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No Orc Left Behind

Rescue a Follower who's been captured.

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How to unlock the No Orc Left Behind achievement

  • All the TigersAll the Tigers488,980
    25 Oct 2017 25 Oct 2017 27 Oct 2017
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    This achievement requires a bit of preparation, a bit of time, a bit of luck, and then a bit of skill, mostly in that order. Once you get to Act II, you can start dominating enemies, including captains. You can do this achievement any time after that. Here's how it works:

    Step 1 - Preparation: Dominate a whole bunch of captains. I recruited about half of the available captains in the Seregost region when I did this achievement. Do not dominate all the captains in a region, because you need allied captains to fight against enemy captains in Nemesis missions. If you've dominated all the captains in a region, either go to a different region or shun some from your army. Warchiefs and Overlords don't count.

    Step 2 - Time: Specifically, advancing time. Once you own as many captains as you like (preferably around half of the captains in a region), go to one of the fast travel beacons and hit cn_X to advance time. Just like in Shadow of Mordor, there are Nemesis missions where the various captains fight against each other. You want one of your captains to fight against one of the enemy captains. Do not join any of the missions. Just let them time out by advancing time. From the Army menu, you can command a captain to attack an enemy captain using cn_Y if you want.

    Step 3 - Luck: Just like in the previous game, there are different ways for Nemesis missions to end. The outcome you want is for the enemy captain to capture your allied captain. For me, this happened during a Chase mission when the enemy captured my ally. The first time this happens for you, you'll get a pop-up tutorial telling you that you have to save your guy, so let's go do that.

    Step 4 - Skill: Go to your map and find the rescue mission. Head to the starting point and begin the mission. A short cutscene will play with each captain doing a one-liner, and then you get control of Talion again. What you have to do is free your captain by going behind him and pressing cn_RB to cut him free, and then you have to kill, dominate, or shame the enemy captain to complete the rescue mission. Be careful not to let your captain die, because that will fail the mission and void the achievement. Kill or pin any enemies in the area to give yourself enough time to cut your guy free, then go wild on everyone in the area. The achievement will pop after you've dealt with the enemy captain and ended the mission.

    Side Note: I have no idea how much a captain's level plays into whether they're captured or if they're killed or if they succeed. For this achievement, my level 51 captain was captured by a level 48 enemy, and while I was advancing time, one of my level 8 captains straight-up murdered a level 25 enemy captain. Either way, you have no control over which captain gets which role in which Nemesis mission, so just keep advancing time. It only took my about 5-10 minutes of advancing time for my captain to get captured, but it may vary from Gravewalker to Gravewalker.

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    TAC14SPECOPSI know this game came out a while (thanks ever-growing backlog), but I was just advancing time waiting for the capture mission to appear and suddenly on the army screen the achievement popped and it said one of my Captains had escaped. So you don't technically have to do the rescue mission because I wasn't paying attention and was just passing the time and still got this. I know that's not as reliable since the captain could still die but just for disclosure.
    Posted by TAC14SPECOPS on 08 Jul 18 at 00:49
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  • rekikirerekikire1,250,275
    11 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017
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    An easy way to get a rescue mission is to wait for Act IV. For one of the siege defenses that you need to do just let it fail. After the mission has failed your overlord will be captured and you will have a nemesis mission in the region to rescue them.

    Go to the mission start point, free your captain then kill/recruit the enemy. It's important to stay near your captain and continuously attempt to cut them free. If you go too far away another orc will slit their throat while they are tied up and the rescue mission will end.
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    THE HAY K1NGThe easiest way to rescue your captured overlord/captain is to make sure you have your Might fully charged before you start the rescue mission. After it starts, run right next to your captured comrade and use "Elvin Light" (preferably with the 'Winter's Breath' add on) to freeze everyone and this will easily allow you enough time to cut your comrade free and then he can defend himself so you don't have to babysit him so he doesn't die while trying to kill the other orcs.
    Posted by THE HAY K1NG on 17 Nov 17 at 19:57
    DAC Prussia 86Awesome! I have complete the achievements just right the first defense. Just like suggest you, I lost the assault, then i rescue my warchief and kill the fucking enemy!!! Easy!! Thanks again headspin
    Posted by DAC Prussia 86 on 14 Sep 18 at 09:42
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