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Transcend History and the World

Acquire all weapons and equipment.

Transcend History and the World+0.3
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How to unlock the Transcend History and the World achievement

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    You will need to get around 3,000,000 gold in order to buy every weapon and piece of equipment.

    You will get gold from beating arcade and story mode, winning ranked matches, and completing levels for Tower of Lost Souls. To save money, you can unlock items by completing certain tasks in the TOLS levels.
    In order to buy all pieces of equipment, you have to unlock a certain number of achievements (I believe 25 or 30). Accessories (items for the guest characters, Algol, and Star Wars characters) might count towards this achievement, but I can't confirm that. A special note: Voldo has a piece of equipment that can only be bought when editting him or a character modeled after him. You have to buy all equipment for both genders as well.

    In order to be able to buy every weapon for each character, you must beat the game with each character in story mode. Pretty much, beat story mode 32 times (one time for each character).

    There's an exploit to gain some fast gold. On level 60 of TOLS, simply walk back towards the ledge and let Algo knock you down. When de you're down on the ground, don't touch the controller. If your character is angled correctly, Algol will ring himself out and you'll have 12500 more gold. Repeat as many times as necessary.
    To make things easier, organize how you'll buy things. Set out to buy all male equipment at once (on Voldo), then all female equipment, then buy all weapons for each character one at a time (So, buy all the weapons for Siegfried, then all the weapons for Nightmare...etc etc).

    EDIT: Since Izibaar requested, it should be noted that going through the story mode with every character and completing arcade mode a few times will net you around 1,000,000 gold. So you can get a decent amount of gold in your bank (as well as all of the weapons unlocked) before you go about doing the TOLS exploit.

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    Darkness727420So I have an issue, not with the solution but my own issue that im not sure of and wondering if anyone knows or has an idea of my issue. Long story short, got 41/50 achievements on a hard drive I do not have anymore. Will the game reconize that I have 41 achievements? Or do I need to literally do everything over again to unlock what needs to be unlocked in order to buy everything? Follow me? I hope so lol. Anyone know?
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 30 Dec 16 at 21:36
    Sir LagselotI can confirm as of 2019, the glitch with algol still works. Easy 12.5K every time. Thanks for the guide, 100%ing this today because of your help. :)
    Posted by Sir Lagselot on 29 Jan 19 at 18:53
    Darkness727420Answered my own question. No it will not recognize if you already have any achievements. You'll have to "earn" them again in order to unlock everything. A bit late but it seems I'm the only one that's had that issue.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 29 Jan 19 at 19:05
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  • Ninja ScrollNinja Scroll439,196
    18 Jun 2009 18 Jun 2009 18 Jun 2009
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    To add to the original solutions for this achievement I want to clear up and cover a few things that were not made clear.
    Make sure you not only complete Story mode w/ all of the characters, but also on the create a character you need to go all the way to the top right of the selection screen and click up the “star” for the remaining generic 5 characters and beat story mode w/ each one of them. Then purchase each of their remaining weapons.
    Which leads me to this- if you are unsure who you beat story with, and in order to prevent you from beating it w/ the same characters for no reason go to create a character, then look at each of their weapons listing. Each character should have exactly 8 weapons, no more, no less.
    If they have less than 8 then you have not completed the story mode with them.
    To make sure you bought every weapon and equipment I just started from top to bottom. Everyone will have their own method; however I found it easier to start from top to bottom for each line of characters.
    As someone mentioned about how much money you will need to purchase all the items, it does not take nowhere near 3million dollars. I say just over 2.1 or 2.2mill if that.
    Best way to boost as already suggested for money is to go to Level 60 on TOLS and let Algo knock you down close to the edge. Just position yourself to the edge and watch this fool combo himself right out of the ring with a jump flip. Very funny, and never gets old to watch, …. well, maybe after viewing number 45. Good for 12,500 everytime in cash.

    To get this achievement it is going to cost you countless hours but continue to rinse and repeat and you will have it before you know it. ;)
    P.S. this is my 1st ever Achievement Guide on Great site. Extremely helpful for achievements w/ suggestions and youtube videos.
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    Eos CreonI have everything and no achievement! Do you actually have to rank each character up to fighting style 9 to be able to buy all of the equipment??
    Posted by Eos Creon on 12 Sep 13 at 17:15
    Herbal42Just to confirm, It took just under 2,207700 in gold for me to get this. Plus I still have soe left over. Over 64 hours of play time, and a bad glitch with Looter of The Battlefield not showing on my gamertag, but showing in the game I finally got it.
    Posted by Herbal42 on 21 Aug 14 at 22:20
    Dan B 697Yeah i don’t know how you see 2 mil, it’s without a doubt 3 mil
    Posted by Dan B 697 on 14 Aug 19 at 12:22
  • SanadaSanada664,438
    27 May 2011 09 Mar 2011 25 May 2011
    15 1 12
    I just want to say that despite the patch on Algol not ringing himself out it is easy to simply clear your cache / delete the updates and do that same method offline to get gold and then save and pop back online to pop the achievement online so you can have the timestamp if that's a big deal to you or just unlock it offline too. Hybrid sums up this level 60 "exploit" pretty well refer to his guide. I'll sum it up quick though, let him knock you down near the ledge, stay down and let him throw himself off the stage. For a detailed guide simply refer to Hybrids guide.

    EDIT: Apparently the patch didn't 100% fix Algol jumping out of the ring, IXCrucifixionXI confirmed you can still get him to jump out. This may or not be due to the fact he was using a smaller character like yoda I'm not 100% sure I'll have to get up to that point once again and try it out.

    Also forgot to mention some items people may forget...
    1.) Make sure you complete all story modes as that unlocks two weapons for each character that are required.

    2.) Voldo has a mask you can only buy while customizing him so make sure you purchase this.

    3.) The treasures do count that you equip on to default characters, so make sure you get them for that 20 G achievement before going for this.

    If you have any other tips you would like to see feel free to comment and tell me how to improve!
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    Eos CreonI have everything purchased, and NO achievement!!! All weapons, 8 for every character, both male & female equipment, all accessories. Now, here's my question: Do you have to have all characters to style 9, for all equipment to show up??
    Posted by Eos Creon on 12 Sep 13 at 17:22
    SanadaLike I said in the guide there are only a few things I can suggest...

    Did you make sure to count them out? If you just look, you won't see the joke weapons even on the roster. The voldo mask gets some people...your comment ruled out the possibility of never getting the female gear.

    The armors are tied to the achievements, so weapon style doesn't have anything to do with it. There's not much I can offer without being there to see myself, sadly. If you have a fresh pair of eyes look your list over it could help perhaps?
    Posted by Sanada on 12 Sep 13 at 20:25
    oo EVIL GOAT ooDon't forget that Nightmare has 3 unique arms and Yohimitsu has 2 unique arms. Voldo's unique mask was the last thing i needed
    Posted by oo EVIL GOAT oo on 05 Feb 16 at 04:53
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