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HI SCORE MODE 30,000 points

HI SCORE MODE 30,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 30,000 points+1.8
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  • bigsmok3rbigsmok3r978,058
    02 Nov 2017 02 Nov 2017 16 Feb 2018
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    This was a pain but what I did was abuse the back-kick(cn_X + cn_A)plain and simple, What your going to want to do is stand facing away from the enemies and wait until they get close, maybe an arms distance away and just kick, It's a 1-hit kill on all small enemies and 2 on larger guys. Keep all of your Specials(cn_Y) for the bosses and use all the pick-up weapons on groups. You need to beat the 2nd level boss to get to 30K, It took me a good 10 tries to finally get it so don't feel disheartened if you fail a few times, All the enemies appear at the exact same spot every time so it's just memorisation. EDIT - Quanticjustice had added you can press RT to perform the same move!
  • thanatos8285thanatos8285312,017
    30 Jun 2019 01 Jul 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    I had to make several attempts to finally get this one. Basically, you need to get to level 3. No way to get to level 3 without enough points for the achievement, and no way to get enough points before level 3.

    Your right trigger attack is your friend. It does a significant amount of damage relative to your regular attack, and since it attacks behind you, you can walk away from the enemies and make them chase you rather than having to face them head-on and increase the risk of damage.

    Reset if you lose any lives on the first level.

    For the first level, when the bikers show up, hit them with your special. They're hard to hit, and the one in the lead will give you a power-up ball, so you immediately get it back. For the robo-wolf, save the car you can lift and the weapon that the dog drops. Pick up the car while the wolf is powering up, hit him with the car as soon as you can, whack him 3 times with the pipe, and one last back-kick will finish him off. For the tank, don't try any weapons, just move to the bottom of the screen, right next to the tank. Face away, and keep hitting it with your back-kick until it explodes. This is a bit luck-based, unless there's a pattern to where the tank launches its rockets which I wasn't able to identify. But as far as I could tell, it was random. Hope for the best and remember to restart if you end up losing a life here. Hit the monkey at the end with two of your full-power specials to finish him.

    You should be entering the second level with 2 lives and 4 special attacks. Stick to the bottom of the screen as much as possible to stay out of the line of fire of the mechs, since their fire blasts can carve up your life bar quickly. When you get to the 4 enemies who jump out of the back of the truck, you should be up to 5 special attacks. Hit them with 1, and all 4 will now only need 2 back-kick attacks to finish off. Progress through the rest of the level as normal, and you should be full on special attacks - you'll be hitting the boss with all 6 as possible. Hit the truck monster... thing with your first two specials from anywhere on the screen. Your 3rd and 4th attacks can hit from any distance but will only hit in a straight line in front of you. Attacks 5 and 6 only hit right in front of you - treat them as if you're carrying a pipe or metal arm as a club. If you manage to land all 6 attacks, you should only need to hit the boss 2 or 3 more times with your back-kick attack to finish it off. Make sure you move in close to entice it to come after you, run away, and then attack as it gets close. A frontal attack is very risky. Once you finish off the boss, you'll either have your 30k points or only be a few hundred points short, which can easily be picked up at the start of the 3rd level.
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