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Survivor in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Survivor128 (15)

Survive 4 bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless on Expert difficulty.

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Achievement Guide for Survivor

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Achievement won on 12 Oct 17
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Posted on 12 October 17 at 23:11, Edited on 17 November 18 at 11:35
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to changes to Torbjorn's kit in 2018 prior to the event, his section is slightly outdated though the general principal should still be the same.

Survivor Tip: You have to survive through wave four of the bonus rounds (i.e. surviving until the timer hits zero and wave 5 starts). Just getting to wave four will not unlock it.

My group used McCree/Soldier 76 (my character) /Torbjorn/Zenyatta.

Please be aware my entire group was a pick-up group with randoms and no one using the mic but we were comfortable with our roles.

Setup: McCree left stairs, Soldier 76 center lane/back, Torbjorn on right with turret on the platform while Zen should move between center and right.

General Things
-If possible all players should play what they are most comfortable with, however if someone is more proficient at a certain hero than you are let them play that hero. At the very least try to learn the different characters your group is going to play.

-All players should prioritize shock-tires. It is not just a single person job. Expect three shock-tires every round (while this may not be true for every round, the mindset will keep you ready for them).

-Junkestein's voice will come from the direction of the shock-tire spawn. While you should be listening for it, if you do miss it one of your characters will usually provide a call-out the direction. Key words are:
"Ramparts" = Left stairs
"Bridge"/"Middle" = Center
"Right" = Right pond

-We generally used ultimate abilities as frequently as possible but try to time your ultimates so that you have a reasonable amount of time to replenish it with the enemies leftover. Headshots are your friend for that.

-Each wave is one minute long with little-to-no break in between. Bosses will usually spawn at 56 seconds (or 4 seconds into the round), and if not taken care of quickly enough will stay for the next round making it tougher. If this happens in the later waves it almost always guarantees a wipe.

- This guide can be applicable to the Unscathed achievement on Hard.

For Expert difficulty the boss order is this:

Wave 1) Reaper
Wave 2) No Boss
Wave 3) Junkenstein’s Monster (Roadhog)
Wave 4) Junkenstein (Junkrat)
Wave 5) Reaper x2
Wave 6) Summoner (Symmetra)
Wave 7) Junkenstein’s Monster x2
Wave 8) Witch (Mercy)/Junkenstein/Junkenstein’s Monster
Wave 9) Reaper x3
Wave 10) Summoner x2
Wave 11) Junkenstein’s Monster x3
Wave 12) Witch/Junkenstein/Junkenstein’s Monster
Bonus 1) Reaper x3
Bonus 2) Summoner x3 (Note: This wave has five shock-tires.)
Bonus 3) Junkenstein’s Monster x3
Bonus 4) Witch x2/Junkenstein/Junkenstein’s Monster
Bonus 5) Reaper x3 (Note: This is where you can die)

Note: With the exception of Wave 1, the Summoner will always appear after a Reaper wave and never with another boss besides herself throughout the waves required for this achievement .


McCree should use Deadeye on each boss if he can as his ult build up is incredibly fast if he's left to kill the majority of the zomnics in his lane with headshots. When you get to the stages where multiples of the same boss appear, preferably use Deadeye on the second (or even third) so you have time to clear the field of Zomnics and build up your next Deadeye (and if you are feeling the risk is worth it head down closer to the boss to draw aggro away from Zenyatta). On any round with Junkenstein, stand close to the top of the stairs so his projectiles have a lesser chance of killing you. When the Witch shows up, try to kill her with the Deadeye, but if not make sure she dies quickly for obvious reasons. But probably the most important : Do not expose yourself to Junkenstein’s Monster that he’s able to hook you. Wait until Torbjorn or Soldier can draw his attention and lure him away.

On phases with the Summoner, head to the center lane to cover for Soldier 76 as you'll essentially swap places with him (explained in his section). Try to reposition near the door as she’s running down the stairs and if possible run past her while she’s occupied with the others, this will give you a good opportunity to use Deadeye while her back is turned because her AI will usually focus on closer targets.

Remember: You are the most important person when it comes to damaging the bosses. In the later rounds if you miss a Deadeye, your entire team will be hard-pressed to recover finishing that waves bosses before the next wave starts, you only have one minute to clear the bosses in a wave.

Soldier 76:

Soldier should focus on the Zomnics, but especially the Zombadiers and shock-tires. Your primary concern should be Shock-tire > Zombadiers > Boss > Zomnic. Keep an eye open for all three lanes but focus on left and center a little more heavily. Remember, Helix rockets are your friend but mainly use them on shock-tires or Zombadiers when there is no boss.
Also use your Biotic field to help out Zenyatta.

The best time to use Tactical Visor is during the boss phases when a) 3+ Zombadiers are on the field, b) There are too many Zomnics, c) when shock-tires are coming out or d) Anytime there is a combination of the above.

I cannot stress this enough though: Do not waste Tactical Visor on the bosses, especially Junkenstein's Monster; their health is too great for it to make a difference and you will not get the critical hit bonus for headshots. If you find yourself still in the mode after any of the Zomnic and shock-tire threats are dealt with and only bosses remain, focus on the more agile ones (Witch then Junkenstein).

As Soldier you also have one more job that is vital: Taking out the shield generator during each Summoner stage. Before her wave starts (right before a wave with Reaper ends), run up to the balcony on the left side and rocket jump to the platform where Junkenstein sets up. When she spawns you can destroy the generator with little difficulty as she has only her slow alternate fire to try and kill you (though be aware of any Zombadiers as their attacks can knock you off). After destroying all the generators for the round you should drop down the center lane and head back into position and refocus on the Zomnics before the Summoner(s). An alternate to this (but much riskier) is to run up the stairs as the Summoner is coming down, running past her and moving near the inner edge closest to Junkesteins platform without rocket jumping and destroy it that way, just be aware that this will be riskier in later waves due to enemy numbers.

Another common strategy is to use Torbjorn’s turret, but my group found a couple drawbacks: 1) To destroy the generator it usually requires Molten Core to survive that long when you could use the ult to clear the field. 2) The turret is still within the range of the Summoner’s primary fire allowing her the opportunity to destroy it. 3) There’s no 100% guarantee that it will destroy the generator unless Torbjorn is next to it which puts him at risk. 4) The few seconds needed to reposition the turret during the wave can make or break the team depending on how well you are doing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:: Due to changes to Torbjorn's kit in 2018, this section is outdated.

Your job is to provide support for Soldier and McCree in getting targets they might miss with your turret. Your main focus is on the right lane with and any Zombadiers while your turret should be set up on the raised ledge to the right of the door. You will also be the main “tank” of the group because of your armor packs and increased armor and health in Molten Core mode, because of this, you are also the most responsible for keeping aggro off of Zenyatta (and by extension McCree and Soldier) when Junkenstein’s Monster shows up. Our Torbjorn for example used Molten Core to get close to shotgun the boss’s head while drawing aggro away from the turret and the team until Deadeye killed the Monster or brought him low enough to be killed easily.

Remember, Torbjorn’s rivet gun has a shotgun for alternate fire. That shotgun can also score critical hits if it’s a headshot so use that to your advantage on bosses or shock-tires if they get close (especially that vulnerable moment when Reaper teleports in). Get used to the projectile dropoff of the primary fire so you can headshot Junkenstein when he stands still.
Gather any available scrap metal on the field so long as it doesn’t get you killed. Set the armor packs near the door and try to spread them out a little if you can so when a player gets hit immediately after picking one up, they don’t waste another for a minimal amount of armor. When later rounds come into play, armor will be picked up much more frequently than you can lay down.

Molten Core should be used when 1) Soldier requires help with adds, 2) Boss fights. Unlike the others, you can use your ultimate a bit more liberally as you have the fastest ultimate gain of the team. The most important usage is to draw the attention of Junkenstein’s Monster so that he doesn’t Hook McCree out of a Deadeye. Try to lure him into the lake on the right to get him out of Hook range.

Key things to be aware of: Your turret will frequently be a target of the bosses because of its constant damage output. Do not be surprised if it gets destroyed, but try to set at least a level 1 somewhere to provide some extra damage and be a minor distraction. When things calm down reset back to the platform.


Primary focus is to keep everyone alive (obviously), provide support for Zomnic clearing and Discord Orb major targets such as Zombadiers, shock-tires and bosses.

You are the squishiest target so try not to stay in Reapers or Junkenstein’s Monster’s sights and keep an eye out on everyone’s health. Be as mobile as possible when Zombadiers take the field in numbers.

Discord all major targets before discording ordinary Zomnics, and keep a healing orb on McCree as default since he’ll be the farthest from the group (Soldier can use his Biotic field to heal Torbjorn and yourself). Always try to assist McCree when he uses Deadeye on a Witch wave with a Discord on the Witch before using the debuff on the Monster. You can Discord shock-tires but be aware that because of the enemies tendency to clump together it may be difficult.

On Summoner waves, keep Discord on her as long as possible.

Discord priority: Witch > Junkenstein’s Monster > 2+ Zombadier > Junkenstein > Shock-tire > Zombadier > Zomnic

Stay near Torbjorn or his turret so they draw the attention from enemies while killing Zomnics that may get past the others.

Transendence has the slowest ultimate buildup so it should be used when a) Someone (including you) is about to die (these moments are especially frequent when a person is caught against a wall in a Wild Hog Ultimate from Junkenstein’s monster or when multiple bosses are right on your group) or b) You are the last person standing in Bonus Wave 4 and are only a couple seconds away from Bonus Wave 5 and need to stall.

End Notes
This guide isn’t the only method as there are people who have done this with other Hero combinations (the exception being McCree so far). If you find yourself doing more with Hanzo then Soldier by all means use Hanzo. These are the tactics that my group used to get Survivor and Unscathed.

Hopefully this guide can provide some help in getting this achievement.
Good luck.
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