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Hard Headed

Collect 1000 helmets

Hard Headed-0.4
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  • RioT vIvRioT vIv520,242
    10 Nov 2017 10 Nov 2017
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    Hi, I thought I'd share my grinding route where you can get 9 helmets every 10-15 seconds consistently. So every 10 runs = 90 helmets. Note: I did this, and you should too, AFTER finishing the game, all Übercommander missions, and getting all collectables so I had picked up a good amount of helmets. Therefore grinding this only took about 30-40 minutes.

    1. Load up the Penthouse district (in Manhattan) and make a save.
    2. 5 or so steps in front of you on a shelf are are 2 (2/9) helmets, turn left and jump down past the stairs, next to the stairs on a green bag is helmet 3 (3/9). Just ahead of this bag on a crate are helmets 4 and 5 (5/9). Keep going forward some more to the back wall and you'll find 6 and 7 (7/9). Turn left and go past the tables and where the Commander is, turn right into the back "alcove" area and next to a chair are the last helmets (9/9).
    3. Reload save and repeat.

    For those that like videos, here you go. I first slowly show you the helmet locations then show how fast this can be done. Also, the load times are very short in this district (I'm sure on the Xbox One X the loading is almost non existent) so each run is very quick. Hope this helps!

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  • mongrominetmongrominet506,599
    05 May 2019
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,239,319
    14 Aug 2019 14 Aug 2019 22 Sep 2019
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    Original solution is good but a little setup can double your rate of return. From the start, headshot the 3 yellow suited enemies to knock their helmets off. Take note of where they fall so you dont step on them. Save your game and alert the commander. Once the alarm is in full swing, headshot him. Headshot another 5 or so yellow suited guys to knock their helmets off, saving after each one and taking care not to walk over any helmets. Once there is only one guy left, shoot out a few windows, then head upstairs to the cage and face the two helmets on the shelf. Save once more. Now kill the last guy and go around the penthouse, taking note of all helmet locations to include the original solution's 9 plus what should be 8 or 9 extras from kills. Now you can reload your save, grabbing them all while allowing the guy to shoot you to save time vs having to damage yourself.

    My path wound up netting 17 helmets per run in about 30 seconds including loading time. Two in the cage, two off to the right by the 2nd floor chairs from slain enemies, one at base of stairs from slain enemy, one mid room from slain enemy, two in rear corner on shelf, two on shelf near 'kitchen' area, two on box by laser weapon ammo, one on green bag at just ahead of those, two off slain enemies by red propane tanks, and two by windows by the desk that I shot out as I approached the L-shaped stairs from the beginning of my run. Making this circuit had me finishing at the windows which were already shot out, allowing me to jump out to my death. Killing the last enemy wasnt worth the extra time for one more helmet per run, and having him alive to shoot me as I started the run (after 1st 4-5 helmets), saved me more time than his 1 helmet was worth.

    I had to farm 532 helmets and it only took less than 30 minutes after about 3-5 minutes setting up my save.

    Here is an example of setting this up I made on another gamertag.

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