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Undeath Defeats Undeath

Complete all Carnán quests.

Undeath Defeats Undeath+0.1
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How to unlock the Undeath Defeats Undeath achievement

  • Straight BlazenStraight Blazen609,437
    11 Oct 2017 11 Oct 2017
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    First In order to do this you'll need to get through act 1.
    This is so you unlock all regions. So continue with the main quests until you can go anywhere on the map. Once you've completed the first act just look through your quest scroll 4 over till you get to " Carnán Quests "

    First quest will be " Violent Nature " completing this will start unlocking the other quests in this line. You will need to complete all 9 quests the last quest is " Army of The Dead "
    Highly recommend recruiting a high level bodyguard for this mission as Zog The Eternal and his men do get irritating. Also there is a captin around each totem.

    Also note completing " Fire and Ice " grants you the ability to summon a drake ( dragon )

    Message for help.
    Lemme know if I can add anything else to this guide.
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    TanogrusI'd recommend the strategy that I used upon the final mission within this quest-line. If you take it slowly and stealthily, you CAN clear the totems in a circle. Go above the totem's, drop down, and purify them. Then, once more go around the circle eliminating the enemy captains. Once you've gotten to the final totem, you need to 'attract' an enemy captain, if not two. Sneak in, purify, and you're done with the totems. All's that left, is to eliminate Zog the Eternal. He is immune to executions, so keep your might and combo count going.
    Posted by Tanogrus on 13 Oct 17 at 01:47
    SolaceConquestExactly how I beat it, except, I accidentally called in a Graug on the final one before the middle collumn. Made things alot more interesting though.
    Zog is very weak to ranged and fire on my game, I kept smashing him in the face with arrows using the collumns for cover, then mighty shot with the fire addon to stun him.
    Posted by SolaceConquest on 14 Oct 17 at 11:58
    Straight BlazenAgreed with both comments !
    Posted by Straight Blazen on 15 Oct 17 at 02:00
    umainbearmanI got frustrated with Zog and all him immunities in the ice lake fight so I just stun punched him til my bar was filled enough to do an execution (about 9 or 10 times). It doesnt work in the arena fight though, its best to have a body guard with fire weapons and if possible immunit to curse. Its a serious cheese tactic but if you are low on health the punch doesnt give him a chance to do anything and it builds your might meter for an execution.
    Posted by umainbearman on 26 Oct 17 at 05:10
    TK TurkHmm, I did all the quests but the achievement never popped. Anybody have a similar issue?

    *EDIT* I signed out of my profile and back in and the achievement is now showing as unlocked. It didn't "pop", but at least I'm receiving credit for it now.
    Posted by TK Turk on 19 Nov 17 at 15:35
    Straight BlazenIt may pop over time, I’ve had it happen countless times. Don’t believe it happened for this game tho !
    Posted by Straight Blazen on 23 Nov 17 at 03:40
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