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I'm Machine Enough

Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on "Bring 'em On!" difficulty or higher

I'm Machine Enough+0.2
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  • DarkWingSpartanDarkWingSpartan282,797
    28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017 12 Nov 2017
    35 7 23
    While you're in New Orleans (about halfway through the game), you'll run into a man called Horton (make sure you have as much health and armor as possible before trying this). After a long cutscene with him, you'll be riding a Panzerhund, the giant mechanical dogs that breath fire. Make sure you're playing on "Bring 'em On!" and simply run past everything (I'd also recommend making a manual save as soon as you start).

    All you have to do is ignore the enemies and keep running forward (the sprint button still works). Be sure to steer clear of enemies, because the Panzerhund can kill enemies by stepping on them if you're not careful. You have limited armor, but you can get some more by smashing into crates off to the side of your path. Your Panzerhund likely won't survive the whole trip, but when it dies, you can just get off and keep running past enemies. Eventually, you'll wind up in the sewers, so just keep running toward the objective markers and until the achievement pops.

    It may be possible to play the majority of this section on the lowest difficulty and switch to Bring 'em On! at the end, but I can't confirm this (If you can, let me know and I'll edit).

    EDIT: I'm being told that only kills while on the Panzerhund count. Once you get off, you're free to kill to your heart's content.
    Also, if you miss this, you can play on the easiest difficulty up until you get to Horton (and grab his hand to end the level) and switch to Bring 'em On! right before starting the next level.
  • RobG88RobG88188,975
    31 Dec 2017 31 Dec 2017
    16 0 1
    Just giving my experience because I had no idea about this and still don't really get it.

    I'm playing on Death Incarnate and I've been playing extreme stealth mode, so after seeing the Panzerhund and riding it for about 5 seconds, I simply got off and continued playing the level as I was.

    When I jumped into the Lower Sewers, which seems to be about 3/4, 5/6 of the way thru this level the achievement popped.

    Never did anything but press B (Xbox) and get off the hound.
  • cweekly17cweekly1773,950
    09 Jul 2018 09 Jul 2018
    6 0 0
    I just wanted to confirm that you can hop off the Panzerhund and you MAY kill enemies while off of the hund. The achievement will pop once you've reached the water (and are swimming in it) in the sewers.

    A couple tips:
    Utilize manual saves every 2-3 enemies. You will thank me later.

    There is a safe space with max health and 100 armor to the right of the second Nazi vehicle thing. As far as I know, it is only accessible if you have the constrictor harness contraption.

    There is armor and stuff hidden around the map in crates just like a normal level. You will need it if you can't stealth it (which is next to impossible).

    Try to get to the first checkpoint ASAP since the game deloads all the previous enemies whether they were dead or alive, so you are free to go back and get pickups and collectibles without interruption.

    Finally, you can stealth the sewer section very easily without ever firing a shot. Since there is a Zerstörer down there I would DEFINITELY recommend doing this.

    Good luck!
  • mongrominetmongrominet506,599
    06 May 2019 05 May 2019 05 May 2019
    2 1 0
    achievement unlocked at the end of this video = (( youtube = powerpyx ))
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