impact will make ALL impacts performed Just impacts, but you had to do it in a shorter time frame. Impact heal was just there cause youll be guarding alot so it doesnt hurt to have something that slighlty recovers your hp to make the rounds last longer.

    I gave yun-seong the dragon sword for a weapon with the skills:
    Master impact (required)
    Impact heal (very useful)
    Auto counter c (personal)
    Soul gauge damage c (personal)

    I gave him this set up:
    Hero's band
    Oval glasses
    Dark knights cloak
    Warlords Pauldrons
    Aculeus Suit
    Guardians Breastplate
    Jeweled Gauntlets
    Ninja Hakama
    Shinobi tabi
    Noble boots
    In that exact order, now you dont have to give him the dark knights cloak but it enabled me to give him the ability Soul gauge damage c...just cause i can lol

    Now i boosted this on Tower of the lost souls floor 1, as it is easier to anticipate their attacks. Just try your best and if anything spam forward or back with guard. Took me about half hour with a lots of luck involved. Good luck and keep at it!

    EDIT: It might be advisable to use DarthSonny's location as where to obtain this achievement as well, just incase you have trouble with mine :)

    EDIT:Another location people have had alot of luck in is the 3rd stage of Yun-Seong's Story Mode. Kamikirimusi swings fairly slow and is pretty easy to anticipate...and once she finishes you off, just hit retry and go again.Credit to Kez001

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    Kez001Using this setup, I had the most luck on the 3rd stage of Yun-Seong's Story Mode. Kamikirimusi swings fairly slow and is pretty easy to anticipate...and once she finishes you off, just hit retry and go again.
    Posted by Kez001 on 28 Feb 12 at 03:36
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  • JonC1971JonC197173,835
    22 Mar 2011 22 Mar 2011 23 Apr 2011
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    OK! I did a lot of reading/research and finally figured out a fairly easy path to this achievement. Once I got my strategy and character figured out, it only took about 20-30 minutes of playing to rack up my twenty 'Just Impacts'.

    1. Play as Yoda. Because Yoda can't be thrown and is immune to high attacks because he's short and these type of attacks miss him.

    2. Enable the skill Master Impact (which requires a lvl 8 Yoda) in the character creation menu. You'll also need an accessory of +80 Impact or higher and the light saber of +50 Impact. Since the Master Impact skill requires you to have an Impact total of at least 130. Master Impact turns all normal Guard Impacts into Just Impacts but makes the timing of the Guard Impacts a little bit more difficult but not nearly as difficult as successfully completing a Just Impact without this skill.

    3. Play in Story Mode or Tower Mode, not Arcade Mode.

    4. I got most of my Just Impacts against Raphael on Normal difficulty. Which is the first character you face in Yoda's story mode.

    5. The KEY to performing a Just Impact is to simply *press forward* towards your opponent while also pressing Guard (A button by default) at the *same time* just as the attacker *starts* his/her attack. I guarded against mid level attacks and ignored trying to block low attacks for simplicity. But you can try to block low and mid if you are good at predicting the level of attack. Both mid or low blocks will generate a Just Impact if timed correctly. This works especially well against attacks from Raphael at a mid distance away from him because his attack at that distance is easier to time.

    6. You can observe a successful Just Impact when it occurs by observing a large *flash of red light* at the point of impact and a sound effect (a Guard Impact is the same flash of light but green in color). It's obvious when it happens when compared to a normal block or hit. After a little bit of practice, I was able to get a couple or more Just Impacts per fight and hit 20 in a short amount of time.

    Good luck!
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    Paschal015Great solution, worked like a charm.
    Posted by Paschal015 on 02 Jul 11 at 03:27
    DrSchlepensteinUsing Yoda worked great. Just had to get the timing down and was able to get all 20 in about 45 minutes.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 19 Jul 12 at 13:10
    Lord BaneJGreat solution! I had 16 just impact prior to this. Took me 3 rounds and less than 10 minutes to get the remaining.
    Posted by Lord BaneJ on 10 Oct 14 at 17:29
  • DarthSonnyDarthSonny214,632
    01 Dec 2010 01 Dec 2010 13 Dec 2010
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    I followed True XenoBlade's guide and made the character he suggested.

    One thing that I would tell you to learn first is how to actually do a Guard Impact/Just Impact. You need to hit Forward or Back + Guard (A usually) and you should see your characther swing his sword upward. If he guards then you did not do it correctly. You need him to swing to block the incoming attack for to count as an Impact.

    It is also very touchy and does require a lot of luck, so I would suggest waiting to get
    SoulCalibur IVLike a Flowing StreamThe Like a Flowing Stream achievement in SoulCalibur IV worth 69 pointsPerform 200 Impacts.
    because you will get quite a few Guard Impacts on the way to getting your Just Impacts.

    Where I differ from XenoBlade is where to play.

    I sugest you play aracde. I suggest this because you get two rounds vs the computer and you can retry quicker. Where it takes longer to load in the TOLS.

    Also in aracde, I would suggest fighting Kilik. He uses a long staff and you can anticapte his attacks better because you can stand further away from him.

    Please leave any questions you have in the comments and I will answer ASAP.

    Also, if you feel that this guide is not up to snuff please let me know why before you vote negative. Thanks and good luck!
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    PlasticTIRskills don't work in arcade mode
    Posted by PlasticTIR on 20 Jan 11 at 22:11
    ProudBowdygreat guide do you know wether i could do this online with a friend because im terrible at getting the timing right against the AI
    Posted by ProudBowdy on 08 Jun 11 at 23:46
    AzeilaRoseWait, is it true skills don't work in arcade mode?
    Posted by AzeilaRose on 04 Sep 14 at 04:22
  • ananasnaamaananasnaama79,218
    14 Aug 2010 15 Aug 2010
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    This achievement is a bit weird as for what it counts for just impacts. If you have on your character both Auto Impact and Master Impact, some impacts might count for just impacts even when it just shows a regular one (not red).

    Also when you go to Museum and then Battle Records where you can track the progress for achievements, the current number isn't necessarily correct. I got this achievement yesterday and it still shows in Battle records that I don't have it and current progress is 18.
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