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The End? in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The End?118 (30)

In The Beast From Beyond, collect the final piece of the Soul Key.

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Achievement Guide for The End?

Mild Gonolini
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Mild Gonolini
Achievement won on 15 Nov 17
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Posted on 23 October 17 at 21:05, Edited on 30 November 17 at 16:24
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This is the main easter egg for the map "Beast from beyond". Leading up to the boss fight it is quite easy, and can be done at a very early round, however the boss fight is where the challenge comes in, I found it to be one of the hardest in IW.

I am writing this guide assuming you are familiar with the map layout, and how to unlock pac-a- punch. This can be done with any number of people, I did it solo and found the boss fight incredibly difficult, I personally found solo easier, but if the rest of your team is decent at zombies, you may want to use more than 1. No FaF cards are required, however some decent ones are very beneficial. The card "Hide and seek" (I think that's what it's called) is important for the boss fight, because hitting the buttons at the same time as the other players is very difficult with cryptids chasing you, so one person activating this and making everyone invisible from the cryptids for a time is very helpful.

You may also want to do the skull buster mini- easter egg to give each player all permanent perks for the fight, it is substantially easier than the ghosts and skulls on past maps, and doesn't take long, it is not required to complete the easter egg though.
Without further adieu let's get started on this easter egg.

Step 1: Get the power on

Something you may notice immediately is you start this map with an assault rifle, not the pistol. This is because very powerful and annoying cryptids (the aliens from the garbage that was COD ghosts extinction mode) will start spawning. They are very powerful and do as much damage as zombies, so it is very likely you fail on round 1 a number of times before you get the hang of these guys. The goal is to retrieve N31l's head and place it in the computer in spawn as soon as you can, because once you do, the following round will contain no cryptids and just good ol' fashioned zombies. In the large room central to the map you will see some debris covering a large hole in the ground. You need to jump down here onto the platform (if you miss the platform you die), and run through this area to the end where you will see N31l's head. Grab it and place it in the large computer in spawn. It is possible and encouraged you do this before the end of round 1, solo it is impossible do to this before round 3 I believe, because fewer cryptids spawn and so you won't be able to get many crytpids. With the power on you can move onto step 2.

Solo strategy: Getting the power on solo in this map is much more difficult, and I believe it can not be done on a round before round 3, if you don't know what you're doing you may die repeatedly solo just trying to get the power on.

To start, kill every round 1 cryptid without opening any doors. Once round 1 is done open the 750 door to the water area, now head up the stairs on the opposite side and sit there, killing all round 2 cryptids, do not open the door behind you. After round 2 is done, stay where you are and start killing the cryptids on round 3. You want to kill exactly 14 cryptids on round 3, so keep track, this ensures you kill all but one or 2, so the round doesn't end, and there are not too many to handle. Open the door behind you and jump down to N31L's head, grab it and run back to spawn, you will need to dodge the 1 or 2 cryptids still alive, do not kill them. Once N31L's head is placed, you can kill both of them and you will be rewarded with a max ammo, then its business as usual.

Step 2: Skull 1

Now this step actually requires you obtain the first of 6 skulls for the ghosts and skulls machine, it is very simple. A kind of cabinet looking thing spawns in one of 3 places, being:

-Above the entrance to the medbay area from the electric water area
-In the cargo area, go down the right stairs when you enter and look at the wall behind you.
-In the large central room, look to your left when looking at the bomb stoppers machine.

Each container is perched a few meters above your head. You must simply cook a grenade and air burst it beside the container to open it, and then shoot the cartoon skull with any weapon, causing it to disappear, easy, step complete.

Step 3: Skull 2 (Entangler skull)

You now need the second skull for the skull buster (this is why it is possibly worth doing skullbuster because the first 2 skulls are mandatory for the easter egg anyway).

If you head into the cargo bay, there will now be 4 very small red "X"s around the area, located:

-Right as you enter the area near the railway in the center of the landing.
-Right side of the area when facing the portal, between some shipping containers.
-Left side of the area, on top of a shipping container in the center area.
-Across from the entrance to the area, not up the stairs, right in front of the drop down to the lowest area.

Every player in your game needs to be standing on a red x to initiate this step, as soon as all players do, you will see a small green circle appear under your feet. All players must remain in this circle for the duration of this step. If one player steps out of the circle, they will dissapear and you need to try again the following round. The issue is, zombies will try and push you out of the circle, and only 2 or 3 hits will knock you out, the hitbox on the circle is not generous, so you may think you are standing in it but actually are not. Regardless of what round you are on, zombies will start continually spawning during this step, and they are runners too, they have the health of whatever round you are on though, so you want to keep this on an early round. Basically, just constantly be scanning your surroundings and shoot any zombies you see immediately. You need to survive for a solid 60 or so seconds, so some decent weaponry is required (the starting AR usually should suffice). The hide and seek card is very helpful here, because the zombies will ignore all players for 20 seconds, be warned though, it is possible they still randomly path towards you and push you out anyway. This is much harder solo, it is incredibly difficult without utilizing a fate and fortune card. I personally liked the card "explosive touch" using it will basically guarantee you complete it, because for a full minute any zombie that gets near you explodes, so shoot as many as you can and once it gets overwhelming hit the card and you'll be good for the rest of it, you can still shoot zombies but there is no need.
I should also mention that if you get downed on your circle, it will not fail (assuming you are still on it, and not solo) and this can be beneficial because the zombies will stop attacking you. I also found that, even if you bleed out, your circle will remain lit, so if need be try to down over getting pushed out.

In the center of the room a skull will be slowly moving upwards, when it reaches the top of its little light thing, the step is almost complete, but you must act fast. The circles will disappear and the skull will appear somewhere in the room, whoever is closest needs to quickly run to it and grab it. Usually you will need to make a huge jump in order to reach it, and you must be holding cn_X while you do. The skull will disappear in a few seconds and you will need to start the circle standing step again next round. If you do grab the skull, the entangler weapon will spawn in the center of the room, which all players should grab, and its on to the next step.

Step 4: Floppy disks

This step is not too bad, basically you need to retrieve 4 floppy disks from around the map and place them in the N31l computer at spawn in the correct order.

Floppy disk 1: This one is the easiest, outside, to the left of the pac-a-punch portal, near the edge of the map, it is sitting in the snow.

Floppy disk 2: Teleport to pac-a-punch and teleport right back out, after about 20 seconds, a phantom crpytic will spawn on the bridge, who you must kill, he is quite powerful and has a fair amount of health. You might want a few players here with you to help take him down. Once he is dead, he will drop the second floppy disk at his feet, it is recommended you lead him to spawn and kill him there so you do not need to keep running back and forth to grab floppy discs.

Floppy disk 3: For this, you will need to pick up the entangler and head to spawn. You will see a few space helmets lying around spawn. You need to shoot one with the entangler and keep the trigger held down to carry it with you. Head into the med bay (where the dead cryptic on the table is). and you will see a kind of force field. You must aim the the space helmet at a green screen on the opposite side of the force field and release the trigger. Hitting the screen will disable the force field, and you can walk in, the floppy disk is sitting on a table as soon as you walk in.

Floppy disk 4: Again, you need the entangler. Leaving the cargo bay area head right but not up the stairs, look to your left for a kind of fenced off area, leading to an area behind the wall that is opposite the entrance to the cargo area. You need to fire your entangler into this area, and move it around a bit to grab hold of the floppy disk, then release to shoot it into the vent system. Make sure you actually shot it far enough by moving your activated entangler around the area to see if you still grab hold of it. You now need to find the floppy disk lying just outside one of a series of vents on the floor around the area. There are quite a few of these around the area, including in the break room and one in spawn beside the mystery wheel location. I won't go over every location because they are fairly easy to spot, look just like small openings at the bottom of the wall, with blood coming out of them.

Note, each player can only hold 1 floppy disc at a time, but you can see the symbol on each disc without picking them up, which is what you need to figure out the order. To figure out the order, you need to look at the following pictures. Only one of the pictures will contain all 4 of your symbols, figure out which one it is, and basically just ignore every symbol on there that isn't one of the 4 you got, the order is just looking at the symbols from top to bottom going from 1-4. So the highest of the symbols you have is in slot 1, and the lowest in slot 4, again, completely ignore the symbols that are not on there. Note I take no credit for these images I got them off of reddit.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

All of these can be found around the map, they're just a pain to find and never change.

Once you know the order head to where you placed N31l's head and you will see 4 slots you can place the floppy discs in. Make sure you are carrying the correct floppy disk and insert it into the right slot (the order you place them in does not matter, meaning you can place the slot 3 one before slot 1, but they must be placed in the right slots). Once all 4 are placed correctly, and this step is done. N31l will get pissed off and start messing with you, randomly closing doors and activating traps until you finish the easter egg, so be careful.

Step 5: Teleporting the button

You must now head to the theater area with the entangler. Right before the arcade, you will see a large cut out of the brute from spaceland. In the hallway behind him, on the wall to the right is a small red button. You must entangle this button and walk over to the arcade with it. You now need to find the "Beast from beyond" poster on the ground beside some machines on the left side as you enter. You must release the entangled button and shoot it into the poster, check the button spawn to make sure it is no longer there and you teleported it (if not just do it again). This is very touchy and you will likely miss a number of times, you can retry as many times as you want.

Now head to the med bay and underneath the table where you grabbed the floppy disc is the button, which you can crouch and press with cn_X, a noise is heard indicating you hit it.

Step 6: Pipe puzzle

Now if you head into the med bay area with the dead cryptic, you will see a section of the wall now reveals a puzzle you need to solve. There are 16 pipes and they are all either horizontal or vertical. Your objective is to turn every pipe either horizontal or vertical (doesn't matter which). Holding cn_X when you have any of the 16 pipes highlighted will switch it's orientation plus the orientation of a few other pipes. There are really 3 ways to solve this:
1. Randomly start to switch pipes and hope for the best
2. Use logic to solve the puzzle how it is meant to be solved, you may be good at these types of puzzles, I wasn't.
3. Use the solution I'm about to describe, I have yet to have this not work for me.

To start, do not touch any pipes, and you need to write down which pipes are vertical (you can also write down which are horizontal, but to simplify it I'll just explain the other way). You can either take a picture of the orientation, or just write down the positions of each vertical pipe. Now simply turn every pipe that was vertical during the initial orientation. So if a pipe is vertical to begin with, but turns horizontal as you start turning the other vertical pipes, you still turn it when you get to it. Basically you are blinding yourself from what you are witnessing in the game, and looking only at the picture you took of the initial orientation, turning each pipe that is vertical in the picture, but doing the turning in the game.

Now there is a 50% chance doing this will immediately solve the puzzle, if it does not, do not fret, and do not start randomly turning pipes. Now you want to note the horizontal pipes of the puzzle in this state (this is not the same as the beginning state, this is the state that occurs after you turn all the vertical pipes). Now do the same thing, turn only the pipes that are horizontal as they were noted earlier, after doing this, you will definitely complete the puzzle (assuming you did not complete after turning each vertical pipe). I should mention, you can also start with turning every horizontal pipe, and then turn every vertical pipe, either way you will get the solution at some point.

Edit: I have actually recently had this not work for me, so if after trying to switch all verticals, and then all horizontals (or other way around) does not work, simply redo the second attempt (so it would be either switch all vertical, horizontal, horizontal, or switch all horizontal, vertical, vertical)

Step 7: Escort N31L's head

As soon as you finish the previous puzzle, you are on a time limit to quickly finish the next step. One player with the entangler must head to spawn and entangle N31L's head. As soon as you do this, zombies will start spawning and these guys have substantially more health than normal, which is why you shouldn't bother killing them, just train them up. The guy with N31L's head needs to head to pac-a- punch, the issue is, the zombies will make this hard, and N31l will close doors, but they can not be opened, you just need to wait them out. So you need to be avoiding zombies while trying to find a path to pac-a- punch sometimes needing to wait out a door. If you run into things, there is a chance you will just drop N31l's head, which nukes all the zombies. If this happens, its okay, because the round won't end, but you will need to solve the pipe puzzle again (it becomes available after a small wait), use the same strategy I described above to solve it again.

If you do manage to get N31l's head to pac-a-punch you need to hover his head over the computer monitor to your right, and let go, hopefully his head will gently go into the monitor, but it's possible it just screws you over and drops to the ground, requiring you do the pipe puzzle again. Once his head is in there, you have access to the boss fight, but you will definitely want to be well geared up for it.

I found a helpful glitch that makes this step substantially easier, it will make it so no extra zombies spawn while escorting his head, only the ones you have on your current round. I don't know why it works, the means of activating it seem completely arbitrary, but I assure you, it has worked every time I've tried it, and with any number of people.
After solving the pipe step, head right and down the stairs, before entering the electric water area, turn around and you will see a monitor with N31l's face on it above you. You need to pull out your entangler and shoot this monitor with it for about 3 seconds, while still shooting, press Y to switch to a different weapon. Now bring back out your entangler and shoot the monitor for about 3 seconds again, pressing Y while still shooting again. Now the player who shot this monitor can run to the N31L head you need to grab in spawn and grab it as normal with the entangler. You can now take it to the pac-a-punch easily because no zombies will harass you. I know the way to do this glitch seems downright ridiculous, but it really works, and it really is as simple as just shooting that monitor with the entangler twice, doing it once won't work.

I suggest all players have as many perks as you can. Doing skullbreaker is easy and very beneficial. If you have the skull hacker card you can just do it at any time without needing to do the steps. It is almost a necessity you do this, because, again, this fight is incredibly difficult, and you need all the help you can get. The 2 guns each player needs is an auger/ mauler (preferably mauler), and a kendall 44 (starting pistol on other maps, only available out of the box), both should be double pac-a-punched. The kendall 44 double pac-a-punched is absolutely essential, this is nearly impossible otherwise. Some powerful fate and fortune cards are also really helpful, phoenix rises is great because reviving people is very difficult, perk ensured also if you didn't do skull breaker, and of course hide and seek if you are not playing solo (it is still very useful solo, I've found however that the mammoths do not ignore you with it active, so be careful.

Step 8: Boss fight

To activate the boss fight, all players must hold cn_X on the N31l head in the pac-a-punch area, teleporting you to the area.

Now the boss fight is split into a number of sections, and the only enemies there are cryptids, and a stupid number of them as well.

Phase 1, Rhinos: Rhino cryptids will spawn one at a time out of the crates, you want to just unload into them with your LMG, they will die very fast. If they charge you they will red screen you in one hit with jug, so be careful, this is the easiest part, don't worry, it gets much harder. You will know where the next rhino is coming from because a laser will shoot open a crate.

Phase 2, Scout fight: Once the rhino's all die, you will see a number of telelporters on one end of the area turn on, back yourself into the opposite wall of the central square square area you spawn in, and bring out your kendalls. You basically need the upgraded kendall for this step, it is nearly impossible otherwise. An absolutely colossal number of cryptids will spawn out of these teleporters, just unload everything you got, because there is unlimited ammo refills in one of the crates (glowing yellow, it refills the ammo for whatever gun is in your hand, refill anytime you can). After about 30 seconds they stop spawning and the teleporters turn off.

Phase 3, Phantom's and scouts: Same idea, back yourself into the opposite end of the room from were you were shooting last, and kill the onslaught of scouts and phantoms, there are stupid numbers of these things, so just keep firing, phantoms die very quickly with kendalls, but if not using kendalls they can quickly overwhelm you.

Phase 4, Turning off monitors: You need to start booking it around the room, because crytpids will start spawning like nobody's business, you shouldn't bother shooting these guys because they keep spawning, rhinos will be spawning as well, you want to have your kendalls out and shoot any cryptids in front of you. Never go into the center of the room, it is a death trap, make sure everyone is spaced out and you are running around the perimeter of the room in the same direction. This part is honestly easier solo, because if you get to close to another player the cryptids in front of him will attack you. After a few seconds of surviving, 3 monitors around the map (beside the teleporters) will turn on, the more people you have in the game, the quicker you have to do this step. You must hold x on all 3 monitors in a short time period, if you are too slow they will reset, solo you can just run around and hit them sequentially, with multiple people, you will basically require someone activate a hide and seek card so everyone is invisible for 20 seconds, and everyone can hit one at the same time. Doing so will turn off all the teleporters, at this point it is best to kill all the cryptids in the area, reload ammo, and get ready.

Phase 5, Survive for 99 seconds: One of the crates in the center of the room will now be shot open, and it will reveal a monitor that is counting down from 99. You need to just not die for that amount of time, which is very difficult. Cryptids spawn out the wazoo, so only kill if they are in your way. You want to just circle the perimeter and keep your eyes open. It is very hard to know when the timer is done, because sneaking a peak at it is difficult. It is honestly easiest to just set a timer on your phone. If one player downs here there's really no way to revive them, because you will get killed the second you stop, so it is best to just try and stay alive yourself (unless you have phoenix rises or hide n' seek). You don't want to run around too slow, or too fast, there is a certain finesse to surviving here, it is more important you get a solid path down and stick to it then killing cryptids. Once the 99 seconds are up, one player needs to go up to the monitor showing the timer and hold x, this will instantly kill all cryptids, grab ammo and get ready for the actual boss.

Phase 6, the actual fight: 2 Blue rhinos (called mammoths), will spawn. These guys are incredibly powerful and have insane amounts of health. They do as much damage as rhinos (a single charge will red screen you), the difference is they will periodically drop blue fire on the ground that will never go away. So the longer you take to kill these guys the harder it gets because the fire will block off certain paths, it becomes very difficult to avoid. This fire does not kill you, and you can run through or jump it in a pinch, but an easy way to instantly down is by running through fire and getting charged by a rhino. You want to find a training spot and stick to it, until the fire becomes too difficult and you need to switch to another spot, there's nothing to killing these guys except for shooting the hell out of them using the double paped LMG. They have an obscene amount of health, that increases the more people in the game. You want to focus one rhino first, although this can be difficult because you can not tell them apart, nor how much health they have. Some normal cryptids will spawn but very few, just get rid of them ASAP so they don't get in the way (because again, a mammoth charge followed by any damage and its RIP). You need to be constantly adapting, and knowing where the fire is to succeed. Once both mamoths are killed a cutscene plays and you get the achievement thereafter.

Fastest way to kill a mammoth

The absolute fastest means of killing a mammoth requires 2 things:
1. The fortune card: Ego trip (increases head shot damage for 60 seconds)
2. The orange variant of the EBR- 800 sniper called "Bomber"

Now, the ego trip card is easy, it is a common card so it won't be difficult to stock up on some. The bomber variant of the sniper is much harder to come by. You can get it randomly out of a supply drop, but it is extremely rare, alternatively, you can save up enough salvage to purchase it outright, which will take a while but chances are if you have been playing zombies for a while and opening supply drops, you will have accumulated a vast amount of salvage, so you may, like, me, have enough already.
Now make sure you equip the bomber variant. You can purchase the EBR off the wall on beast from beyond, it is in the central area (where you drop down to tuff 'nuff), on the wall of the catwalk above. You want to have purchased and double pac-a-punched that for the boss fight. Make sure you save your ego trip card for the boss fight also. This is pretty simple in theory really. Make sure your sniper is in assault rifle mode (hold Y). Once you get to the mammoth step, activate the ego trip card, and try and position yourself so the mammoths are far away from you and running towards you. Now just simply spray into one of their faces with the sniper, it dumps the magazine very quickly, and does and absolutely insane amount of damage. I have not personally done this, but watching videos you can apparently kill a full health mammoth in about 2 seconds, using less than 1 magazine. It is important you be hitting it in the head (I believe its open mouth is the critical hit point), and you do this quickly, because, again, you have only 1 minute before the headshot card runs out (the sniper is still going to do a ton of damage, but it will take much longer after the card is finished). Now obviously, this method is not required, but if you can not seem to get past the mammoths, this is a pretty surefire way to kill them, assuming your aim is good.

Some general tips for the boss fight:
-Have perk ensured activated if you did not do skull buster, this will let you keep your perks if you down (only once though).
-If you need extra perks, there is a stack of some free ones in a clump at the perimeter of the area, hidden behind a wall, there are not a lot here, so be sparing.
-Never stop moving, cryptids are fast, and there's too many of them to outgun, so all you can do is just keep running, stamin- up (racing stripes) is recommended.
-If you have perk ensured or have done the skull buster easter egg, you need to be careful with what your mule kick gun is. When flipping through your guns, one of them will have a mule symbol above the ammo counter, this is the mule kick gun. If you down, you will lose this gun no matter what, even though you may keep mule kick if you are revived (if you've done skullbuster or perk ensured). So you want your mule kick gun to be expendable. You absolutely do not want your kendall or LMG (or EBR if you are doing that) to be your mule kick gun, because losing the kendall is suicide, and it will take ages to kill the mammoths without the LMG (which of course gets harder the longer you take). I personally just get rid of my mule kick after doing skullbuster anyway, because often times you may need to quickly switch to your kendall, and the third gun is useless when you have an ammo crate.

Edit: thank you to lifebringer23 for mentioning this glitch, which is a very useful exploit that effectively guarantees you beat the boss fight. To perform the glitch, you will need a minimum of 2 people in your game, and having done the skullbreaker easter egg will make this much quicker (though is technically not required). Head to the projector room when you're ready for the boss fight. Have all players hold x on N31L's head like normal. As soon as you do this, have one player (preferably the most under equipped player) run o the teleporter and teleport out of the projector room. Doing this will teleport the other players to the boss fight, but keep the one player in the normal map. Now as long as the player on the normal map stays alive (which is easy because there are no enemies) the guys in the boss fight can die as much as they want, just bleed out play some games to respawn, putting you back into the boss fight (of course having skullbreaker done means you won't lose any perks when you down, otherwise you will down a lot and this will take a whole lot longer). You can also rebuy all your guns back in the boss fight using the lost and found. The player on the normal map needs to basically just make sure they don't disconnect from inactivity (which I don't know if that can even happen on zombies), just to be safe move your character every once and a while). This is the video lifebringer23 showed, I can't personally ratify this glitch having never done it myself:

And that's it. Again, this easter egg is very easy leading up to the boss fight, but the boss fight is in my opinion the hardest in the game. If you have any questions (or mistakes with the guide), feel free to comment below or message me directly, good luck!

If you would prefer a video guide, this is the one I used, all credit goes to MrDalekJD on youtbe:

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