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Starting a Collection achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Starting a Collection

Find at least one of each collectible item

Starting a Collection0
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How to unlock the Starting a Collection achievement

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    Updated version 22 march 18: did a bit more research for this guide and updated it accordingly

    Pretty straight forward achievement but sadly it can be very buggy.
    Just collect one gold, starcard, concept art, record, maxs toy and an überkommando deathcard. You will find one or two of each when playing the game normally.
    The toys and the Deathcards can only be obtained when you visit a district, which are unlocked half-way through the game with the enigma machine.

    Sound easy enough right? But of course this achievement is bugged.
    When you first visit a district and have collected your first deathcard, you will get to choose to stay in the district to further hunt for collectibles or return back to Eva's Hammer. Choose to return Eva's Hammer! Staying in the area may void the achievement for collecting each collectible!

    So if you are one of the unlucky sods (like me) who got their achievements glitched, there appears to be three options you can do.
    Note: You can re-collect everything when you start a new game on a new progression slot, this will not fix the achievement however!

    -Start a new game and collect the remaining missing collectibles on that new save and it should unlock. (credits to GREGO McGEE for discovering this.) Do not continue searching for more collectibles on your first save file or you only have option 2 and 3 left.
    Remark: I am still sceptical about this option: see previous note

    -Wipe your entire save file. Unlocked collectibles are bound to your account so if you collected them all (like me) the only options that remains is to delete your Wolfenstein save files from your xbox and start all over.
    This method was already confirmed by REPOMAN NL but now I was able to unlock it through this method!
    So just delete your file from your XBOX and when you start up the game STOP the synchronising of the data! Start a new game on the easiest difficulty and you can just rush through the game until you reach the point where you can unlock the enigma machine. It takes a very short while to get to this point, only 1,5-2 hours max! Make sure you collected at least one of every collectible before leaving the district via the death card. So this achievement fixing it is quite easy and fast!
    Than you can restart the game and retrieve your old game-files from the cloud!

    -Third option is to wait and pray to your god (or machine games) for it to be patched.

    Small note; the achievements like collect all the XXXX are not voided by this bug.

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    LavindatharMine randomly popped tonight despite not being on the game for a few days. Really strange. Earnt it over a week ago
    Posted by Lavindathar on 04 Apr 18 at 02:09
    ScoringASHMine didn’t unlock when it should of aswell. Thought they would have fixed it by now!
    Posted by ScoringASH on 30 May 18 at 00:29
    Doktor ZeitStill not patched.
    Posted by Doktor Zeit on 08 May 19 at 08:50
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  • Warboy925Warboy925380,752
    13 Sep 2018 13 Sep 2018 13 Sep 2018
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    BLOOD BERSEKER had a very good solution on how to get this achievement. This solution is meant for people like me who want to know the earliest possible point of the game when it is available. Also to explain where the toy is because it will be one of the last two collectables you need for this achievement. Its because you CAN NOT get toys in the regular missions!!

    You have to at least finish Manhattan Bunker, when you get back, you will hear people talking about the enigma machine. DO NOT hand Grace the dossier yet!!! Go to the helm and use the Enigma Machine.

    Manhattan, Bunker is free to use, so press cn_B to exit out and you can now use the War Map. select New York on the right side, then select the "man symbol", and 'yes" to go back to the Bunker. You will notice immediately that the map is now "backwards". The exit is now the starting point. You are going to need the Constrictor Harness, unless you selected it first. Continue till you reach a room with "13" painted on different walls. If you didn't get the Constrictor Harness as your first choice, it will make explaining where the TOY is SO much simpler!! If you don't have the Constrictor Harness yet, there will be 3 white waypoints on your map. The top one has the Constrictor Harness, and behind that on the back of the "cart" is the TOY!!!

    After you grab the Constrictor Harness and the TOY, turn around and drop off the brown walkway, walk forward a little till you see a vent in a red lit area on your right. Crawl though and look to your left for a weapon upgrade kit!

    If you did choose the Constrictor Harness, you will have only 2 waypoints. The TOY is DIRECTLY north of the left waypoint at the top of the map.

    Go to the left waypoint, stop, and make a save. We are going to use this save to grind for the perk "Constrictor Kills". Get into the hole and proceed to the second hole on the left. Get out and shoot the ground with the rifle to lure one or both of them to the hole. Hurry back into the hole and wait for the cn_RS to pop up for the takedown. DO NOT PICK UP THE DEATHCARD YET!!! If you did, no big deal, we made a save for a reason. Reload save till the perk is maxed, I believe you only need 5 kills total.
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