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Ghost achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


Finish a District without triggering an alarm

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How to unlock the Ghost achievement

  • DarkWingSpartanDarkWingSpartan300,818
    28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017 31 Oct 2017
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    This requires you to finish any district (by killing the Übercommander) without getting seen by anyone (at first I thought this meant not alerting any commanders, but it seems that's not the case). The easiest one I found was Roswell - Downtown. Make sure you have the Constrictor Harness and just slowly walk forward until you get to the building the target is in (then enter using the harness). There are a few enemies walking around, but they're very easy to avoid. Aside from the commander, I only had to kill one clansman at the beginning and just avoid everything else. Just kill the commander, take the death card, return to base, and the achievement is yours.

    EDIT: Heraizen has provided a video guide for those who want it:

    EDIT 2: This achievement is known to be buggy. First of all, it appears you have to do this on your first time playing through a district (replaying it won't work). Secondly, it seems that this achievement can simply glitch out and not be obtainable on certain save files. The only surefire solution is to simply start a new save game.

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    Just thought I’d throw in my two cents from someone who missed a lot of the easier opportunities... I got mine on Venus - Transporthalle while going for the Battle Walker and other collectibles. Pretty easy if you walk underneath most of the enemies in that sub level vent area (I executed a few first) then just return to the surface and crawl into that shaft to drop down and pick up the contraption if you don’t already have it. From there, use the battle walker to get to the top of the room and exit so you drop down on just the Ubercommander and take him out without being noticed!
    Posted on 06 Aug 19 at 23:12
    LifeExpectancyJust a heads up I dont think getting seen blocks this. I got it on the very first district I did - Manhattan Harbor District (the one with the commander in a building on the far side of the subway, with Max's toy ball near him, and one normal commander in a larger building on the near side of the subway). I got "seen" by the final yellow suited nazi just before the building, but shot the nazi in the head before he fired his wrapon (which would have triggered the alarm). I honestly think tou just cant let any alarms get triggered, meaning if you get seen by a lone enemy ya gotta kill them before they fire a shot. I know he saw me because the "slowmo" where you are about to get seen sped back up and he yelled a little right before I shot him in the face.

    I also restarted multiple times because of setting off alarms. My ghost run was the 1st time I actually FINISHED it though, so the whole needing to so it on your first completion of a district is probably true. My successful run had 2 or 3 instances of you're-about-to-be-seen slowmo, with the last one being the guy that actually did see me before I put a bullet in his skull.
    Posted by LifeExpectancy on 08 Aug 19 at 09:39
    MyNamelsNotJohnFYI, first time I played this district I messed up and got seen, exited to Eva’s hammed and restarted. I replayed it, killed the guy without being seen, but achievement didn’t pop, *until* I exited the district. In the video it shows it popping within the district, so you may not be able to tell if you’ll get it or not without exiting.
    Posted by MyNamelsNotJohn on 12 May 20 at 23:15
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  • TG AceoHeartsTG AceoHearts1,085,586
    06 Jan 2018 07 Jan 2018
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    I got this one easily when going after the last Uber Commander in the Hidden Bunker. He is the only commander there, and is at the very end. You can make as much noise as you want on your way there and have no issue. Once you start to climb a long ladder you will see his range meter. There is only 1 other enemy in the area and he is near the commander. If you go slow, you can take out the commander before he knows what has happened then deal with the Mech. I got this without even trying.
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    JonnyTurkThis was v/easy, once you get close to the Uber Commander just have a save beforehand and you can start nearby if you stuff up. Great solution!
    Posted by JonnyTurk on 15 Jan 18 at 12:28
    beets101Doesn’t work for me, I saved on the ladder but it won’t pop. Not the first achievement not to pop. A very glitchy game.
    Posted by beets101 on 16 Aug 18 at 21:13
    Brooklyn GinCan this be done after picking up his deathcard?
    Posted by Brooklyn Gin on 09 Nov 18 at 19:15
  • hyper devil cathyper devil cat444,029
    30 Oct 2017 02 Nov 2017 02 Mar 2019
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    Another simple level is the Mesquite Farmhouse district through the kill board activities.

    1) Once the level starts crouch and head straight until you see two guys. Shoot them in the head with the silenced pistol. Now follow the catwalks to the right of you and you will see a flying enemy above you, either wait for it to move or duel silence pistol it down.

    2) Follow the right side of the map. Eventually you'll jump over a fence into water and get out, then go through a foggy spot, then to a tractor. Head around the tractor to the back of the house and head up the stairs. Now the commander is either in the kitchen (to your left) or upstairs (to your right), either way watch out for the dog. One silenced pistol bullet to the noggin and he's dead.

    3) Now either head outside through the front or back door and to your right to the last guy. I followed the right side of the map to get his dog away from him and killed his dog. After killing the dog crouch walk away because the commander and another guy will walk towards the dead dog. Time your head shots for both OR head shot the normal enemy and hatchet the commander OR hatchet both....doesn't matter really. Pick up card if you need it and/or head back to base.
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    ItsChillMurrayThanks for this method! It worked like a charm. I had a little difficulty when sneaking through the second body of water. The guards started to discover the body just as I got to the Uberkommander but I quickly shot his guard then him with the silenced pistol, ran up and grabbed the card as a dog was about to attack me and bam, achievement unlocked.
    Posted by ItsChillMurray on 26 May 18 at 13:15
    hyper devil catHappy to help! dance
    Posted by hyper devil cat on 27 May 18 at 13:11
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