Final Destination achievement in Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut

Final Destination

Get a score of 25 in Faces of Killed 3.

Final Destination0
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How to unlock the Final Destination achievement

  • LiquidAgLiquidAg317,659
    29 Jan 2020 29 Jan 2020 19 Oct 2020
    44 6 54
    I had a bit of trouble with this one, but with some patience and persistence, I finally got it. I'm going to include a quote from ManicMetalhead below, since he has summed up the most informative strategy for Faces of Killed 3, but I have a few pointers of my own, as well (see below the quote).

    All of the 'Faces of Killed' achievements rely on exactly the same principle, it's just a matter of the length of the killstreak that you build up.
    From the Main Menu, look at the Movie Shelf and highlight the movie called 'Faces of Killed 3' (it's on the third row down). It may also be called 'Yo! Skullface!' depending on your game settings.

    You'll be thrown into a mini-game (which is a good place to make some money as well, coincidentally) that is all based on your reaction times and a small dose of luck. You'll see a bar appear at the bottom and a segment of that bar will show up red. You simply have to press cn_A when the arrow slight [sic] above the bar is over the red section.
    Doing it once, will count as 1 in the chain, and you'll see a gory kill in the background (unless you're on PG settings).

    Doing it 25 [edit] times in a row without failing will unlock this achievement.

    There is also no timer for this, so you can take as much time as you want in between each kill. Getting up to 20 and 25 is tough, so will require some luck and focus. It helped for me to turn the music off while trying for 20 (or 25) [edit] as well, since it got a little distracting while going for the very small red segment.
    I agree about turning off the music. In fact, I muted the whole game and everything else around me, before I could get to 25.

    Also, you'll probably figure this out, but here's how the bar works. The skull with an arrow sits above the bar, and it slides left and right. You'll try to push cn_A while the skull/arrow is directly above the red section of the bar. Sometimes the red section is very wide, so it's easy. At higher streaks, it starts to get very narrow, making it very difficult.

    Now the skull usually starts somewhere to the right and slides all the way to the left, where it stops for just a moment. Even if you're mashing cn_A as the current kill starts up, you cannot stop the skull on this initial motion to the left; only after it starts moving back to the right. When it does start moving to the right, it moves at a pretty quick pace, but also speeds up as it gets further to the right. At the far right end of the bar, it bounces back to the left without pausing at the right end (at all). As it moves left again, it slows down slightly, until it stops again at the far left. It will remain motionless for a short moment before it starts moving again.

    The speed of the skull's movement may vary from kill to kill. I couldn't confirm this, but sometimes it felt faster or slower, overall. This could also be an optical illusion.

    Experiment to find your own best method, but here are some tips of things I tried:
    cn_guide Find a rhythm. Sometimes, you can get into a good rhythm and hit the red zone the very first time that the skull starts moving to the right. This is especially true in the early part of your streak. If you're lucky and/or quick to react, you may be able to keep this rhythm all the way to 25, but I doubt it.
    cn_guide Sometimes, even at high streak values, you'll get a random wide red bar (easy). Take advantage of the freebie, and relax a little, but don't lose your nerve on the next one.
    cn_guide If the red bar is small and very far to the left, it can be really hard to anticipate when the skull is about to move. In these cases, I actually found it easier to watch the skull go back and forth a few times, and then hit cn_A when it's on its way back to the left. It's easier to get the timing right if it's already moving.
    cn_guide Take your time! If you can't find a rhythm, or you find yourself getting impatient and making mistakes, remember that you can watch the skull slide indefinitely. Stop for a second, breathe, blink your eyes, and then get back into the zone. Watch it move back and forth a few times so you can feel the timing. This helped me tremendously for my final run at a 25 streak!

    Bonus Tips

    cn_guide Kinkyboots569:
    I found if you watch the skull and press A when the skull goes red, my reaction times are a lot quicker than just watching and waiting for the arrows to cross over the red bar
    cn_guide KANKURO KUDO:
    advise i found cover up the top right of your screen, watching the number total doesnt help. take a deep breath and keep trying took me ages to do but glad i did it in the end
    cn_guide Dr Bullard:
    Took me absolutely ages to finally get this. My main technique was to try and hit the bar the first time the marker went from left to right, if I let it bounce a couple times I’d lose my rhythm. As it’s been mentioned, my top tip would be to cover the counter in the top right corner. I didn’t think it was effecting me but I’d say around 3/4 attempts after doing so I managed to finally nab it.
    cn_guide DaChiefOfOwnage:
    What I found really helped was sit really close to your TV and concentrate on the bar and the red segment moreso than the skull. And don't look at the numbers.
    As you can see, different methods work better for different people. My last piece of general advice is this: Remove all distractions (sound, music, visual elements on the screen, the number tracker, etc.), and focus on one method. If you're watching the target area only, and it's not working, switch to watching the skull slide back and forth (or vice-versa). If you're sitting back to take in the whole screen, and that's not working, try sitting really close to your screen (or vice-versa). Don't spin your wheels and fail without changing something. Experiment until you find YOUR method that works.

    Message me or reply with any questions. I'll be glad to help!

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    PrimeBigTimeThe thing about this is that the cursor doesn't travel at the same speed throughout. It's faster at the right then slows down as it goes back to the start. Once I learned the speed I got it first try.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 22 May 21 at 18:24
    After getting this achievement, I had earned enough coins to buy every single gorepack and killer, and 20,000 extra coins as well laugh
    Posted on 31 Aug 21 at 03:55
    werewookieeI'm a lefty, so after failing a thousand times, I put the right side of the controller in my left hand and I got to 24 the first time! Progress!
    Posted by werewookiee on 10 Dec 21 at 23:03
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  • Team BretherTeam Brether1,332,174
    08 Oct 2020 12 Oct 2020 12 Oct 2020
    14 1 4
    The other guides cover a lot of information but here's my tip - Keep your eye on the target area at all times. Dont follow the moving cursor going left to right, just keep your eyes on the target area. You will be able to see the cursor in your peripheral vision anyway but you'll be better prepared for when it hits your target area. Then all you need to do is be quick when pressing in the target area.

    After flopping on 20+ a few times using the 'normal' way to watch the cursor i got it soon after just focusing my eyes on the target area.

    See if it works for you, cheers
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    Team BretherWorked so well for me I thought it may help others. I'm sure in my memories there's a similar achievement out there from years ago where the same method worked. Glad you got it
    Posted by Team Brether on 13 Oct 20 at 07:59
    MartsworldWorked really well for me as well smile - Thanks for the tip! toast
    Posted by Martsworld on 13 Oct 20 at 19:50
    Cernunnos295Worked for me!
    Posted by Cernunnos295 on 07 Nov 20 at 15:45
  • DeviSlatorDeviSlator483,857
    04 Oct 2020 09 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020
    13 4 6
    This achievement seems so simple in it's nature but can be a b!@tch to get.

    Here's what worked for me, hope it helps you too.

    I spent nearly 4 hours trying to get this on the 49" set-up in my room. Then I thought why not try the 84" set-up in the shed. I sat as close as I could and got a streak of 31 kills 25 minutes later.

    Now, the relative speed of the bar is the same on both but the perception in your field of vision is different and it's easier to aim for a larger target.

    Therefore, my advice is sit as close to whatever screen you have so the bar takes up your field of vision. This also has the benefit of making you unable to see the count which distracts you.

    WELL DONE BAKU adds:

    You can somewhat minic this effect by turning on Magnifier and zooming in on the bar, it also hides the counter

    I also found that I was missing 95% of the time by being too quick to press. I changed my target from the start of the section to the middle of the section which helped.

    Remember to breathe and relax. Good luck!
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    YannickozzzMagnifier also did the trick for me!
    Posted by Yannickozzz on 14 Dec 20 at 21:25
    Fl0ydPinkert0nThanks for the magnifier tip. I ended up getting this achievement on my first try after following trying that suggestion.
    Posted by Fl0ydPinkert0n on 01 Jan 21 at 02:36
    FearTheConmanI used the magnifier, but I also reconfigured my controller so I was using Up on the D-Pad instead of A. I felt that I could press quicker on that and it seemed to work for me!
    Posted by FearTheConman on 18 Jun 21 at 21:07
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