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Surgeon General

Heal over 100,000 health in a match

Surgeon General-0.4
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Achievement Guide for Surgeon General

  • tornprince2012tornprince2012756,373
    14 Oct 2017 15 Oct 2017 07 Feb 2018
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    I will try to give you some tips and guidelines to make this easier for you to unlock.

    Important things to know : the achievement pops the second you get 100K healing midmatch. It cannot be unlocked in training mode, only in PvP.

    Good news : after OB64+OB65 patch this achievement can be unlocked in training mode as well!


    My hero recommendation : Seris, and her only.
    She's not a free hero and costs a few thousand coins (12,500 as of moment of writing this) but she's the easiest to get 100K healing with : enormous reach with the right build, very high healing rate and good survivability. Buy her and take her straight to the action.


    Build tips : SINCE the last OB64+OB65 patch the card system is different, so I am changing the solution accordingly. Get whichever cards you want or use a pre-built deck.

    Get yourself into Siege training, preferably with a full team of friends/people who need some achievements as well because they will make it very easy on you to unlock this.

    The tips for the training Siege match are simple : ask your friends not to capture the point but keep fighting and keep the enemies away from the capture point. At the end of the first round let your team capture the point but ask them not to advance. This will end your first round with the score of 1-1. This means that you'll have 3 more rounds to go!

    Try to stay away from combat, you're a 100% healer for this match, so don't shoot at all. The more you kill - less your teammates get hurt - less healing you will do. Your reticule has to be on the champion you're trying to heal, remember that too. Watch the players, don't try to heal those who are at full health already. Would be nice if as many as possible of your teammates will pick frontline champions ( more health, more survivability, more health to heal! ) and obviously they can buy Rejuvenate card to receive more healing from you.


    In case and you don't have enough players to fill all the slots and you're playing with AIs, they might capture the point for you. Don't worry - in that case just stay where you are and don't help with moving the payload. You'll still have enough time to accumulate 100K healing for the whole match.

    Sorry for the long solution, I tried to make it very detailed in order to save frustration and answer those questions I never find answers to. Good luck!
  • xSTU360xSTU360205,800
    19 Feb 2018 20 Feb 2018
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    This solution of mine that I will give you must play with a friend of yours, in case you do not have a friend who owns this game I recommend that you see the solution of tornprince2012. If you have any friends that have this game and can help you recommend you to read and use my tips. Let's go to the solution.
    . I recommend SERIS character for this achievement. And I'm warning you that it's not very cheap to unlock her.
    . You should do the following, look for an unbound siege match, because this and the match that takes longer to finish, for this achievement you need a lot of time.
    . You must select the character SERIS, and your friend the character FERNANDO, because he has enough life.
    When you start the game, your friend should stay close to the goal (not inside it, so you capture the goal and lose time), and you stay behind him in a place protected from enemies healing him (healing others of the match as well, but your main focus is your friend). Then when your friend is low on life, ask him to take the shield and hide, so you can heal him very easily.
    . On the selection of cards for Seris, I recommend seeing the guide from tornprince2012.
    . Remembering that FERNANDO has 5000 lives if I'm not mistaken, then you healing the ja gain a lot of advantage to reach 100,000 and unlock the achievement.
    . In the parts that I told your friend in this guide, I am referring in the character that he is playing, the FERNANDO in the case.
    . Let your team take care of the goal, you just concentrate on the achievement, if the enemy team captures the goal, then FERNANDO goes to defend and prevent the enemy team from winning, and SERIS only focuses on healing.
    . Probably if a team can do 2x0, in case you capture the target and manage to push the wagon to the enemy base, you probably will not be able to unlock the achievement. Then you will need a few tries for that achievement.
    . With my friend, I was lucky to unlock her on the first try using these tips, in regards to luck, I was lucky because when my team captured the goal, they failed in the attack, and so went 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and etc. . I was able to unlock the achievement when I was 3x3 for each team. And in the end I healed 108,000 of healing.
    Sorry for the long solution, I tried to do my best to explain it right, any questions ask in the comments, and in case you have a negative vote, explain why in the comments.
    Just remembering that you will need some attempts at this achievement.
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