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They did Nazi that Coming

Stealth kill 10 enemies in a row

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  • Alex SobeckiAlex Sobecki518,760
    29 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017 29 Oct 2017
    46 3 8
    If you're having a hard time doing this with standard enemies, I found it easier to do during the final Übercommander mission that takes place in the Riverside Abandoned Bunker. During the beginning of this mission, you'll mostly be met with patrolling robots and sleeping robots, which will allow you to easily stealth kill them.

    You will need the Battle Walker and Constrictor Harness contraptions to properly avoid other enemies as you get your last two kills, though I'm pretty sure you have to already have them by the point of tackling the Riverside Abandoned Bunker anyway.

    Follow along with my winning attempt and you should do just fine:
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  • hyper devil cathyper devil cat400,036
    01 Nov 2017 02 Nov 2017 02 Mar 2019
    25 1 4
    Another simply way to get this is in the Manhattan Nuclear District, through the kill board/death card mission. As Wolfie McG stated, if you want to speed this up you can use throwing hatchets but make sure you hit the guy and not his equipment.

    1) There are two enemies in the room right in front when you start, stealth kill them

    2) When you crouch out of this room WAIT until you see the guy on your left walk past
    -Sneak kill this guy (guy that walked from left side)
    - Then sneak kill guy in control room, should be ahead of you

    3) After killing the guy in the control room, turn around to the hallway where you came from and follow the right wall for a constrictor tunnel. Once in the tunnel you should see a guy and a armored guy. Wait for the yellow guy to come close then turn back around, this way the armor guy doesn't see you. Stealth kill yellow guy

    4) Now immediately after the kill go down into the half circle with the computers (armor guy won't see you down here as long as your crouched). Once you reach the end STOP and wait for another guy to walk in and go against the pillar in front of you. Once he's against the pillar sneak kill him. Then continue up elevator

    5) Make sure you save at the top of the elevator. I wasn't sure if you had to do this without being seen but this is how i got past this part. Wait by the shifting doors and when they open crouch and walk to the left. Stay hugging the left corner of the rail cart and only move out when the armor guy is walking to the center. Now go under the rail cart in front of you and wait for the flying robot to pass. Once it passes crouch and go through the rotating doors in front of you.

    6)Now when you get to the ramp leading to the next open area with the last signal do not run into this room. Instead, crouch and walk to the right side of the entrance and shoot your silenced pistol at the other side of the room (make sure its at an angle so the guy walks in facing away). Once the guy walks in stealth kill him.

    7) Same area! Now move to the left side of the door and shoot your silenced pistol towards the center floor of the big area. IF the other guy on the left side is on your level he will walk to the center of the room and you can sneak out and kill him.

    8) 2 MORE!! Crouch walk up the ramp on the left side. Follow it until you reach a ramp leading to the next level. Once on the ramp turn around and, if you have the double jump ability, climb up the two ledges to the next level. Once on top stay crouched and head to the constrictor tunnel on the right wall and do not exit it. Wait to see where the ubercommander is (he should be right outside the tunnel). If he is not standing to your left then head out and he will be to your right. Kill a slippery snake

    9) LAST ONE!! Now there will be a guy walking to the railing to your right. So after killing the commander go straight ahead to the wall and wait for a bit (you can corner lead on the right of this wall to see where he is). Once he passes you and goes behind the wall use the constrictor tunnel and stealth kill him once he's on the railing.

    If for some reason you don't get it, then roam around all sneaky beaky like and chuck a hatchet as someone (there should be a guy on the railing across the room if you look over the railing where the 10th kill was)
  • Grimace221Grimace221836,227
    15 Nov 2017 15 Nov 2017 17 Dec 2017
    10 2 4
    Edit: I got confirmation from a few sources that this does indeed work.

    The game remembers your progress towards your ten when you save/load. I stealth killed enemies, and manually saved as I went along. Even though I reloaded my save 2 or 3 times due to be being seen, I still got the achievement once I got my 10th stealth kill.

    So, what you to do is get a stealth kill, then save. Then go for another stealth kill, if you get it, save again. Now you are at 2/10. If you get spotted going for your third, reload, and try again. Keep doing this until you finally get all ten.

    Note that your ten enemies have to be different enemies, you can't keep reloading a save or checkpoint on the same enemy and kill them ten times. Hope this helps.
  • Warboy925Warboy925365,455
    12 Sep 2018 12 Sep 2018
    7 1 1
    The easiest place BY FAR to get this is in Roswell underground!! There are 9 enemies at nicely placed distances from each other, 1 below you as you enter, 2 on a platform (1 of them got me the cheevo "Hail Mary"), 2 along the west side of the train, 1 patrolling west of the other 2, 1 standing on the east side of the train, the commander and his dog at the mission objective.

    When you drop down, make a manual save, there is a yellow auchug? sign to your left, from there aim a bit above one of the guards, and you should nail him giving you the Hail Mary cheevo, if you miss, just reload. You should easily hatchet throw or stealth kill all 9 with ease, being sure to save after each kill, its SO MUCH easier if you have the silent pistol!!

    At the control panel, make another save just to be safe. After you lower the engine, and you see more guards coming, leave the room through the right side, you will see a robot and a single guard, hatchet throw or use the pistol for the cheevo!!!
  • Wolfie McGWolfie McG336,660
    28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017 02 Nov 2017
    8 2 7
    This can be obtained with your Throwing Hatchets once you are tasked with shutting off the broadcast in Section F

    There will be ashort cutscene where you enter a doorway that was hidden by some lockers. After this enter the vent, follow the pipe, and climb the ladder.

    This is where the real fun begins If you don't have 2 hatchets there is one on the wall behind you and one in the dart board on the middle pillar

    Make sure to pick up your hatchets as you throw them

    1) Throw a hatchet at the guy walking to the right corner.
    2) Go to the left, crouch under the pipe and stealth kill this guy.
    3 & 4) Through the doors you'll see two enemies, throw a hatchet at the guy on the right and then quickly throw your other one at the guy on the left. (you'll hear shouting but, trust me, you haven't been spotted)
    5) Go up the stairs and move forward to just about the orange section, this enemy will start to walk towards you, take aim and throw.
    6) Move forward and close to where the last guy was there will be an enemy leaning on the rails, use stealth takedown on this guy.
    7) Through the door there will be an enemy with his back to you, sneak up and stealth attack.
    8 & 9) After progressing through a part where you have to swim and go through a vent, take the stairs up and walk around to stealth kill the green enemy and then the white enemy to his left.
    10) The enemies will sometimes notice the men down at this point so head back towards the stairs, look over the rail and choose the easiest enemy for you to hit with a throwing hatchet.

    Upon killing him the achievement should pop, and this strategy is possible on I am death incarnate
  • THE Mr FillTHE Mr Fill522,685
    09 May 2019 09 May 2019
    1 0 0
    First off, I know I'm providing my solution a lot later than the others, but I've only just got around to the game...

    Anyways, something not mentioned by the others is that the Dieselkraftwerk can be used for "stealth kills", as long as you don't hold cn_LT as you're shooting - the enemies don't seem to notice that they've been hit by one, so you can sneak in a way behind someone, pop a projectile on their back and then blow it up once you're out of range... their friends come and look, but as you're already nowhere near, you won't be spotted.

    I got this in Manhattan in the first section, picking a couple of guys off by hand during it, but the rest were with explosives! The first section was cleared without an alarm & getting 2 Quick Commander Kills in the process.
    Don't ask me how I didn't get start the level with the Laserkraftwek, but I somehow brought in the Diesel one from the previous level.
  • dingleingusdingleingus205,262
    01 Dec 2017 01 Dec 2017
    2 3 0
    I don't have an in-depth guide or a video or anything, but considering it sounds like you can only get this achievement if you're completing a district for the first time I didn't want to wait until the very last mission (Riverside Abandoned Bunker) like the top voted solution suggests (because if you mess it up there, you have no non-finished districts to fall back on).

    Instead, I unlocked this on the Manhattan Harbor mission where W. Hauser is the target. It's a fairly long level with plenty of solitary yellow-clad (i.e. non-armored) enemies to pick off. Essentially just save scum your way through it and reload if seen, and focus on the yellow guards (avoiding the armored).

    There are two yellows immediately in front of you when you start, just wait for them to finish their conversation and one will start walking away, allowing you to pick off the one that stays behind. An armored enemy walks your way shortly after so hide until he leaves, then you'll find the guy that walked the way to your left.

    My 10th stealth kill was the very first commander (not Hauser, just a regular commander) so know that you can get the achievement by then at the earliest. He was standing at the top of some steps -
    I threw an axe at him for the last stealth kill.

    There are probably 5 or so additional yellows past him, if you missed any before. Only one guard was somewhat hidden - he is patrolling on top of what looks like a giant parking garage maybe, toward the beginning of the level. You get to him by going the second floor of the building next to him then crossing over to his building on a pipe that crosses the street.

    Just take your time and this district is pretty easy to get the achievement on.
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