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Mein leben

Beat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty

Mein leben-5.4
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How to unlock the Mein leben achievement

  • Kreeper VKreeper V695,837
    10 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017 15 Dec 2017
    113 1 89
    Greetings loved ones,

    To unlock Mein leben you will need to beat the game once in any other difficulty. Mein leben seems to be the same as I am death incarnate! but you only have one life and are not able to save throughout your playthrough. You're going to want to practice in death incarnate because you can put saves wherever you want (up to 10 of them) and avoid watching the cutscenes repetitively as you will be forced to wait through them in Mein leben.

    As you go through your initial play through of the game take note of where you have trouble and keep practicing that part until you feel confident you wont die there again. I recommend at least a second full playthrough on death incarnate so that you can test yourself on parts that you thought you were confident on but may have actually just gotten lucky through. You will likely find in repeating all of these sections that the enemies can do unpredictable things so the more you know about the game the better. I will have a video link below in case you'd like to see an example of a run through on Mein leben.

    A few tips:
    -I recommend picking the Fergus timeline and Battle Walker for the Laserkraftwerk and Extra/Regenerating health
    -Enemies seem less likely to hit you while you are leaning and sprinting
    -Your health/armor almost always carries over from scene to scene so it does help to end a level at full health (particularly useful when going into the Courthouse)
    -Many triggers will despawn enemies behind you
    -Many areas behind you will continue to be accessible as you carry on so you can backtrack if you need health or ammo
    -You can use suppressed bullets or thrown axes to distract enemies
    -Throwing axes are great for silently instant killing enemies but sometimes will bounce off armor so be ready to use a suppressed weapon as back up
    -Practice parts you die on until you never or rarely die again

    I'm very open to feedback if you have suggestions on improving this guide so please let me know :)
    Good Luck!

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    YaIrishMick96Ugh, just finished The New Order and cheesed my way into getting it done on UBER by playing through on 999 mode - which was a 5 hour slog. An easy one, but still boring to replay the entire game with no checkpoints. Not going to even bother attempting this achievement. Sounds like hell
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 22 Apr at 21:46
    MrKoolxDoodi dont get how this exist. permadeath modes in shooters should not be a thing nor should they even be a thought in the back of a developers head.
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 24 Apr at 03:47
    SoulyDconteGot this achievement last summer. got my account banned and guess who's going for a reunion
    Posted by SoulyDconte on 29 Apr at 01:28
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  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN1,359,165
    21 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
    38 1 23
    First I would like to thank Kreeper V for posting his guide and video as it was definitely an asset to me when completing my run. My guide here is not intended to compete with his, but to act as an additional aid showing some different strategies through areas. While I did borrow a couple from him, most of these I came up with on my own. I recommend reading his guide and watching his video in addition to my own here.

    I also use the Fergus timeline and chose the Battlewalker for my first upgrade. You can also acquire the Ram Shackles quite easily after Venus by selecting the Bienvelle Street in the enigma machine. You'll need 4 codes to decode this, you should have plenty by this point. You only need to kill 4 enemies who all have their backs to you to get to the Ram Shackles. You can pause and exit the mission when you collect them, so it's very low risk. Do the upgrade mission back on the Evas Hammer for armor regen, which is very helpful for the final mission. With armor regen you can pickup 1 piece of armor and regenerate in increments of 25, meaning you can go from 0 to 100 armor easily by just picking any 4 amounts of armor.

    It's also a good idea to turn the music down to 0 in the options menu. This helps with hearing enemy footsteps and grenades, especially during the Courthouse section.

    Always backtrack and scour around for health and armor before proceeding to the next area. I highlight in my video when/where despawn points are so you know when you can safely backtrack.

    Take advantage of overcharging your health in the first half of the game, it can help you eat some extra damage that would otherwise kill you had you just had the stock 50 health.

    When doing stealth sections, it's a good idea to have the pistol in one hand and the rifle or shotgun in the other hand as a backup if things don't go right.

    You'll need to practice and perfect EVERYTHING if you want to complete this, but these areas were the trickiest to master or were more inconsistent than others for me:

    1. Roswell Lift Section (very finicky and inconsistent)
    2. Roswell Oberkommando room (before and after the bomb)
    3. Courthouse (hardest part obviously)
    4. New Orleans Doggy Ride (if the dog dies before you get to the factory you're basically screwed and sometimes you get ripped up in the streets, sometimes you don't)
    5. Venus Aerostat run to the escape pod
    6. Venus Transport Hall exterior shortcut (make sure you have this mastered before doing it in a real run as failing it will likely get you killed)
    7. Ausmerzer penultimate battle (not too bad with my strat, just make sure you know what you're doing or you can die pretty quick here)
    8. Ausmerzer final battle (The Riot Spot is pretty solid, but you need to master the rush for the ladder. Once you have it down it works pretty well)

    Weapon Upgrade Locations and what I used them for

    1. Evas Hammer, first time entering shooting range to the right (Suppressed Pistol)
    2. Manhatten Harbor, straight ahead after going up the fire escape in the first building (Rifle Armor Piercing Rounds)
    3. Manhatten Subway, on the right inside the switch room after killing the heavy. (Laser Supercharge)
    4. Manhatten Ruins, in a side room to the right after climbing the stairs in the second building (SMG nail mod)
    5. Manhatten Penthouse, just in front of the corner I hide in. (Save for shotgun).
    6. Evas Hammer, at the start of the kill house on the right by some lockers. (Save for shotgun).
    7. Roswell, after stealth killing the first guy and dropping down, in a corner right where I fall. (Save for shotgun. Apply all 3 of these to shotgun when you acquire it on the train).
    8. Mesquite, in the basement of the house. (SMG drum mag)
    9. Evas Hammer, next to the switch you press to exit the contraption test course. (Rifle Scope).
    10. Bunker, in a room behind the first commander. Use BW to reach it. (Rifle Extra Mags).
    11. Bunker, in the final room on some crates right before using the BW to climb up. (Laser Extra Ammo)
    12. New Orleans Wall, inside a small room to the right after dropping down behind the heavy. (Grenade Electromagnetic)
    13. New Orleans Ghetto, after grenading the 4 nazis and killing the heavy outside the bus depot, at the back of a side room on the first floor right when you enter. (Pistol Extended Mag)
    14. Venus Aerostat, in the first side room where you stealth kill the second nazi of this level. (Laser Scope).
    15. Venus Transport Hall, after climbing a tall ladder, turn around and drop down to a small ledge. (Didn't use.)
    16. Venus Oberkommando, after the conveyer belt section, it's in your path on the way to the second commander. (Didn't use.)
    17. New Orleans Streets district, on some pallets just in front of the 4th guy you need to kill. (Didn't use).

    And without further ado, here is the video. I left it completely intact, cutscenes and all. There's some pause breaks here and there, but nothing long. The worst is right before the Bunker, it's just a few mins long. Check the YT description for timestamps to go straight to any individual level. You'll need 3.5 to 4 hours to complete this.

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    IXI FalcoNThat had to be gut wrenching. I would have probably threw me console out the window if that happened to me.

    Congrats on doing it twice essentially and glad to help!
    Posted by IXI FalcoN on 03 Aug 19 at 21:59
    SkrubitsThanks, man. The feeling of disappointment and emptiness was not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. Congrats yourself on actually doing it twice.

    For the panzerhund section I’d like to emphasize the importance of “hauling ass”. Getting to the end of the street before the blimp drops off more enemies is essential to keeping your health. That and running through the lakeview district at the end of the level were the scariest sections for me.
    Posted by Skrubits on 04 Aug 19 at 07:44
    Dan Solo 88Thanks for your guide, IXI FalcoN. I’ve so far watched the lot and played alongside it on an IADI run. It highlighted a few areas I needed to practise. I made it slightly harder on myself as I chose the Dieselkraftwerk but it was doable. I tried your solution for the ladder/boss trick at the end but only managed to get it to work once. I think I’ll probably stick to Kreeper’s method for that, otherwise I’ll be using your guide for ML shortly! Thanks again, so helpful.
    Posted by Dan Solo 88 on 06 Aug 19 at 18:23
  • Flipy FlipersonFlipy Fliperson371,308
    19 Mar 2018 22 Mar 2018
    17 3 15
    Hello everyone,

    First, I would like to give credit to Kreeper V and IXI FalcoN. Overall I used a lot of their strategies. I also used the shorcuts MrKZdemos used for his speedrun. Lastly, Gaming with Abyss for the courthouse 1st half strategy. For the Venus shorcut, I found a safer route. And I found a different strategy to complement MrKZdemos courthouse strategy.

    This video/guide was completed in IADI, but I used the same exact strategies to complete the Mein Leben achievement. I am not great at FPS by any means (as will be clearly demonstrated in the video). As is the case, I thought some of my strategies would help others find a way to get the achievement.

    As IXI Falcon stated, practice, practice, practice. You have 10 save slots per game, but you have 2 slots you can use for saves (leaving the 3rd slot for Mein Leben), for a total of 20 saves to use as practice spots. And especially practice the final battle until you can't stand it any more. I had about a 90% success rate with the final battle, and I was able to finish it the first time I actually made it to the end.

    Anyway, good luck everyone!!!!!!

    Evas Hammer (Wheelchair) – 0:01
    Ausmerzer Part 1 – 7:35
    Ausmerzer Skip – 14:29
    Section F Part 1 – 17:16
    Evas Hammer Kill Drone – 28:20
    Manhattan: Harbor District – 31:05
    Manhattan: Subway District – 33:33
    Manhattan: Ruins District – 37:01
    Manhattan: PenthouseDistrict – 44:11
    Evas Hammer Kill House Upgrade – 49:14
    Section F Part 2 (Skip) - 50:27
    Roswell: Downtown – 59:31
    Roswell Train – 1:01:50
    Roswell Oberkommando – 1:10:20
    Mesquite Farmhouse – 1:25:24
    Courthouse Lower Section Part 1 – 1:28:35
    Courthouse Lower Section Part 2 – 1:37:26
    Courthouse Upper Section – 1:39:20
    Battle Walker Course – 1:47:00
    Battle Walker Upgrade – 1:50:21
    Manhattan Bunker – 1:52:30
    Manahatten Bunker Skip – 1:55:42
    New Orleans Confinement Wall – 2:03:48
    New Orleans Ghetto – 2:05:20
    New Orleans Bienville Street – 2:35:18
    New Orleans Bienville Street Warehouse Section– 2:50:34
    New Orleans Lakeview District – 3:03:21
    Venus Habitat – 3:10:17
    Venus Transporthalle – 3:18:06
    Venus Oberkommando – 3:27:58
    Venus Conveyer Belt Skip – 3:33:48
    New Orleans Beinville (Ram Shackles) – 3:45:12
    Evas Hammer (Fergus Arm) – 3:49:41
    Ausmerzer Part 2 – 3:51:21
    Ausmerzer Part 2 (After Riding Lift) – 4:19:20
    Ausmerzer Final Battle – 4:37:09

    Weapon Upgrade Locations & Use
    1. Evas Hammer Shooting Range – (Across from Weapon Fill-up Board) - Suppressed Pistol
    2. Manhattan Harbor District – (After killing 1st Commander) – Rifle Armor Pierce
    3. Manhatten Subway District – (After killing heavy) – Rifle Scope
    4. Manhatten Ruins District – (After climbing stairs in second building) - Laser Supercharge
    5. Manhatten Penthouse District - (In upstairs corner) - Save for shotgun
    6. Evas Hammer Kill House – (At beginning on lockers) - Save for shotgun
    7. Roswell Pre-Train – (After dropping down from tall platform) - Save for shotgun
    Apply the last 3 to the shotgun on the train
    8. Mesquite Farmhouse – (In the basement) – Rifle Jungle Clip
    9. Evas Hammer – (End of battle walker course) – Laser Battery Upgrade
    10. New Orleans Wall – (Room after dropping behind heavy) – Pistol Magnum
    11. New Orleans Ghetto (In room to the left where I camp and kill a lot of people with Dieselgewehr) – Saved for Kampfpistole Rocket in Bus Depot
    12. New Orleans Bienville Street – (At end of street before entering warehouse with Panzerhound) – Pistol Extended Mag
    13. New Orleans Lakeview District – (In house where I kill heavy outside) – Grenade Frag
    14. Venus Habitat – (Room where I kill the second nazi) - Grenade EM
    15. Venus Transporthalle - (After climbing tall ladder) - Grenade Diesel
    16. Venus Oberkommando - (After conveyer belt section on a transport vehicle after killing 1st commander) – Machinenpistole Nailgun
    17. New Orleans Beinville Ubercommander - (On pallet prior to picking up Ram Shackles) - Machinenpistole Drum Mag

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    Flipy FlipersonMine never crashed (thankfully!) I did leave it on overnight one time, and an update did me in. Something definitely seems fishy about yours. Maybe uninstall/reinstall???? I was well into my 20th attempt before I finally got it! My nerves were so on edge, I had to stop several times to recompose myself!
    Posted by Flipy Fliperson on 11 Sep 18 at 02:59
    PNibblesGot it! Thanks, Flipy, for the post, the video and all your replies. Ignore the down votes. Bunch of twats who don't stop to consider how much effort it takes anyone to make a solution, especially a long play with commentary.
    Posted by PNibbles on 16 Sep 18 at 03:02
    Flipy FlipersonAwesome! Congrats and thank you for the kind words PNibbles. It was a pain getting that together, especially being my first attempt doing a video with commentary. Best of luck to you with the rest of the achievements.
    Posted by Flipy Fliperson on 16 Sep 18 at 05:30
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