Hero King achievement in Soulcalibur IV

Hero King

Level up to 20 (Online).

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How to unlock the Hero King achievement

  • ROGOTOTOROGOTOTOThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    04 Jun 2009 27 Jan 2011
    27 3 10
    It takes roughly 50-60 wins to reach level 20. It goes way faster if your boosting partner has full experience, as you gain an extra 50 per win. I suggest fisrt attack and ring out on a full EXP partner. You get 148-168 EXP a win depending on how many rounds you won. It takes 3 wins for a level.
    Also izret102 found these
    Just some extra info the Win count might vary. I boosted these myself with 2 consoles/copies of the game.
    Win - 80 (varies based on other factors?)
    Lose - 0
    First Strike - 3
    Perfect - 10
    Critical Finish - 7 (Cancels Perfect)
    K.O. - 5 (Non perfect win)
    Ring out - 3 (Cancels Perfect)

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    Apexios67 wins in Standard Versus mode and achievement unlocked. Used a mixture of Ring out for the first 12 levels then KO with Seigfried. Used to consoles to do it, very boring in the end, but not as bad as expected.

    I was getting 139xp every win until level 10, then it dropped off to 98 (using ring out).
    Posted by Apexios on 08 Jun 11 at 11:49
    IElitePredatorII need help with this. :P
    Posted by IElitePredatorI on 02 Aug 11 at 10:44
    FrogDog001If anyone wants to do the online achievements for this game I've made a session.
    Posted by FrogDog001 on 26 Aug 19 at 08:13
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  • th3 12th m4nth3 12th m4n143,435
    20 Feb 2009 20 Feb 2009
    14 2 2
    (Boosting Method):
    Ok, just got this with my buddy. You're going to want to pick Shura, and then pick a map where you can easily ring out, we did the River one where you're on a small platform going down stream (yes, I forgot the name). Then start up the game (be sure it's a ranked match) and run at your buddy and push him to the edge the while sprinting at him and he's near the edge, press Y, or Y+B and you'll do an Animation Grab on him and throw him off the edge...

    Average Round Time: 4.5 Seconds.
    Average Match Time: Under 30 Seconds (Damn Cut Scenes.)

    Do this method and you'll have this (and the 100 Online Games) in the bag.
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    Grimace221Is there a trick to boosting with a buddy in a ranked match? I can never seem to find my friend in ranked matches.
    Posted by Grimace221 on 28 Nov 09 at 19:22
    Kungfupanda17yep, set up and game with 90 seconds timer, and get him 2 serch for a 90 second timer.
    Posted by Kungfupanda17 on 05 Mar 10 at 13:20
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic407,132
    28 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012
    11 0 0
    In order to get to level 20, it takes exactly 65 wins (no losses) against a level 1.

    From levels 1-10 or 12ish, you can get 139 pts per match (Win = 100, 3x Perfect = 30, 3x First Attack = 9). That is doing a Perfect round without a Ring Out (Ring Outs negate the points from a Perfect). That translates to 3 or 4 matches per level up to that point. 2 or 3 matches to get to the full exp for that level, then another match to hit you to the next level. When you level up, you should be halfway to the next level.

    Once you reach level 10 or 12ish, your points per win go down to 119 per win, due to fighting someone well below your current level. You get 80 pts for the Win rather than 100.

    Like Rogotogo, I used two copies of the game + two consoles to do it myself. It takes a few hours to do and is quite boring.

    Also, you do NOT get experience points by doing Player Matches. These all have to be done in Ranked play.
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