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UEF Campaign Complete: Hard in Supreme Commander

UEF Campaign Complete: Hard198 (40)

UEF Campaign Complete: Hard

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Posted on 18 March 11 at 03:59
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When going for this achievement, follow AtomicInternet's advice and beat the first 5 levels on easy before switching to hard to beat this one.

Before going into detail, I want to point out that the key to beating this mission lies in early preperation. Midway through the level things will get very intense and you'll pretty much have to make due with what you've built up to that point.

1. When the mission starts you'll have a short cutscene showing one of your transports being shot down. Recovering its cargo is your first objective but you'll want to ignore it for now. First off, you'll want to have your land factories start producing engineers. Most of these will be used to speed up production at your naval factories, the rest will build defenses around the Black Sun control center north of your base. Your naval factories should start building subs. Despite only being T1s, a sizable group of these can hold off any naval attacks that will be thrown at you. Your ACU should quickly be upgraded with a T3 engineering suite and then be used to create a large number of Power Plants and Mass Fabricators. Use your sACU to build a large number of T3 air defenses. Start by putting a large number of them near your naval factories and then begin adding some to the northern part of your base. Finally, the engineers you sent up north should build around 8-10 additional T3 air defenses around the control center as well as 6-8 T2 Artillery Towers.

Once your ready, begin building cruisers and battleships. About 10 of each should give you enough firepower to handle the next two sections. Use your battleships to clear the enemy navy around the downed cargo. Keep your cruisers and subs behind the battleships and bring them foward only when threatend by enemy air and subs respectively. When the area is clear simply bring up a transport to pick up the cargo and then drop it off near Black Sun.

2. At this point the map will expand to reveal an Aeon base on an island to the south-east. Taking this down isn't tough. The fleet you have now should be sufficient provided you don't push into the enemies defenses to quickly. One warning though, there are several battleships protecting the base that you'll want to watch out for. You'll probably want to start with taking down the enemies naval factories first and then move towards the shore. Make sure that you don't destroy everything until your ready for the next section. Leave one or two buildings standing and pull your battleships back out of range.

While your fleet is busy pounding the Aeon base your engineers should be busy fortifiying your own. You've now got access to a couple of new toys. First is the T3 shield generater. Place 5 of these down. 4 on Black Sun and 1 on the Controll Center.

Second is the T3 Artillery. These pack a punch and will be able to hit all of the enemy attacking lanes that you'll soon be dealing with. (Of all of the preperations you'll be going through the T3 Artillery is the one that's really optional here. I found them useful, but if you don't want to deal with the long construction times feel free to skip them.)

Third are the Fatboys. These are incredibly useful as one can take down a pair of Spiderbots on their own thanks to their superior range. A pair of these next to the control center will make life a lot easier for you. To support these, you'll want to build an Omni-sensor by the control center so that the Spiderbots actually show up on your radar.

Fourth, move the engineers supporting your naval factories over to your air factories and start producing T3 Gunships. You'll want a lot of them. I tried this with 30 and no Fatboys and got torn apart. Tried again with 100 and 2 Fatboys and only lost one gunship. Obviously, I went with extremes here so use your own judgement on this.

A few final preperations on this. First move the Air Superiority Fighters patroling your base north and have them patrol just in front of the control center. Second move your entire navy, except one battleship, to the north-west corner of the map. Once your satisfied with your preperations save your game and then have your lone battleship finish off the Aeon base.

3. And now the madness ensues. You'll immediatly notice that your are up against a very large army. Most of it consists of T1 enemies who will prove mostly harmless. The real threats here are the Spiderbots. If one reaches the command center you can be pretty sure that it's going to tear your defenses apart. And you're up against 6 of them. Send your gunships up and have them focus solely on the Spiderbots. Once they're down mop up any survivors and have your engineers make repairs.

Now you've just got to hold out until Black Sun charges. You'll be facing regular attacks from 3 directions. Air units from the north and naval units from the north-west can be repeled by the defenses you have set up. The naval units from the north-east will need to be handled by your gunships. They won't be able to kill the subs but those aren't a threat anyways as they never go all the way down to your base. You just need to make sure that the battleships don't start hammering your defenses.

As Black Sun charges your going to face several special waves of units. One of these will consist of additional Spiderbots. It's a smaller wave than the first one and starts from much farther away. During this wave you'll also be informed of several nuke launches. Don't worry about them as most will actually hit the Cybrans marching down on you. One nuke will hit you but it will land on the north-western part of your defenses which is of limited value to begin with and is likely to have been destroyed by now anyways. Your T3 Artillery (if built) and Fatboys(assuming that 1 is still alive) are enough to handle what's left of this. You'll also face a wave consisting of 2 Soul Rippers. Again, this wave isn't much of a threat as your AA defenses and gunships will tear right through these. There will also be a naval wave consisting of a Submersible Battleship. This one was interesting for me as it crushed what was left of my navy in the north-west but when it reached my base it just sat there and let the torpedo launchers, that were on the map to begin with, blow the thing up. If for you it does attack your base it will have to surface to do so. Just respond with your old standby's, the gunships, since the Submersible lacks any anti-air power.

One final wave and then your done. This one is two pronged. The first is a Czar that will come out of the north-west corner. If your air defenses are still in good shape then your fine. Otherwise quickly build a whole bunch of T3 AAs just north of Black Sun while the Czar slowly moves towards you. If you've still got a lot of gunships left you can use those but if they're lacking in numbers, hold them back for part two of the wave. Part two being an enemy ACU. It will be defended by a handful of ground and air units but a rush by your gunships should be enough to finish it. Alternativly, you could send out your sACU to fight it. You'll lose the sACU but the resulting nuclear explosion should be enough to kill or at least cripple the enemy commander.

And there you have it. Several achievements and a nice chunk of gamerscore.
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